CAZWELL updated their cover photo.

December 18th, 2:54 pm

Ernie Somersheyyy3 days ago

Jay Reedy-MazzaSexy hot!!!!!3 days ago

Jay MillerWho's going to say it? You?3 days ago

John Squiressexy stud muffin3 days ago

Vince Quiroz JrMmmmmmmmm...3 days ago

John Taylor LaValleyI love you Caz! Merry Christmas beautiful! <33 days ago

Carlo LicheriHandsome.3 days ago

Gareth ErnstVery3 days ago

Pietro GervasiSexy as F#@k!!!3 days ago

Eryn FoessettI've had the pleasure of seeing Cazwell four times!!!❤️💋❤️💋3 days ago

Andy Campbelltrue dat #hothomo3 days ago

Geoffrey Doig-MarxLoving you!!!!!3 days ago

Paul OdendahlSo Sweet! WOW:-)2 days ago

Anna DurkaYeah!2 days ago


December 18th, 2:48 pm

Janek RuzickaU have class, kids... ;)3 days ago

Charo Bocchioh my ca$h! 🔥3 days ago

Chase BakerSweeeeeet3 days ago

Gary MangiI want you two to adopt me!3 days ago

Saul VillegasPapi <33 days ago

Elipio Jose VialpandoBlaze out Caz!!3 days ago

Carlos DubanAMANDA! <33 days ago

Murilo Amaral<3 <33 days ago

Ferdinando VelascoVioooo3 days ago

Mateus Henrique SchneiderMaicon3 days ago

Osvaldo Patriciotremendo tajo ese otro jwkajsksajsak la pungueria xdd3 days ago

Ernest CollymoreLove it3 days ago

Terry OlsonLooks like the jay is starting to run.. ;)3 days ago

Chip Chop JohnnyCaz.....you a sexy bitch! Jesus!2 days ago

Shandalia Patricia ShlongHe just looks the same now... vampire...2 days ago

Brandon HenryDONT SAY JESUS2 days ago

Dima Dimka DmitryIf NY nightlife had a face - it would be one of those two...or both :)2 days ago

Redi SpThis couple very popular...make single again...)))2 days ago


December 18th, 2:44 pm

Juan David Echeverria DiazHello cazwell :-)3 days ago

Johnny ManfratesCazwell u are by far the best.keep up the great music that I love....3 days ago

Miguel Angel Villalobos Basabecute3 days ago

Dante JonesSo hot!3 days ago

Robert Bobby RiveraCazwell, you are finer than the bottle of wine i have in my fridge.3 days ago

Roberto CarlosLove u! A lot3 days ago

Rob S. Harvey FrancisYou are a gorgeous talented super star! I am so glad to finally be introduced to your music a few years back Indianapolis Gay Pride...I haven't stopped watching your videos since...keep on keeping on...would love to meet you sometime.#loveyourmusic3 days ago

Michael Demarco Torres SampsonYou are simply perfect3 days ago

Dominicus DemetrasDate me please!3 days ago

Lorenzo CotaSuch a hottIE3 days ago

Luca CamilliniBaldi Samuele3 days ago

Jp RobersonSpectacular. ...3 days ago

Johan RamirezI love you Guy3 days ago

César Manuel Palomera FloresI love your album. I can't wait for "The biscuit" video. Jejeje.2 days ago

#tbt Me and Amanda Lepore were going through old pictures yesterday. Here's one probably 2009 ?? Blazing before Boys Room probably lol.

December 18th, 2:36 pm

Blake MonroeSo sexy3 days ago

Jourdy SizzleI feel like this was her 2006/2007 era look.3 days ago

Adam OwenLip porn2 days ago

Viviana LoyaIhww2 days ago

Mario Carlo Stara<31 day ago

Zachary KingJohn Ayala3 hours ago

At Town, last night in DC! looks by John Renaud

December 14th, 5:34 pm

Diego Lopez Stagnoli😍😊1 week ago

Deborah NelsonYass! It was so great to meet u! Sorry I wouldn't let go ;-)1 week ago

Deborah Nelson1 week ago

Peter GriggsHee hee - nice1 week ago

Jason Talley1 week ago

Alex PetrovLove, You, man! Thanks for following me in Twitter! XO XO1 week ago

Robbie Montana MendenhallBAM1 week ago

Kevin RansdellI love the guy in the front clasping his hands together. In my neck of the woods, that's the look older women give before they say "Well bless his heart" lol1 week ago

Jose Luis VegaShow more skin Baby7 days ago

CAZWELL updated their cover photo.

December 3rd, 1:24 pm

Porfirio RodriguezSexy ass mutha!3 weeks ago

Eric HodgesDamn, Caz, you are smokin' hot! 🌈👏3 weeks ago

Robert Foster#YO ♥️3 weeks ago

Wayne LaquerreYou sexy beast!3 weeks ago

Max HaifischVos!3 weeks ago

Fabricio Cuadratú! y tan guapo como siempre <33 weeks ago

César Manuel Palomera FloresYo! You! Me! Yo!3 weeks ago

Mario MarshallYou so fine!3 weeks ago

Roo CoronadoHey!!!!3 weeks ago

Francesco Baroneyasssss!3 weeks ago

John Squiressexy as hell3 weeks ago

Paisley Dalton😜3 weeks ago

Anthony FeathersInstagram for INSTANT LOVE!3 weeks ago

Gary MangiThas just my baby daddy lol!!!!!3 weeks ago

Lucky Keith AllenSo damn sexy!3 weeks ago

Karol DudekHi bebe!!3 weeks ago

Roberto Rosales CortezTe amo! <33 weeks ago

Osvaldo DiazTU..!!!3 weeks ago

Saucedo Gallegos<33 weeks ago

Cody Russell Kincaid😍😍😛😛😛😛2 weeks ago

Felix Alois MayrHahaha so funny2 weeks ago

Ricardo AdrianYO YOU GAY !!!!!!! <32 weeks ago

Demo Fargoneyo wheres roxy??2 weeks ago

William Joseph HarrisMTV raps1 week ago

"Hot Homo" [THE LYRIC VIDEO] VIDEO by Scott J. Heller FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD [For Limited Time Only]: https://soundcloud.com/cazwellnyc/… FEATURING: Marlon Brando Marc Jacobs Boy George & Culture Clubeorge RuPaul Anderson Cooper Freddie Mercury Darryl Stephens Orlando Cruz Ricky Martin Liberace Mitt Romney Tom Daley @Darren Young Rock Hudson Elton John Alec Mapa Big Freediaa George Michaelael Eddie Murphyy "Divine" Harris Glenn Milstead Michael Kors Nathan Lane Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally EJ Johnson Ian McKellen James Franco Zachary Quinto Alan Cumming Lance Bass John Waters John Travolta Barney Franknk Gianni Versace Tom Cruise Matt Bomer George Takeii Graham Norton Neil Patrick Harris Richard Simmons Harvey Milk Foundation Jim Parsons Tim Gunn Vladimir Putin Jonathan Knight Truman Capote Jesse Tyler Ferguson Adam Lambert Andy Warhol Wilson Cruz Guillermo Díaz Tyler Perry Michael Sam Johnny Weir TOM FORD Jake Shears Ryan Seacrest Tim Cook Margaret Cho with CAZWELL and Big Dipper http://youtu.be/paDN9z3OYT0

December 2nd, 7:36 pm

Mili RakićGoochie Ybarra this shit has me turned some kind of way! LOVE me some cazwell!3 weeks ago

Eric Lallemand-senilleyessssssssssssssssssssssssss3 weeks ago

Christopher Smithwow.... uhm...... speachless3 weeks ago

Jan Teve de la Ohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unCKbEpcXnE !!SIN CENSURA!! !!SUSCRIBETE AL CANALL!!3 weeks ago

D'Lordt-Reverent Nae Nae Murdockhttp://youtu.be/7d6ewCHS1jo3 weeks ago

Brandon R. RobertsDevon Hart3 weeks ago

Jeremy JonesLOVE this song. http://takingovertheuniverse.net/2014/11/…3 weeks ago

Jaime MurrayMitt Romney..yuck!3 weeks ago

William Joseph HarrisI better not3 weeks ago

Paulo RamirezListening again LOL2 weeks ago

Queerty: PHOTOS: Our Favorite Inappropriate Stills From CAZWELL's New “Hot Homo” Video SOURCE: http://queerty.com/photos-our-favorite-inappropria…

December 2nd, 6:36 pm

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THE WOW REPORT: Watch: CAZWELL w/ Big Dipper Hot Homo” (Lyric Video) feat. Gay Icons RuPaul, Big Freedia, EJ Johnson, James Franco and More! SOURCE: http://worldofwonder.net/watch-cazwell-w-big-dippe…

December 2nd, 6:14 pm

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QueerMeUp: CAZWELLl Releases “Hot Homo” lyric video SOURCE: http://queermeup.com/music-videos/…

December 2nd, 6:14 pm

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Premiere of Cazwell ft. Big Dipper - Hot Homo (The Lyric Video) [Freestyle Parody of Bobby Shmurda's Hot N*gga] Marlon Brando CAZWELL Marc Jacobs Intl Boy George & Culture Club RuPaul Anderson Cooper Freddie Mercury Darryl Stephens Orlando Cruz Ricky Martin Liberace Mitt Romney Darren Young - WWE Universe Rock Hudson Elton John Alec Mapa Big Freedia George Michael Divine (performer) Michael Kors Nathan Lane Sean Hayes Megan Mullally EJ Johnson Ian McKellen James Franco Zachary Quinto Alan Cumming Lance Bass John Waters John Travolta Barney Frank Gianni Versace Tom Cruise Matt Bomer George Takei Graham Norton Neil Patrick Harris Richard Simmons Harvey Milk Jim Joseph Parsons Tim Gunn Vladimir Putin JonathanRKnight Truman Capote Jesse Tyler Ferguson Adam Lambert Andy Warhol Wilson Cruz Guillermo Díaz Tyler Perry Michael Sam Johnny Weir TOM FORD Jake Shears Ryan Seacrest Tim Cook Margaret Cho http://youtu.be/paDN9z3OYT0

Performed by Cazwell and Big Dipper Video by Scott J. Heller "Hard 2 B Fresh" OUT NOW: itunes.apple.com/us/album/hard-2-…resh/id916306066 Marlon Brando Cazwe...

December 2nd, 6:04 pm

John PollyYou are amazing! LOVE!3 weeks ago

Allan K. E. CostaCazwell y Jeffree Star juntos en sólo una canción sería perfecto .2 weeks ago

TONIGHT!!! Bubblegum Fridays at The Manor in Ft. Lauderdale!!! http://www.themanorcomplex.com/html

November 29th, 2:15 am

Matthew GerwinLove. Happy Holidays bud.3 weeks ago

Jeremy WeavingI love you!!!!3 weeks ago

Dante JonesSan Diego Please!!!!!!3 weeks ago

Cristian Toro TheManorSee you all here at The Manor Nightclub tonight3 weeks ago

Rico GarciaOf course you're in my hometown when I'm not visitin my parents!3 weeks ago

Andrew TsyganDam my bro and I wanna say hey! ️LA boys r in the house3 weeks ago

Brooke Cerda Guzmánthat's hot !3 weeks ago

Robert FosterYou did awesome tonight at the #TheManor !3 weeks ago

"...fresh, pressed and I don't give a f*ck…" with Richie Beretta http://youtu.be/qvZztEb59SI/…

Cazwell - Downtown Written by: Cazwell and Richie Beretta Recorded at: Seven Sound BUY ON ITUNES! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/…...

November 22nd, 7:01 am

Max BehnkeFave!4 weeks ago

R Keith Beck17 Elvis's4 weeks ago

Daniel DalenaLove it. Nice meeting you last night :)4 weeks ago

CAZWELL updated their cover photo.

November 22nd, 5:58 am

Jose Luis Balcazar CaamalU were so cute!!!4 weeks ago

Roberto Rosales Cortez<3 amore4 weeks ago

Lino A. López Sarmiento❤️❤️❤️4 weeks ago

Eryn FoessettMy new pal!4 weeks ago

Ángēl Gùðmündsdóttïr LûįsWOW SUPER LIKE4 weeks ago

Xavier LopezMeow!4 weeks ago

Travis Ryan McMurrayOriginal as always!4 weeks ago

Benji DowningI had a dream last night that Luke and I were still working at the Lobster Pot4 weeks ago

Chances OnyxGet Em CazDawg4 weeks ago

Paul Lekakis Fan Page#werk4 weeks ago

Lopez AnthonyLindo Papi4 weeks ago

Dusan-Jarco PetrovicYou need a good boyfriend...4 weeks ago

Shanyn Vieira<34 weeks ago

Jonathan BatailleSpin in a circle, throw your hands up, don't spill your drink4 weeks ago

CAZWELL changed their profile picture.

#hard2bfresh photo: Anthony Humphreys

November 22nd, 5:47 am

Luisito Sosa😍4 weeks ago

Luis GrajedaCazwell #⃣1⃣4 weeks ago

Malik A BettonBeyoncé's hat lol4 weeks ago

Ruben MunguiaBEYONCÉ4 weeks ago

Anthony Mikeused to be hot but not so much anymore in my book4 weeks ago

Skylar LoraquetteGangsta. #hothomo4 weeks ago

Oda Mae BrownOmg... hyeeee4 weeks ago

Tim MardisYou4 weeks ago

Tony Fernández-ViñasIs that a Bucky Fuller cap?4 weeks ago

Baron Glamgod JRomance Blackwellomg I want that hat!4 weeks ago

James HobbsCazwell I have sexual crash on you4 weeks ago

Danny AngelFuk the Hat, u want to hang out when your in Austin after thanksgiving? PM me Please ;->4 weeks ago

Eliud BalderasDaniel Luna4 weeks ago

Marcus CarswellName playing4 weeks ago

Lee MillerForshizzle!4 weeks ago

Arizona HeatThat is the best picture I have seen so far you look great4 weeks ago

Chris GonzalezYou are sexy 😍😍😍4 weeks ago

Charles ThomasCazwell can I have ur baby4 weeks ago

Gary WebsterDigging it C.4 weeks ago

Jason Updegraffadorable!!!!!!4 weeks ago

Alexander Mejia-Monsalve SepulvedaI wanna lick your lips.. Shorty!4 weeks ago

Thomas TrafeletDis ol' man be all hot for CAZWELL!4 weeks ago

Trés PryorHubba, Hubba!4 weeks ago

Nigel C R Bloomso hot ,melt my box4 weeks ago

Dima Dimka DmitrySuch a nice guy : on the outside and on the inside!4 weeks ago

fresher than who?

November 22nd, 5:46 am

Chris Alexanderu fine4 weeks ago

Dave FischerSexy.4 weeks ago

Mikey BernerThat hat is syckening! ❤️4 weeks ago

Pablo Bata-LattyYum!!! ❤️❤️4 weeks ago

Gonzaga Júniori seen beyoncé4 weeks ago

Mayke BaldUffff nice, boy sexy 😍4 weeks ago

Arthur Xatyrthan the fresh prince? 😜4 weeks ago

Luis GrajedaThe best4 weeks ago

Mike OsborneLol4 weeks ago

Francesco Baronedang...4 weeks ago

Coby AtrocitySo good! :D #swoon4 weeks ago

Fernando S. TrejoFresher than a bttm with the emema six pack !!!!4 weeks ago

David ZizicHe cute4 weeks ago

Jake Wheat...thanna Epcot hat?4 weeks ago

Stephen AllisonI seen Beyoncé in that hat!4 weeks ago

Jazz Octavian OcfemiaReowrrrr4 weeks ago

William WorkmanThat hat is fucking EVERYTHING!!! Love it! <34 weeks ago

Chris GonzalezYou're looking really handsome and sexy at the same time. 😍😍😍4 weeks ago

Joey HealGimme that hat!4 weeks ago

Alexander Mejia-Monsalve SepulvedaYou! My soul mate.4 weeks ago

Tiago Almeida💓💓💓💓💓💓💓....4 weeks ago

CJ Haze....a mutha fucka.4 weeks ago

Brian EvansSo sexy4 weeks ago

Idelfonso Placido GuzmanBeyonce who?4 weeks ago

Anselme Kaloukaeraah ah lol !4 weeks ago

CAZWELL updated their cover photo.

November 20th, 10:04 am


An'son WhiteI know it's asking a lot but can I have that shirt signed by you you never know till you ask right1 month ago

Daniel PerazaMmmm cute1 month ago

Brittany GillaspieYou friends with Luigi? LOTSA SPAGHETTI!1 month ago

David NylenYour so handsome1 month ago

David NylenI'd die if I could meet you :)1 month ago

Joshua Colfordwe ever gonna get a selfie with a smile?1 month ago

Anthony FeathersYou be eatin' grilled cheese and tomato soup.1 month ago

Eryn FoessettCan't wait to see you tomorrow!!1 month ago

William Joseph Harriswith meatballs1 month ago

Chase Von Furstenburg DivineWish I could have made it.4 weeks ago

Trey Hilgemani wish i could say i have been to one of this guys shows4 weeks ago


November 20th, 10:03 am

Frank SchossigI sooooo need that sweater!!!1 month ago

John MedeirosLuv it!!!1 month ago

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