CAZWELL added a new photo.

October 5th, 1:13 pm

Lucas BaptisteMANDA NUDES8 hours ago

Ramon JacksonEyes on fleek7 hours ago

Coby LeeLove Blue eyes8 hours ago

Kane Larywhere u at now?6 hours ago

Royce TeMar Rainey❤️❤️❤️😍😍❤️❤️6 hours ago

Boss Ricky RossBruh get me on your list at the door plus 3 for jungle Atlanta on pride3 hours ago

Pete Niecko7 hours ago

Thanks for the love and southern hospitality Jacksonville!!! I'm about to shower then try your famous pork chops! ❤️

October 4th, 10:24 pm

Neil Andrew BridgersAwesome show! Thanks for the photo love!21 hours ago

Kane LarySo happy I got to meet you today, I didn't even know you were gonna be there. So happy I went now.22 hours ago

MaryJane GreenAy PaPi <322 hours ago

Jordan WrightYou're very entertaining.Loved your show.16 hours ago

Coby LeeWooweeeeeeee. Sexy22 hours ago

Jacqu CampinoWow 😍23 hours ago

Jonathan WrightI make some damn good pork chops. Let's have dinner together. :P21 hours ago

Alex ReyesMay I join you???20 hours ago

Darryl White-McdowallYou'll need a bigger towel than the one on your shoulder!!! X22 hours ago

Ricky Richie JohnstonWicked cool. 😍😍11 hours ago

Isaac GarberAdoro quando vc bota este sorriso lindo! quero as fotos do banho.21 hours ago

Rio SaYou should come to Vegas. 😉23 hours ago

Gregory GalganoCaz, come down to Palm Beach!22 hours ago

Mickey Monterohadsome guy22 hours ago

Adam MillerHandsome smile21 hours ago

Matt DayleyDam so fuckin sexy lmfao21 hours ago

William Joseph HarrisHogs get fat and go to slaughter22 hours ago

Joe StellaI like your smile Caz.22 hours ago

Luiz Henrique Ramos😍😍😍22 hours ago

Michael KammerHot22 hours ago

Anthony MikeCome to FTL as I want a selfie too!14 hours ago

Daavideau Reveler❤️💕❤️💕❤️😍22 hours ago

Sajid SanchezPapi20 hours ago

Carlos Escabedowash the balls22 hours ago

Randall Lee Acostalower......lowwwwwwwer...6 hours ago

Never. Forget.

October 3rd, 8:00 pm

Jeff FreebernSomeone asked Nicole Ritchie in an interview once if she knew Kim Kardashian. She replied, isn't she that girl that organizes Paris Hilton's closet?2 days ago

Marcus Karn2 days ago

Lino A. López Sarmiento... Never forget... Where u came from...23 hours ago

Luis FelicianoStarted from the bottom!! Lol2 days ago

Rusty DomhoffWhere is Paris now ? Haven't heard from her in years2 days ago

Ana CruzDavid where the Kartrashians really started...1 day ago

Jasten King#TeamParis2 days ago

Frank Angel2 days ago

Nathan KielySarah weren't u talking about this last night??2 days ago

Zelina EsquivelLuis 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 Kim noooo not the patas!18 hours ago

David ODonnellSo funny2 days ago

Giovanni CondemiLovely2 days ago

Vicente PachecoSo that's what her talent is.1 day ago

Grant Noroyannever forget what????22 hours ago

Mannii SelveraPah hahaha !1 day ago

Marco Minaj TerrasiICONIC2 days ago

Marlena CapparelliHahaha yes it is you 100%23 hours ago

Tanya Limon"Go scrub my toilets." -Paris Hilton1 day ago

Carmen RojasBoth kinda ugly tho2 days ago

Bryan PatrónGotta start somewhere1 day ago

Bryan PatrónHey if I have to wipe the girls ass to get my foot in the door I would... Bitch fuck that I'm getting paid! And now I'm famous! Lol1 day ago

Car HarveauxLove it!!!! 😘😘2 days ago

Rhonald AcostaBlah blah bullshit!!!!2 days ago

Paul Norman Videomixeshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4brkIXo6p-E1 day ago

Gay TurcsLOVE THIS :D2 days ago

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October 2nd, 11:18 pm

Kevin D DraneTruth!!!3 days ago

Kevin D'EntremontNeither do vibrators!!!3 days ago

Ricky Pollitt3 days ago

Darryl BoyenAmen2 days ago

Terry Carlsenok3 days ago

CAZWELL 'Hormones'

October 2nd, 9:52 pm

Todd Gibson3 days ago

Kirk MontrealerWHOREMOANS 😜😜3 days ago

Luiz Henrique RamosGorgeuous 💙3 days ago

Graeme KennettGrrr 😘3 days ago

Coby LeeI'm soooooooooooooooo shiver.. you are such handsome and sexy man wooweeeeeeee3 days ago

Jhonny BIhola cazwell saludos desde peru cuando bienes por aqui ?? :33 days ago

Fher OsorioBe like "Mormones" lol.2 days ago

Darren Richardssexy git...luv form UK.x3 days ago

Antonio Giorgi3 days ago

Misho NeevYES3 days ago

Omar Del Valle3 days ago

손정은김진주 다진 곽유미 뾰루퉁3 days ago

Homeland goes "Downtown" with CAZWELL !!! on Their Season Premiere THIS SUNDAY!

October 2nd, 9:33 pm

Jerry RosenbergThanks for coming to River City Pride in Jacksonville!19 hours ago

Shawn KendrickCongrats3 days ago

Lloyd Mitchell JrWoohoo! Just started the episode and got so excited to hear your song in the episode 😊20 hours ago

And how did your ass get to work this morning??? Exactly. Pic @ronaldmcdonkey

October 2nd, 5:02 pm

Martin BarthCazwell when I will in NYC I hope drink some VODKA in Barracuda od some other płace with You! Best from Warsaw/Poland3 days ago

Misho NeevAwesome 😃3 days ago

Bear JimNice rocket3 days ago

Todd GibsonYes...rocket man...3 days ago

John BrockmanI knew you had a formidable pocket rocket but WOW! Sexy Fuck2 days ago

Luis FelicianoWith coffee and a can of redbull.3 days ago

Harold PerryCute.3 days ago

Jeff JonesUber3 days ago

William Joseph Harris💐3 days ago

Carolina Alfaia Soares:3 <33 days ago

Pretty much sums up how @itsyourburrday86 feels about gettin his last pic in his @icecreamtruckunderwear taken off IG.

October 2nd, 2:22 am

Bill MichelCAZWELL, I'm sure you're going to get someone who feels the need to say something about what happened in Oregon today and this picture...just giving you a heads up.4 days ago

Enmanuel DavidHay Dios Miooo..!!! Me voy a quedar ciego..4 days ago

Aran ThrasherTwitter doesn't care how scandalous your pictures are!4 days ago

William Joseph HarrisDry Clean Only4 days ago

Lucky MedranoHot4 days ago

Carlos VazquezYeah u bad ass coze u got a gum but without it u are a pussy3 days ago

Gay Turcssexy2 days ago

Terry Carlsend4 days ago

CAZWELL added a new photo.

October 1st, 9:25 pm

Michael Jonathan SilvolaSIT ON MY FACE4 days ago

Austin Hott👄💋👄💋💪Lick4 days ago

Thomas N. Bracknell-Humphreyoh, Caz, you hunk o' man.4 days ago

Robert Edward WikeYou are absolutely handsome and gorgeous!!4 days ago

Ichabod StitchWhat is this business of you wearing clothes?4 days ago

Jeff JonesI mean you'd look good wearing a burlap potato sack but I so love you in pink mmm4 days ago

Jonathan WrightLooking all fine and shit.4 days ago

Marcus Vinícius Carvalhobeautiful4 days ago

Mike GawelGreat picture, and god I love your eyes!!4 days ago

Coby LeeAbsolutely Sexy Hot Man wooweeeeeeee4 days ago

Igor Limagostoso4 days ago

Jorel DouglasGorgeous as always. <34 days ago

Lucky MedranoTooo cute4 days ago

Giovani AtêncioSo strange seeing you fully-clothed...4 days ago

David ZizicHe cute4 days ago

Todd GibsonThem eyed n lips...4 days ago

Diego Luis DuranteBello, Bello ... I would like has ever response to many comments !!!4 days ago

Charles Ken KnowlesHot Damn!!4 days ago

Jhang Kurai Chein ToAbsolute stunner.4 days ago

다진Even today, I look forward to your visit to Korea.💕💕4 days ago

Anderson Reisgato de mais você!!!! vem pro rio.... rsrsrsrs4 days ago

Murilo GottlichQuando vem pro brasil coisa linda?4 days ago

Joe StellaA shirt!!??4 days ago

Paul Ronald AmattYou are looking so chilled out😄4 days ago

Esteban AllenHi guys I'm a new artist of music indie alternative please listen this song & if like u give it like por share ,really it means a lot to me,thanks brothers n sisters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEkWwupRfvg4 days ago

When @briannieh87 wants to pull trade on the train after the club at 4am his secret weapon is his Cazwell T shirt. Want the power??? Link In Bio

September 29th, 8:58 pm

Raffaello MenezesEu quero! *-*6 days ago

Jonathan WrightYou can give me your power... in your pants.6 days ago

Daniel-Marcelo ThomasiCome to Rio6 days ago

Ben RaaphorstHi Luke are they for sale in europe too greetings Benjamin.6 days ago

William Joseph HarrisMake mine sleeveless 🍌6 days ago

Karl UfertI'm a big fan of Brian Nieh's Instagram page, Cazwell. And, though he doesn't know me personally, I always enjoy seeing him out and about in NYC.6 days ago

Chris Smitha homie i wheres i by it. fr toronto .6 days ago

Victorino RicardoCarlos Colina marico pense eras tu6 days ago

Daniel ChicaWww.Madonna.com5 days ago

Christopher BalmaYum6 days ago

My boy @itsyourburrday86 ONLY speaks the truth. @icecreamtruckunderwear 🍦

September 28th, 1:20 am

William CruzMatthew Loubser 😬 saw him and reminds me of you "idk why"1 week ago

Cory WittWatching this on a loop1 week ago

Dane O'SullivanWeeeeaaaakkk! 😋1 week ago

Ramon Zumba ZinNot my type1 week ago

Joanna Rose MarieLol❤❤1 week ago

Stuart LloydYOWZA....! ;-)1 week ago

Anthony KeithJajaja 😂 how many kids do you have Playboy1 week ago

Orlando Parker Jr.Will Jernigan, I want his eyebrows!!!!!! ;)4 days ago

Jeffrey ScottUh huh...7 days ago

Christian YoncourtMalade !4 hours ago

Huddy DW KellyYeah he sexy hands down1 week ago

Zachary HigginbothamWoof shoot that cream my may1 week ago

Scott GarverChild, I'll update your supports. LORDT.1 week ago

Jimm WiedemanOkay1 week ago

Carlos Escabedosmall ice cream cup1 week ago

Yandry AlvesRafaella Schumann Hassan Fares. Olha quem vem me esquentar hoje à noite...1 week ago

Alexandre FourquinChristian yoncourt7 days ago

Cy Halldem brows dough1 week ago

Ruksapanin BuabnaคันคะเยอมากSakai Ngoa Pa1 week ago

Alexandre FourquinChristian Yoncourt tu aime ?7 days ago

Alexander J. Osei-Boateng😂🔥💪🏾 Elâ Yasemin Elaine Wommack1 week ago

Giuseppe Rodrigues AlvesLuci Gomes de Oliveira Samanta Alves1 week ago

Tiago RezendeBreno Henrique Jerison DA Silva Costa1 week ago

Rodolfo OliveiraWesley P Lima Renan Camargo1 week ago

Alexandre FourquinMaxime Fqn Wilfried Mtg-Carter1 week ago


September 27th, 7:25 pm

Austin HottBesos1 week ago

Rick AmmonsLooking good there guy! ;-)1 week ago

Ichabod StitchXoxo... *gives caz a backrub*1 week ago

Lamar LatrellOh god, the t-shirt1 week ago

Gary OrtegaMaken' your whores moan r u???1 week ago

Andrew CarterSide eye shade1 week ago

Jt AmayaU make me moan. Wait. Too soon?1 week ago

David ZizicHe cute1 week ago

Stephen AndrewsSide eye ;-)1 week ago

Juan Fra M CHormones 😏😏1 week ago

Villarreal GonzalezYummY!!!!1 week ago

Henry Rolando CpMuy guapo 😎✌🏼️1 week ago

Andrew LarcheLooking hot bud1 week ago

Chris KwitkowskiHow do you make a hormone? Don't pay her!1 week ago

Sec CastellanosLindo hombre1 week ago

Sec CastellanosMmuuuaaaa1 week ago

Adryan SantosJust so in love with this Artist of a man1 week ago

Derek ScottMy selfie king 😉1 week ago

Sevyn Hevenstill lookin hot :)1 week ago

Daniel DazzaedtHi guys I'm a new artist of music indie alternative please listen this song & if like u give it like por share ,really it means a lot to me,thanks brothers n sisters https://m.youtube.com/watch/…1 week ago

Oh ya know, just shootin another video in my apartment with @bobbottlenyc and @beefydork21 and YES of course he's in @icecreamtruckunderwear #¡SPICY!

September 26th, 11:45 pm

Mike PowersYeah, I couldn't be with that guy in my apartment, with him dressed like that and nothing going down... Just saying. ;)1 week ago

Steve CastroWhat an awesome pick up line!!! "Hey wanna come over? I'm filming a video!"1 week ago

Luciano EsbrantinoAh que boy é esse <31 week ago

Christopher ArmbrustFuck dude1 week ago

Lacy MooreI say ice cream sandwich would be awesome!1 week ago

Vinny C. ApollinarieQue deliciaaas😍💜1 week ago

عبدالرحمن المدنيNice sexy wow1 week ago

Jonathan WrightI got a ice cream truck load for ya.1 week ago

Alex EsparzaWuau que lindo underwear del amigo...y tu caz cuando en esos modelitos?1 week ago

Ross BurtonWere you at my house?1 week ago

John C SpicolaWoof!1 week ago

Kip FrugéLove him1 week ago

Ramon Zumba ZinNo me :/1 week ago

Donald Moorei watched this photo shoot on Parascope yesterday the guys was very good looking in it1 week ago

Derik BetsuieCan you do a video for "Don't Get It Twisted". Love that one.1 week ago

Royce TeMar Rainey❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love u!!!!!1 week ago

Erick ChinchillaSergio el se me parecio a su amigo. Mauro creo que se llama :)1 week ago

Joe Garcialol u guys r funny!1 week ago

Rick MoharCasting couch first😛1 week ago

Enmanuel DavidMe Encantan..!!1 week ago

David Nova Pavez😋😋😋😋😘😘😘😘 yeeaaa1 week ago

Ivan PedrozaGift me a pack @Cazwell1 week ago

Frederic Prevotmignon vous 21 week ago

John Macdonaldhes behind you......1 week ago

Carlos EscabedoI need the fan1 week ago


September 26th, 8:00 pm

Frankie BlackIs that a pregnancy test in your mouth?1 week ago

Chris Avery BennetI literally had to stare stare at this longer than I needed to because I thought you had a pregnancy test in your mouth.1 week ago

Marvin B Edmistonyou don't look too hard... 2 b fresh ;-)1 week ago

Edward ParrishLooking good friend1 week ago

Henry CoelhoGimme!1 week ago

Johan PeluchonWhouaaa 😘😘😘1 week ago

Jonathan WrightI'm hard from you being so fresh.1 week ago

Daniel WoodruffYou were in my dream last night. You were a robot...1 week ago

Gil BertHot love those eyes1 week ago

Patrick J. McDonnellSo jealous of that toothbrush right now!♡ sexy f'er1 week ago

Dale TurbyfillGet that pregnancy test out yo mouth1 week ago

Bryan O. Mc-koyCazwell, marry me!1 week ago

Darnell ChristianSTUD!!!1 week ago

Hector Antonio Rodriguez Favelake guapo papi1 week ago

Franky HRPlease please contact me!1 week ago

William Joseph HarrisOral B & optic w1 week ago

Joe StellaHard1 week ago

Rio SaYum1 week ago

Orlando Landa UrcinoAlways sexy1 week ago

Austin Hott1 week ago

Carlos Escabedofresh, fresh, too clean1 week ago

Misho Neev,,,,,😆😆1 week ago

Daavideau Reveler❤️💕❤️💕❤️😍1 week ago

Daniel ChicaBrushing is important but don't skip meals they are hygienic as well let's have a motherfcking kiki1 week ago

Jantzen HubbardCaz, get some @theodent, bruh.1 week ago

Opened the vault.

September 26th, 3:52 pm

Jonathan WrightMy vault is waiting for you to occupy it.1 week ago

Robert Edward WikeYou are absolutely gorgeous.1 week ago

Misho NeevMorning time is for getting 😆1 week ago

Lucas Baptistestay! stay! I will kiss your mouth 😍😏1 week ago

Arik RangelYeasssss! I liveeee! I love to stone my stuff! Need anything stoned let me know!1 week ago

Jonathan B KnoxDope hat.1 week ago

Roberto Rosales Cortezmi amor! <31 week ago

Ryan Shervingtonthose lips!1 week ago

Ian ChristopherMay we be shut back in together? ;-)1 week ago

Andrés RecaldeMeet me at the ice cream shop! :P1 week ago

Ad EnríquezWant ur hat1 week ago

Jerray JohnsonThat hat is EVERYTHING!1 week ago

Dale TurbyfillLoving the hat1 week ago

Victor A. RoldanI have always loved yoyr lips1 week ago

Arnoldo Hdez Floresx neta1 week ago

Michael McNeelyWoof Woof!1 week ago

Michael Felipe MitchellIs open1 week ago

Daniel ChicaWww.Madonna.com house of Madonna1 week ago

Derek ScottGot a sudden taste for rice and beans 💋1 week ago

William AdamsHot.1 week ago

Jose Ruben Reyes Jr.Damn1 week ago

Greg Etxebarria;)1 week ago

Daniel DazzaedtHi guys I'm a new artist of music indie alternative please listen this song & if like u give it like por share ,really it means a lot to me,thanks brothers n sisters https://m.youtube.com/watch/…1 week ago

Shiloh DitzerYas!1 week ago

Stanley J. Pollard Jr.Nice1 week ago


September 25th, 4:42 pm

Junior BishopQueens is the place!1 week ago

Daveo FalaveoSEXY!1 week ago

Austin HottLove you boi1 week ago

Thomas N. Bracknell-HumphreyYou called?1 week ago

Robert Edward WikeHello handsome. Great picture!1 week ago

Edward ParrishLooking good buddu1 week ago

Corry BrooksTop of the morning! ;)1 week ago

Alex MartinBtw, there's a tradition where you can trade your hat with the pope's you should go try while he's there ;)1 week ago

Pancho HernandezWhere's the smile1 week ago

Andy LamaYes, darling?1 week ago

Dolph PunOK. But where are you? :)1 week ago

Dustin HoyeYahh nigga1 week ago

William DomeGood morning sexy!!!1 week ago

Adam MillerSmile sexy1 week ago

Jamiee Lee Maug❤️💜💚💙💛1 week ago

Rio SaGod I miss NY1 week ago

Ty MastersDAYUM! You so Fine I had ta slap m'self!1 week ago

Anton Bidus...in more ways than one 😉1 week ago

Regi TellesCazwel l<31 week ago

Vinícius Leonardo Capato NogueiraI see only A Queen <31 week ago

Cory BargerWhat did you call me?? LOL!! Much love Caz!1 week ago

Idriss Achcazwell i love your song, you are the best artist!!!!!! i leave in france1 week ago

Carlos Escabedowhere?1 week ago

Misho Neev😆😆😆1 week ago

Keith HixonMissed you're show in cali when you coming down south?1 week ago

Tonight!! DOTHERIGHTTHING!! @ritznewyork with @peppermint247 on the mic special performance by TBOY and beats by yours truly pic @bobbottlenyc

September 24th, 8:55 pm

Adam Rosenbergyoul ook good in all white2 weeks ago

Jose Esteban Martinez-ParamoLOVE IT!!!!!7 days ago

Toni Alix F. VollmerYou're so hot, bro....1 week ago

Jonathan WrightI say you do the right thing by going out on a date with moi and making me feel blessed by your presence.2 weeks ago

MaryJane GreenAmen2 weeks ago

Daniel ChicaWhat is the address2 weeks ago


September 24th, 3:44 pm

Robert Edward WikeI love those sexy eyes.1 week ago

Ross Burton;) :*2 weeks ago

Tiago AlmeidaHot massive t-shirt2 weeks ago

Good morning everybody. I'm tryinta stay balanced today.

September 24th, 1:56 pm

Misho NeevMorning happy and successful day 🌞2 weeks ago

Jeremy MacKenzieGood morning Cazwell.2 weeks ago

Derek ScottLmao at "tryinta" first of all. Secondly good morning/afternoon to you too. Keep putting out the great music and being yourself I love you Cazzie 😘2 weeks ago

Andrew BraunekerY U feel unbalanced?2 weeks ago

Austin HottHi CaZ, sexy man xo2 weeks ago

Maurilio Correia2 weeks ago

MaryJane GreenGood morning PaPi2 weeks ago

David Gravesyou need some art on those walls ;)2 weeks ago

David W Simsif you ever need help with your...balance!!1 week ago

Ichabod StitchI really want to lick your nipples, man.2 weeks ago

Calvin RobbinsYou don't look balanced, but you do look hot. Great consolation prize😁👏👍2 weeks ago

Sean NolanI could shoot that off your head without bow or gun, stud!2 weeks ago

Corry BrooksGood morning!! It appears you are balancing fairly well.2 weeks ago

Eric EngelbrechtYour nipples look fantastic today. 😉2 weeks ago

Michael Jonathan Silvola😍😍😍😍😍😍 cazwell I love you2 weeks ago

Bradshaw-Haines InfinitiGood morning 😊2 weeks ago

Juan Fra M C😍😍😍😍😍🙈🙈🙈🙈😘🙊1 week ago

David ZizicHe cute2 weeks ago

Azar MoosaSoooo hot!!!2 weeks ago

Renato Nascimentolindo!!!2 weeks ago

Jhonny BIbien cazwell saludos desde peru cuando nos visitas ?? :31 week ago

Djee LowGood morning Guillaume Tell :)2 weeks ago

Dirceu GomesLindo de mais!! Amoo :32 weeks ago

Greg WrightThat's apple-ing...2 weeks ago

Hector Antonio Rodriguez Favelake gupo2 weeks ago

CAZWELL added a new photo.

September 24th, 2:32 am

Ian ChristopherHusband.2 weeks ago

Luiz TavaresLindo ! 😍😘💀2 weeks ago

Paris Taylor Van-Cartierim in love! lol2 weeks ago

Aron Arellano#NoSelfieControl2 weeks ago

John C Spicolalove you and your videos and music2 weeks ago

Robert Edward WikeOh sweet lord I'm in love!!! If there are any guys on facebook that look like this hit me up for a friends request!2 weeks ago

Misho NeevAs always great2 weeks ago

Lucas Baptisteque delicia de homem 😍2 weeks ago

Peter PrincePost the rest of the pic,please2 weeks ago

Henry CoelhoGIMME!2 weeks ago

Hector MerlyMay I please sit on your lap!2 weeks ago

Albertho Barrienthos#ILOVEYOU2 weeks ago

Gary AdamsInsomnia again?2 weeks ago

David ZizicHe cute2 weeks ago

Rubin HolleyI met him at an ice cream truck!2 weeks ago

Stephen CostelloWhat could I say that someone else has not said already below!!!!2 weeks ago

Kevin BurtonCuddleble2 weeks ago

Karlos RoselliRicooo2 weeks ago

Chris Art GonzalezYum. Very sexy. 😍👅💦2 weeks ago

Brent LuschCum 2 Palm Springs!2 weeks ago

Jimm WiedemanSexy2 weeks ago

Bear JimHOT HOT HOT2 weeks ago

Keith HixonMissed you2 weeks ago

Joe StellaLower2 weeks ago

Travis HulbergFucken Ehhhh.... Hot new pic....2 weeks ago

Happy Birthday @jonnymakeup !!!! Love you MEAN IT!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

September 21st, 8:27 pm

Jeff JonesJohnny Makeup is looking really hot these days. Yumsauce.2 weeks ago

Roberto Rosales Cortez<32 weeks ago

The I can't sleep for shit selfie.

September 21st, 9:19 am

Ramon JacksonYou mean the "still pretty when I'm tired" selfie. Ole pretty bitch.......lol2 weeks ago

Bill MichelSleep is for bitches! LOL!2 weeks ago

Roberto RmThen I just cannot sleep.2 weeks ago

Jonathan WrightBecause you need a cuddle buddy. I'm cuddly as fuck. Let's make it work.2 weeks ago

Aslam Clark30 hours and counting2 weeks ago

Mons FloenThis is Jackie Collins2 weeks ago

Roberto RmDreaming with some cool biscuits.2 weeks ago

Kevin Sean😍2 weeks ago

Lacy MooreI had that last night too. Major suckage! And not the good kind.2 weeks ago

MaryJane GreenWanna cuddle2 weeks ago

Ted BennettI could fix that!2 weeks ago

Johns TompkinsI'm with you Caz. Ugh2 weeks ago

Lou CrossA good jerking off releases all kinds of sleeping hormones, hennie... HELP IS A PM AWAY! ; ) ♡ ♡ ♡2 weeks ago

Alvaro SolanoUhyyy papi2 weeks ago

Jerome Cookhugs...2 weeks ago

Isaac GarberEu poderia estar te nanando gostoso!2 weeks ago

Alexander Mejia-Monsalve SepulvedaI wanna lick those baby Nipples!Yessssssssss!!!2 weeks ago

Chris JayOn those nights go work out. Or pop a Xanax. Lol2 weeks ago

Pancho HernandezWhere is the smile2 weeks ago

Oscar PerezMe neither2 weeks ago

Ray VillarrealNightmares too?2 weeks ago

Warren Bennetthi cutie2 weeks ago

Ori SilvaI would put you to sleep on my arms2 weeks ago

Jeff Jonesstill fine as all hell though2 weeks ago

Jason Lee FogelstromGet stonned ya silly2 weeks ago

@novidagahd @andygeezus get yours! Link in Bio

September 18th, 7:09 am

Kevin Dillwaitin for that eclipse doin drty werk7 days ago

Sad gym face.

September 17th, 9:35 pm

Jonathan WrightSad because I'm not there working you out.3 weeks ago

Brian GermannDoesn't look sad to me. Those eyes!3 weeks ago

RJ StoneHot Gym Body though!3 weeks ago

David BerryStill no selfie control. ;)3 weeks ago

John Macdonaldhello gorgeous xx3 weeks ago

Bear JimGorgeous3 weeks ago

Isaac GarberTão te machucando? Ta com o rostinho tão triste!3 weeks ago

James Martineznice eyes!2 weeks ago

Jt AmayaPs i love ur last album. Dance like u got good credit is my favorite. And hella funny3 weeks ago

Jt AmayaFu** that. You r hot as hell3 weeks ago

James ChouSMILE~~~😊😊😊3 weeks ago

B. Truman BurkeI fall in love every time I see that face2 weeks ago

Alexander Mejia-Monsalve SepulvedaI adore you baby face!3 weeks ago

Kelley AlveyCheck out those beautiful blue soul windows..3 weeks ago

Rick MoharJust do sit ups with a friend. Lay on your back with your heels near your bum. Have a naked man of your choice sit on your knees nude and hard, each time you come up you get a treat. Whoever cums first the workout is over, then the real fun begins 😛🐷3 weeks ago

Jsin JonsinBeautifully Sad3 weeks ago

David BurnellWe could put a smile on that face Pup!3 weeks ago

Aldahir MinodraBeautiful eyes!3 weeks ago

Juan Fra M CPlz!!!! :(3 weeks ago

Mario Medina#BlueEyes *_*3 weeks ago

Joe RyneerHey blue eyes3 weeks ago

Rikardo ConssaCurto muito3 weeks ago

Lupe UnbotheredMmmm awwww it will be ok. 😊3 weeks ago

Stephen AndrewsWant me to kiss it and make it feel better? :-P3 weeks ago

Riley JamesSexy sad beard.3 weeks ago


September 17th, 2:32 pm

Jonathan WrightLooking fierce. You look good too, Cazwell.3 weeks ago

Alexis QuintanillaI love you3 weeks ago

N Deshawn MatosSweet3 weeks ago

Stef Gøfor your beauty-dog : www.madeindog.com3 weeks ago

Ryan LuceI wonder what a collaboration would be like between you and Mariah Carey ;) maybe another touch my body moment...3 weeks ago

Dilenko van Kootencute😙3 weeks ago

Kačulka ChroustováChihuahua ! :D :*3 weeks ago

Aguinaldo Floresdog=cute cazwell+ cute =hot cat hahaha3 weeks ago

Willem VanhoutteLooking good as always3 weeks ago

Felippe De Mambrowhats the name of your dog ? *-*3 weeks ago

Moe GarzaCazwell meet me at the ice cream truck! ;)2 weeks ago

Harold PerryPls keep smile. I'm sure u look hot and nice eyes.3 weeks ago

Jon ClantonElvis is looking good this morning 😉3 weeks ago

Derek ScottRecently became a fan of yours. I think you are great ! When are you coming back to Atlanta?3 weeks ago

Daimond LeloLiek3 weeks ago

Ichabod StitchHeres my little guy...3 weeks ago

Rohail Asifi got no selfie control! 😹😘3 weeks ago

Sean Patrick😈3 weeks ago

Misho NeevMorning you are very beautiful 😃3 weeks ago

Azar MoosaHot!2 weeks ago

Joee Pineda3 weeks ago

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