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Mother: Ratchet! Starring @[42514734931:274:CAZWELL] at @[734134343318985:274:SF Oasis] - Saturday, June 6th! Doors open at 10:00 PM Ticket Price: $10.00 Door Time: 10:00 PM Restrictions: 21 & over w/Performances by: Scarlett Letters Laundra Tyme Au Jus Mahlae Balenciaga Carnie Asada Effervesence Jackson http://sfoasis.com/event.cfm/?cart&id=147528…

May 22nd, 6:06 pm

CAZWELL: Live @ Oasis in San Francisco, CA!

SF Oasis

June 6, 2015, 10:00pm

Mother: Ratchet! Starring CAZWELL at SF Oasis - Saturday, June 6th! Doors open at 10:00 PM Ticket Price: $10.00 Door Time: 10:00 PM Restrictions: 21 & over w/Performances by: Scarlett Letters Laundra Tyme Au Jus Mahlae Balenciaga Carnie Asada Effervesence Jackson http://sfoasis.com/event.cfm/?cart&id=147528…

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@[42514734931:274:CAZWELL] Performing Live @[177419169952:274:Sacramento Pride] Festival on Saturday, June 6th 2015! Don’t miss Sacramento Pride Festival 2015, California’s Capital Pride, located on Capitol Mall. Featuring live entertainment on two stages, plus the Dance Pavilions with local DJ’s spinning a mix of today’s hot music, country, Latin, club hits and more! More than 140 vendors, Kids Zone, pet adoptions, food trucks and more! Tickets $10 General Admission Children 5 and under are free https://www.sacramentopride.org/festival.shtml https://www.facebook.com/events/1643875305841110

May 20th, 4:27 pm

CAZWELL: Live @ Sacramento Pride Festival!

Capitol Mall

June 6, 2015, 11:00am

CAZWELL Performing Live Sacramento Pride Festival on Saturday, June 6th 2015! Don’t miss Sacramento Pride Festival 2015, California’s Capital Pride, located on Capitol Mall. Featuring live entertainment on two stages, plus the Dance Pavilions with local DJ’s spinning a mix of today’s hot music, country, Latin, club hits and more! More than 140 vendors, Kids Zone, pet adoptions, food trucks and more! Tickets $10 General Admission Children 5 and under are free https://www.sacramentopride.org/festival.shtml https://www.facebook.com/events/1643875305841110

Lefty JW LawsonYou need to perform at ATLANTA PRIDE this year3 days ago

SirReal WarholYAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!! OH MY GAWD YAAAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3 days ago

Ricardo Parrawhen you come for the Gay parade of São Paulo that is the largest in the world ? It would be amazing! It would be awesome! :-)3 days ago

Patrick BlansonThank you for coming to Sac!!!3 days ago

Lefty JW LawsonWhere's mine4 days ago

Madonna" Is The Only Queenhttps://youtube.com/watch/…4 days ago

Felipe LisboaPerfeito ❤4 days ago

Mateus SurdiCall me to smoke <34 days ago

Terry Rogersboom boom lets go back to my room .do it all night .lets make it alright4 days ago

Terry Rogerssmoke it up cazwell4 days ago

Steban LebretWeed <34 days ago

Thales CaetanoCAZWELL... 💜✌😎🚬4 days ago

Adonis KingSo Trippy2 days ago

Austin KnightMmmmm can I have a hit of that4 days ago

Misho Neev,,,,,,😃😀😉4 days ago

Antonio Giorgi♡♡♡4 days ago

Have the cutest underwear for summertime! pre-order Ice Cream Truck underwear from me and @geoffreymac in new flavors too!! http://icecreamtruck.bigcartel.com/category/…

May 18th, 6:11 pm

CAZWELLhttp://icecreamtruck.bigcartel.com/category/…4 days ago

Joseph EricksonI wanna get some ice cream truck panties!4 days ago

Dustin Hoye5 days ago

Robert BoyerYou need help. I don't like that soft serve stuff.4 days ago

Angell RosaLOL!!4 days ago

Kyle Benny ShumardIs it malfunctioning?5 days ago

Chuanzasaur ChuanLMFAOOOO4 days ago

Nycke AmorimChocada5 days ago

Luis LaloHahaha so funny4 days ago

Juan Carlos González LiévanoI like it!!!4 days ago

Jessica KurdzielToo funny!4 days ago

Terry Rogersooh i bet that taste good in my mouth oh hell yes its time get on the floor5 days ago

Allen Brandt😍 love it5 days ago

Roy Rock Matalike, like, like, like, LIKE ! ! !4 days ago

Roy Rock Mata--- THROBBING ! ---4 days ago

Charlie RoccoHey Cazwell...order placed! any idea when orders will ship and if using USPS?4 days ago

Courtney HegwerThis marketing is brilliant.5 days ago

Jay PosivalLol!!!!!5 days ago

Brock River StackhouseWeeeeeeeeeeeee5 days ago

Angela FuscaHillary Brandt....father's day gift for Jack ????4 days ago

Renato DuarteFlorencia Lorenzo compra pra mim4 days ago

Jay PosivalMyra Herrera Gott, i needs to get me some of these!!!5 days ago

Miroslava Villarreal CAlejandra Villarreal jaja5 days ago

Roxy TurnerAnne-Marie McBean Annemarie Sellar Kayleigh Murray xxxxx5 days ago

Jade HobdayTara-Jade Lee da fuck4 days ago

With my boy @bdub607 DJn Summer Camp rooftop party NYC!!!

May 17th, 10:16 pm

Mike LacznyDouble dibs4 days ago

Joshua ColfordThere's a smile!!!!5 days ago

David ZizicHe cute5 days ago

Tony StevensCuties!5 days ago

Terry Rogersdam dudes bro,s r looking dam good5 days ago

Joilson Costahello boy4 days ago

Paul DayParty it up :)5 days ago

Alfredo O. TorresNICE SMILE5 days ago

William Joseph HarrisIt's so calm at night5 days ago

Javier JmackSay cheese5 days ago

Jeferson Castilho Rodrigues❤️5 days ago

Jhonny Sunset:D5 days ago

Tony LiranzoTymel Stewart5 days ago

I'm comin for you Atlanta. Tonight. Jungle.

May 16th, 1:23 pm

Barry BrandonSee you in just a bit at the hotel <37 days ago

Mark-Joseph RussoKunt wait!!!!! Xoxoxo7 days ago

Vinícius Leonardo Capato Nogueirawhat about coming to Brazil? never? haha7 days ago

Timothy Hayscant wait7 days ago

Alexia LimaCum for me7 days ago

Steven Mooresexy hunk6 days ago

Phillip GaskinRed eyes.6 days ago

Timothy PharesThem eyes tho!7 days ago

Samuel O'FarrellPapi chuloooooo 😍😍7 days ago

Mark MackeyYou are up awfully early7 days ago

Derek Stone MoradoLove ATL6 days ago

Lefty JW LawsonI'll be there7 days ago

David ZizicHe cute7 days ago

John Perkinscome to Ontario...Ottawa.7 days ago

Sam IngramI think WE should incorporate some E Elvis and to what are your sexy songs...??!!!6 days ago

John Taylor LaValleyCome for Tucson. Dammit.6 days ago

Ryan Shervingtoni wish u would come for ME7 days ago

Brittany GillaspieI wish you'd perform in Myrtle Beach!!7 days ago

Willy J FernandezWork it out6 days ago

Cesar CooperCum for me.... :\ I mean... Come for me !!! Sorry Im from México. I don't know too much Inglés! ;)7 days ago

Robert StubbsYou have to be kidding me!! I can't be leave I'm gunna miss this again fml7 days ago

Calvin D. NicholsYou are so fine I want to eat your ass6 days ago

Terry Rogersgood morning cazwell .sexy bro6 days ago

Brock River StackhouseNo you !7 days ago

Eliseo Sal Chavez👍👍👍♨️we are ready7 days ago

Okaaay! off to DOTHERIGHTTHING at @ritznewyork they'll be fly boi dancers @peppermint247 on the mic and @kingralphy talkin my ear off. #HELLSKITCHEN

May 15th, 2:00 am

Stephen AndrewsThose eyes. Those lips ;-)1 week ago

Kenny De Luan953997040434 call me, please (Ecuador)1 week ago

Cristian Ismael Muñoz1 week ago

Diaz DiazYou're gorgeous1 week ago

Gustavo MartinsAlguém do Brasil 😂😂 Gente amo ele ❤1 week ago

Steven Parkerso hot1 week ago

David ZizicHe cute1 week ago

Dustin HoyeRole it1 week ago

Dustin HoyeI dont give a fuck down town1 week ago

Thales Caetano<31 week ago

Javier JmackTry to smile1 week ago

John Michael ThurmanLooking forward to see you in Nashville!1 week ago

Terry Rogersi get hard when i think about u cazwell turn up the beat1 week ago

DenerYrick Valentino BastosYou are to hot #cazwell you. Can fuck me all night1 week ago

Louie MartinezLove you1 week ago

Sander BorgesAMO1 week ago

Johan PeluchonYou are Very beautiful 😊😘😘1 week ago

May 14th, 8:13 pm

T.j. Krinock Jr.Ditto. Lol 100% agree! ❤️1 week ago

Benji Downing#mathiswhereitsat1 week ago

Kenneth Ruus Blakensteriner Cockwhorepreach1 week ago

Antonio GuevaraMijito.....your more fino then that!5 days ago

Les White Pigeonsome people just don't kno do they? well I'm so glad I do. Ty1 week ago

Frederick ConleyI knew I liked you for a reason. #nomercy1 week ago

Cody G GallowayLol1 week ago

Benjamin Gazy1 week ago

Michael DevincentisILY CAZWELL1 week ago

Saturdays & Sundays.

May 14th, 9:19 am

Joseph TrankinaI need to come back to nyc1 week ago

Tiago De Sousa😄😄😄1 week ago

#Downtown http://downtowncazwell.tumblr.com/

May 14th, 6:50 am

Joseph LopezYES.1 week ago

Meny JacoboI love you Cazwell ♥1 week ago

Ramon Zumba ZinWhere are u1 week ago

Tiago De Sousa😍😍😍😘1 week ago

Glenn SheltonOMG, someone tell me who is the tatt'd man on the right is! Doesn't get much hotter than that.1 week ago

Vinícius Medeiros😈1 week ago

Chris Sergidamn the dude in the middle is so flyyyyyy1 week ago

Diego MartinsBruno1 week ago

Florian Rochlernow i understand why straights luv hiphop...1 week ago

Vinícius Leonardo Capato NogueiraJust watched and loved it... New concept in gay music... Please keep like that!! Loved it1 week ago

Todd GibsonAwwwwh..1 week ago

Joseph JimenezI love you cazwell, you are the best1 week ago

Flavio LopesI love this song and it is playing a lot here in Brazil the problem is just that we don't have a lyric to put on the party. But it will still playing! Congrats Cazwell7 days ago

Matt Ravenje t'adore, I love you ...6 days ago

CAZWELL added a new photo.

May 14th, 12:49 am

Phran CkastroLove CAZWELL <31 week ago

James Hall<3. <3. <3.1 week ago

Davi AlexandreLove <31 week ago

Andrew Tsyganso cool1 week ago

JoaQuin Lopez RasconWooo1 week ago

Erik VasquezI want!!!1 week ago

Daniel Baileybe better if the top was thick blue glass with led lights in it , get some ass on glass...lol1 week ago

DeeJay MunozMarry me!!!1 week ago

Dustin HoyeDope shit1 week ago

It's been proven that people that view my DownTown video and "like" it tend to make more money, have a way better sex life and become an all-around happier person. To quote the great Michael Jackson "make that change!!" ⚡️link in bio⚡️

May 13th, 11:30 pm

William Joseph Harris1 week ago

Thom Sullivanso incredibly sexy1 week ago

Frankie BlackWell hey there nipples1 week ago

Danny RiosLove u sexy ass daddy1 week ago

Roberto Rosales Cortezhermoso <31 week ago

Joseph TrankinaLove the video.1 week ago

Joseph TrankinaNo need for obnoxious Comments1 week ago

Travis GorlineHeather MF Jones1 week ago

Antonio Giorgi1 week ago

Carlos EscabedoMan in the Mirror1 week ago

Erik DabzLol no1 week ago

Ewister Rodrigues Barboni❤️1 week ago

Kaio ViniciusDeuso1 week ago

Lloyd T. Rice IIHe drove an Ice Cream Truck into my heart <31 week ago

Sergio MonteiroHot1 week ago

Brett KlingCan't wait to see you in Nashville.1 week ago

Guilherme FernandesI want more like that. Uncensored. ;)1 week ago

Dolph PunYou have grown a lot since your ice-cream truck days.1 week ago

Lacy MooreDude...you are soooo hot!1 week ago

Mikey TheCocktapus Berner#YesGod1 week ago

Dominique Pierre Batiste😍😍😍1 week ago

Eric CoburnLiked & Shared, beautiful. 💋1 week ago

Steve CastroWe like it cuz everything u touch turns to gold, u gorgeous specimen of hotness! *LICK*1 week ago

Benjamin Delos AngelesI liked it, but I'm still broke as shit!1 week ago

Craig Addisonare you coming back to columbus ohio again this year??1 week ago

CAZWELL added 5 new photos to the album: DOWNTOWN [PRESS].

May 13th, 8:35 pm

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Ben Raaphorstits getting a little edgy luke!!!2 weeks ago

Jonnie MaxDamn that guys hot2 weeks ago

José GhellerPerfeito😍1 week ago

Terry Rogersyo cazwell i cant sleep because your coming to kentucky .oh hell yes bro1 week ago

wanna a skype convo w/ me?? Tweet, Insta or FB #DOWNTOWNCAZWELL w/ a link to the DownTown video to win! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vKE49ymPV8

May 11th, 5:25 pm

Ben Raaphorstyou slut 😜2 weeks ago

Bruno BoubertT'es vraiment une dépravée!!! Mais j'aime bien! :-)2 weeks ago

Mitchell Dene O'TooleFit 😜2 weeks ago

JoaQuin Lopez Rasconwow. Cool2 weeks ago

Ty RobertsMy friend Downtown Kainoa Brown aka Ricky Rick swears you wrote that song about him! Lol!2 weeks ago

Amia Marie WarnerHott2 weeks ago

Shawn Palacioushot2 weeks ago

Nicholas VictorinoWill do i love your music2 weeks ago

Tina CorrideanGorgeous!!!2 weeks ago

Gareth ErnstSo cool ❤️2 weeks ago

Craig N. BruceGareth, where's your art pad when u need one! Oh, to be young again!2 weeks ago

Wilson PerezLove it2 weeks ago

Gareth ErnstI would love to draw you. http://youtu.be/6vKE49ymPV8 #Downtowncazwell2 weeks ago

Andrew TsyganCool shot Cazwell Presley2 weeks ago

Stacey L. BaileyChild Smile!2 weeks ago

Tony BakerLuv it Cazwell!2 weeks ago

Mauro Andres CamaraGet the #Meerkat app!2 weeks ago

James LeyvaLevi Karter !!! So awesome!!!2 weeks ago

James LeyvaThe track is so thug....LOL2 weeks ago

Mike PowersThis pic makes me want almost-nude male tables. And chairs. Oh....the chairs..... :)2 weeks ago

Andru ShumwayActually pretty good DonnaVula Jacobs2 weeks ago

Trev Homer-LimaLove it!!!!!2 weeks ago

Jonny McArthurDone : ) Yes pls. I live in oz/nz so the chances of ever getting to see you live etc come down to this little promo.2 weeks ago

Kyle Benny ShumardLove2 weeks ago

Seph GonzalezHoochies need love too!2 weeks ago

We out!!!! @novidagahd @andygeezus off to KLUB Meat Packing NYC #muthasday

May 11th, 4:41 am

David ZizicHe cute2 weeks ago

Javi J Cisne#TRUSTnBELIEVE #themthoseLIPZy'all #cremedelaCREAMmypants2 weeks ago

Luis Rox❤️❤️2 weeks ago

Terry Rogersyo cazwell sup bro c u n june man peace n luv dude2 weeks ago

John Taylor LaValleySo handsome <32 weeks ago

Jhonny SunsetCUTE <32 weeks ago

Thales CaetanoI enjoyed your music! ✌💜2 weeks ago

Xex Magazine: #XEXPLAYLIST: CAZWELL – Downtown Catch the XEX team turning up with Cazwell on May 14th at The Ritz NYC for Do The Right Thing ! SOURCE: http://xexmag.com/xexplaylist-cazwell-downtown/

May 10th, 8:11 pm

Kyle Vaughn RoerickGold g-string. Who are you?2 weeks ago

Off to @boxersnyc to DJ drop by if yo gay ass is in Hells Kitchen Madonna T by @cockwhoreandmacho

May 10th, 12:49 am

Corrie WrightWant that shirt!2 weeks ago

David ZizicHe cute2 weeks ago

Leonardo RamirezLa imagen de la camisa, alguien laa tiene?2 weeks ago

Travis WellbornMarkis2 weeks ago

Jordan HarrisonCarlos Acosta that shirt!!2 weeks ago

Carlos AcostaIs this right now? Which boxers? I'll go!2 weeks ago

Jordan HarrisonYes Carlos Acosta2 weeks ago

Carlos AcostaWhich boxers? Are you gonna spin some Madonna?2 weeks ago

Mark FrazerI'm gay and damn I'd still like to fuck that Cunt!2 weeks ago

Brian JohnsonEw2 weeks ago

Bri-low TrustI want that shirt...2 weeks ago

Kleber Viveiros👑2 weeks ago

Jed BoneOnly my favorite word! Love the shirt. Wish I were in Hells Kitchen2 weeks ago

Marko IcevPopova tie sme tie!2 weeks ago

Eduardo Lorett MendozaLoved 💋2 weeks ago

Calvin D. Nichols2 weeks ago

James JohnI really need one2 weeks ago

Ron Romijn de SnooI need this shirt so badly 😃😂😂2 weeks ago

Devin DrakeNo...love you but...NO2 weeks ago

Ronnie Vanna....you called???2 weeks ago

Ramon JacksonWearing us out on the ones and twos boo. Werk!!!2 weeks ago

Kate DeluxeGOLD-Hahahahahaha2 weeks ago

Angel ArmnezI want this tshirt... And you2 weeks ago

Dominique Dilei;)2 weeks ago

Neil AshleyI want this shirt...2 weeks ago

My boi @rustyrooftop in the DOWNTOWN ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️ Video LINK IN BIO

May 10th, 12:12 am

Joseph TrankinaHey Rusty!!2 weeks ago

Stefan MreczkoI just watched the video. People are claiming it's scandalous and crazy. Maybe I'm missing something, but Isn't that what everybody's evenings are like? 😜2 weeks ago

Edward LehmannThe knife thing is a little much.2 weeks ago

Karl LathamDont be skerd Edward ^^^^^^^^2 weeks ago

David Bannerremember the evil dead scene.2 weeks ago

Cristian Ismael MuñozI'm.... scared....2 weeks ago

Lou CrossFrom the STRAIGHT OUT OF DA PRISON YARD collection... #TOOMUCHofAgoodThing #HumanTableClothLook2 weeks ago

Elson Borges<31 week ago

Fresh, pressed & I don't give a fuck DOWNTOWN http://downtowncazwell.tumblr.com/

May 9th, 1:29 pm

Renan Seth=P2 weeks ago

Brock River StackhouseKewl2 weeks ago

Manol Ivanov#forexample...2 weeks ago

Cody G Galloway#repit2 weeks ago

Eric HaneyOooooh, I'm gonna tell yo mama!2 weeks ago

Mike PowersI want it on a shirt.2 weeks ago

Kate DeluxeUptown Girl Has Gone Dowtown2 weeks ago

Mondo ReyesSmokie smoke ..2 weeks ago

Elson Borges<31 week ago

"...so horny started twitching…" http://downtowncazwell.tumblr.com/


May 9th, 7:09 am

Misho Neev,,,,,😛😝😍2 weeks ago

James Wardhaha2 weeks ago

Damon DevineThat's hot stuff.2 weeks ago

Adriano Mascarenhas LimaAsssssssssss! That's what we live for!!!!!!!2 weeks ago

Ali K AltayWait I'm coming downtown to help you!2 weeks ago

Nate ScottThis is one of the hottest videos I've ever seen!!2 weeks ago

Ramon Zumba ZinMine would look betta2 weeks ago

Ben Raaphorstadoelo how naughty!!!2 weeks ago

Anybody Membahdisguy??? Pic @bobbottlenyc

May 8th, 11:59 pm

Luis Teran#ohwemembah :D how to forget!!2 weeks ago

César Milkovich MéndozaPool party ? (---82 weeks ago

Adam Welchi wanna see more of cazwell with no clothes on! lol ;)2 weeks ago

Robert William LasterI second that. ^^^^^2 weeks ago

Michel DorionHot hot hot Cazwell2 weeks ago

Cristian Ismael Muñozno2 weeks ago

Jhonny SunsetTU PAREJA?2 weeks ago

Karen Tijerina🍦2 weeks ago

Anthony Garza😍😍😍😍😍😍😍2 weeks ago

Larry StockelFinal tit from the Ice Cream Truck video?2 weeks ago

Jeff Joneshow do i get Cazwell to pose naked in a pic with me?2 weeks ago

Adam MillerUno, dos, tres........papi dame some more!2 weeks ago

Erik DabzNo2 weeks ago

Mauro Andres CamaraI love him! Johnny Sanford?2 weeks ago

Ben Raaphorstis that your husband?2 weeks ago

Damon DevineThat guy's hot stuff.2 weeks ago

Gary HartleyYou cropped that pic a little too high! 😍2 weeks ago

Michael Lima RíosEx?2 weeks ago

Alonso BaldowinesGorgeous couple2 weeks ago

Paisley DaltonGURRRL...what's this cryptic message???...cancerians2 weeks ago

Alex Gonçalves Carvalhocazwell powerfull2 weeks ago

Marc GilesMein Gott im Himmel2 weeks ago

Anthony FeathersCheck his oil! :-D2 weeks ago

Lorenzo CotaDamn thats sexie2 weeks ago

Carlos Castañedasexy!!! ;)2 weeks ago

Gettin my diamond 212 tattoo by my boy @tlebon in the DOWNTOWN video directed by @bobbottlenyc & @bv__n Got Fabrezio cookin sauce in the kitchen behind me check the viddy!! ⚡️LINK IN BIO⚡️

May 8th, 10:08 pm

Roberto Rosales Cortezluv ya! <32 weeks ago

Jean Paul Rodriguez<32 weeks ago

Tayda Lebon<3!!!2 weeks ago

Terry Rogersim on my nee,s for u2 weeks ago

Javier Velarde AlcazarGreat video bro2 weeks ago

James WardKilled it!!!! in a good way!! didnt think anything would top ice cream truck..but hellz yih! haha sweet!! fuck nikki Min who? lol ;)2 weeks ago

David MinnettHAWT!2 weeks ago

CAZWELL added 3 new photos to the album: DOWNTOWN [PRESS].

May 8th, 5:34 pm

Terry Rogersoh hell yes bro love your video like it nasty and hot2 weeks ago

Jason McDanielI would drink boomers bath water2 weeks ago

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