NEW VIDEO!!! directed by Athena Maroulis feat. Cherie Lily @bigdipper and Bianca Del Rio "DANCE LIKE YOU GOT GOOD CREDIT" out on Peace Bisquit records!!!! single is free when you pre order my album HARD 2 B FRESH on itunes now. :) hope you enjoy! xxx caz https://youtube.com/watch/…

Directed by Athena Maroulis Guest Appearances by Big Dipper & Bianca Del Rio Off the album “Hard 2 B Fresh” on Peace Bisquit Music Produced by Richie Beretta...

September 17th, 9:41 pm

Tristan LetitgoAwesome video!6 hours ago

Gavin HillCazwell videos always make me want to go hard at the gym !6 hours ago

Cheo Handlondigging it!6 hours ago

Vincent ForsythTypo! GOOD CREDIT!6 hours ago

Chad HendersonGrilled cheese and tomato soup! ❤️❤️❤️ And...Bianca del Rio!? I love it. 😳👍6 hours ago

Brian Deenthat The Bianca Del Rio?5 hours ago

Gui Leitevery nice video, but weak music...5 hours ago

Marco GalliLove5 hours ago

Michael AllanBface Bia this song makes me think of you5 hours ago

Milton McLellan Jr👍👍5 hours ago

Luis G. Gonzalez-CastroClassic Caz5 hours ago

Tayda Lebonyaassss!!!!! lol!!! <3 <3 dooppe!!!3 hours ago

Leslie Deepthat was really good... reminds me of Mickey Avalon but my fav is still ice cream truck2 hours ago


September 15th, 12:50 pm

Junior SnowT-shirt OMG2 days ago

Mark Elliott Rieraluv christeene2 days ago

Last night at @stargayzerfest @jd_samson ❤️

September 15th, 12:30 pm

Alexander Mejia-Monsalve SepulvedaLove that Gerber face!3 days ago

Yeyo LmJD Samson from Le Tigre????3 days ago

Travis Ryan McMurraySexy!!3 days ago

Ricardo Rivera#EsaBocaLinda3 days ago

Miguel Aguirrehermoso,sexy y atrevido me encanta.3 days ago

Alex MendezRarrrrr he is so cute ..!!!2 days ago

Viktor LunaLoved seeing you at the Ritz! xx V2 days ago

Matt Ryanzi wanna get in the middle CAZWELL! :)2 days ago

Andrea CannizzaroU r so hot2 days ago

You got BLOCKED bitch!!! This is my favorite track off the new album!! "I BLOCKED YOUR NUMBER" Take a listen! Pre-order on iTunes now and get my new single FREE!!! On @peacebisquit Records!! LINK IN BIO!!! ☎️

September 11th, 9:31 pm

Garreth KentThank the gaylord for Dead 2 Me and Mr. Number apps!6 days ago

KeNeely Mac No'haraO.M.G. Please leak the album already!6 days ago

John MurphyI preordered already :-)6 days ago

REllis JamesEvery album/song you make sounds better than the last.6 days ago

Tony BakerYaassss!!!!6 days ago

Maria BrownSounds dope!! I've had to block lots of people before....6 days ago

Michael CallWhat iPhone 5 wouldn't be complete without a battery case!6 days ago

William GilbertI'm loving this #blocked #cazwell6 days ago

Darrin FerrisAwesome6 days ago

Eddie Fields;-)6 days ago

Eric Been PelleritiI want the album. :(6 days ago

Miguel Angel Walker CarrionJust pre order it!!!6 days ago

Steve FortinOh for F sakes how there are people i wish it would play to when they call me after ive blocked 'em. Haha but peace from the silence of having them blocked is an orgasm enough for me.6 days ago

Raphael OlegarioI like the premise of this song! Haha I'm with Steve for tin in this one! I can think of a good number of former friends this sing applies to ;-)6 days ago

Cooper CoopersmithSexxy beast!6 days ago

Buddy Gary OlsonLove it6 days ago

Charlie McBrideDumb6 days ago

Taemin ParkWow love it!!!!!5 days ago

Xavier GoyaBoy💍5 days ago

Chip Chop JohnnyServin beard n lips!!!! Niiiiice! Beard burn never sounded so good!4 days ago

Tayda Lebonso close to my reality haha!2 days ago

I BLOCKED YOUR NUMBER snippet is here! Who do you have #blocked?? #hard2bfresh PRE-ORDER MY ALBUM AND GET "DANCE LIKE YOU GET GOOD CREDIT" AUTOMATICALLY! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/…

Cazwell - I Blocked Your Number Pre-order the album September 9 - September 30 and get an automatic download of "Dance Like You Got Good Credit!" PRE-ORDER L...

September 11th, 3:42 pm

Carla Delirium AustinA self righteous tool who I fell for foolishly !6 days ago

Jase RoeI should block my ex6 days ago

Milton McLellan JrI blocked my psycho ex boyfriend!6 days ago

Efraín Juárezcan't wait to make it a ringtone!!6 days ago

Stephen Curiel0:16. What a tease.6 days ago

Robert Anthony FrancoI wanna hoochie dance in yo next video boo!!!5 days ago


September 10th, 2:12 am

Arturo Osunai want but don't have money :(((1 week ago

Arturo Osunayour new cd1 week ago

Randay RoopnarineCongratulations! Don't you owe us something else though that you said on Twitter haha! :P1 week ago

Cristiano PereiraI'm waiting for that1 week ago

Jeff Freebernpic please1 week ago

Brittany GillaspieThis might sound really stupid but, I don't use iTunes....you'll have a physical cd release, won't you?1 week ago

Oliver OttWe want that dick pic 😉1 week ago

Paul Hudson Jr.Dick pic :D lol1 week ago

Rick PulidoI'm buying mine tonight!!!1 week ago

Renee Dizzy MoralesI mean...duh1 week ago

Luis Omar RamosI preordered it already! 😘 #lovemesomecazwell1 week ago

Paul Wassonwhere dat dick pic tho.1 week ago

Willie Happy HesterAgain!!!! The dick pic, where is it.?1 week ago

Walter L. HillTime for the pic1 week ago

MarcAnthony OuckamaI pre-ordered that shit--where dat pic at, playa??? ;-)1 week ago

Robi GuillenUhhhhhhhmmmmmm......I feel like U said: "Top Ten = D-pic"......1 week ago

Marco Minaj TerrasiLove it!1 week ago

Efrain Perez CintronDick pic!1 week ago

Rusty AkeDick pic please! :)1 week ago

Tayda Lebonhahahah!!! cool!! im just reading the comments hahah hey! your doomed lol!1 week ago

Ruben BermudezYo Cazwell check this out lmfao https://m.facebook.com/story.php/…7 days ago

James RichYeah people are gonna be so mad if you don't come thru lol6 days ago

CAZWELL updated their cover photo.

September 10th, 1:57 am

Martin St MartinSEXY!1 week ago

Chad GarmanGood pic babe1 week ago

Joshua LearI can dig it.1 week ago

Jorge RivasGuaooooo.....1 week ago

Randolph ScottHello bodyguard for hire1 week ago

Dante JonesYum!!!1 week ago

13 steps away from being #1!! Pre-order my album and get my new single "Dance Like You Got Good Credit" FREE!!! LINK IN MY BIO!!

September 10th, 1:31 am

CAZWELLhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/…1 week ago

Ribeiro Dos Santoswho was the photographer1 week ago

Shaun EdwardsDONE..WOts ya Pin code Daddy..:-01 week ago

Sidney Daher Moisés Filhoyeah who was the photographer - reminds me a bit of lachapelle satyrical kitsch[ness]1 week ago

Jay JohnsonThat's what's up1 week ago

Roly VentoLove the track!1 week ago

N Deshawn MatosCongrats...the track is phat1 week ago

Juha SoininenWTF man no cd,...youre dead to me!1 week ago

Jerrod GaudianAlright!!! I shall do so! Have been psyched for all this!1 week ago

CAZWELL's new album "Hard 2 B Fresh" which has already jumped up to #16 (!) on I-Tunes features the divine Miss Cherie Lily Purchase an advance copy and get their new single "Dance Like You Got Good Credit" FREE !!! Co-written with Big Dipper !!! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/… It's Peace Bisquit

September 10th, 1:11 am

CAZWELLUp to #16!!!1 week ago

Kimberly Lawler MarinoYou look so pretty!!!1 week ago

Mark FrazerLove the look!6 days ago

I don't know if y'all heard but.... Link in my bio.

September 9th, 11:24 pm

Randall Adam HinojosaNo you won't!!!1 week ago

Bambo LinoL♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡L1 week ago

Jordan WestallYeah right 1 week ago

Harley MersonOMFG GET ON THAT GUYS!!!1 week ago

Meeshu BonoI am from the Show Me State. I see the cock, I buy the album1 week ago

Gianni Cedarbladewill it be yours?1 week ago

Dynasty HernandezLord....dick pic.lmao...lol1 week ago

Dynasty HernandezLets see inbox with it first lol...lol1 week ago

Corey O'ConnorHaha1 week ago

Paul Hudson Jr.That'd be great1 week ago

Jeremy ShellYou didn't say YOUR dick pic hahahaha1 week ago

Robi GuillenSounds like a *HARD SELL* !!!LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!1 week ago

Ramon RiveraJust what we been holding our breath for. Please fade away gracefully!1 week ago

John CloughI can't mutha fucking preorder this - I need it in my life NOW!!!1 week ago

Ori BaliceCan't wait he's awesome!1 week ago

Travis Ryan McMurrayOh my!1 week ago

Scott Gary MajorDick pic or not that album has been pre-ordered!! Can. Not. Wait!1 week ago

Miguel Angel TorresYour desperate1 week ago

Carter McCallisterYAAASSSS!!!! :P1 week ago

Shawn SmithThat's one way to get top ten! 😜1 week ago

Bobert GrayYou are top ten now. Wheres our dick pic.1 week ago

Chi Chi AndasolaI see no link...1 week ago

Tiago OzzA pick with your Dick???? OMG. I'll buy to jerk listening your song :)1 week ago

William Joseph Harris II🙌🙇1 week ago

Joseph AufenthieYou said you'll post a dick pic...you didn't say if the dick was yours!! Sneaky sneaky!!1 week ago

The DOPESTFRESHESTSICCCKESTMOSTGNARLEY ALBUM IF THE YEAR IS OUT YALL!!! If you don't believe me, go to ITunes for a taste PreOrder the album now and get my new single " Dance Like You Got Good Credit" FREE!! YeahIsaidit!! FREE!!! 17 TRACKS 6 VIDEOS ALBUM ART AND LYRICS FRENCH KISSES FROM ME ONLY 11.99 !!! Only on @peacebisquit records! LINK IN MY BIO!!!!!

September 9th, 11:20 pm

Craig ErvinThose eyes ... hypnotized! Must buy album... ;)1 week ago

Douglas BarbosaCome to Brazil1 week ago

Tony BakerLuv it!!!1 week ago

Ynot ROxfordU r beautiful1 week ago

Ron WashingtonSo sexy. I'm sold on the album1 week ago

Joey P ScalzoWill there be a physical CD release?1 week ago

Bill MichelThat siren is #HOT! :)1 week ago

Micheal HoniousSo Handsome...1 week ago

Durrell Karma DallasYasss1 week ago

Milton McLellan JrGot it!!1 week ago

CAZWELLLink : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/…1 week ago

Milton McLellan Jr👍👍🌹1 week ago

Erich von Metzger100% preordered.1 week ago

Will Chanis it wrong to say I wanna have sex with you caz? : /1 week ago

Allen KakozSo sexy1 week ago

Tyler WilliamsTime to #share! I feel spoiled by yur hits already 1 week ago

Jean BuenoS21 week ago

Kandy CayneCAN I PLZ BE IN THIS VIDEO!! ♡u1 week ago

Gian FarroOh my gosh, THOSE EYES!!! CAZWELL1 week ago

Remeice EllisI just get excited, you know what I mean?1 week ago

Red Pazuzuis that the back of the N train?1 week ago

Reggie SheltonYour so cute but did you say butter on a biscuit I can't I'm sorry -_-1 week ago

Eryn FoessettWalking sex xoxox1 week ago

Jorge ZerpaHot guy!!!!!1 week ago

Michael Gastrini lov u Caz'1 week ago

THANK YOU!!! CAZWELL's "Hard 2 B Fresh" album is already #28 (!!!) on I-Tunes Dance Chart. Our first day of Pre-Release!!! Let's go Top 10 before Release Date September 30!!! Receive free download of "Dance Like You Got Good Credit" https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/… Cherie Lily Richie Beretta Naaldekoker Nicky Da B Dai Burger Peaches Manila Luzon Luciana Alyssa Edwards Fagault & Marina DIZZY BELL Support Independent Music! It's a Peace Bisquit Release.

September 9th, 10:20 pm

Terance HealyNICE.1 week ago

Po Con BotasBought it already :)1 week ago

Chris Millerfantastic! up there with the other heavy hitters.1 week ago

CAZWELLUh - TOP 20!!! It's Hard 2 B Fresh!!1 week ago

Terance HealyNow you just braggin'1 week ago

Efren SottoMmmmm...present release..hmmm1 week ago

Lino A. López SarmientoUr welcome 😉1 week ago


September 9th, 10:07 pm

Nick PapatonisDA BISCUIT?1 week ago

Art by Dallas Lyn MillerYES!1 week ago

Kirk MontrealerGonna wait and download it for free from some site :-) :-) ;-)1 week ago

Eric WalbeekNo physical release?1 week ago

MrDanny SotoMichael Thor Harms Derek Dryad Scott Holmes1 week ago

Bowery Counterfeit<3 <31 week ago

Joshua Edward SSo hot!!!1 week ago

Chip Anthony Seagle-CateI love this1 week ago

Jay Gamlindont tell me what to do.1 week ago

Jay Gamlinalso.. #legday1 week ago

Jay Gamlinbut i love you none the less..1 week ago

Mons FloenI will. But also, I already have good credit.1 week ago

Shawn SmithGot it and love it!!1 week ago

SO eff'n turned on right now!! Shirt @gaymanga

September 8th, 9:02 pm

Graham KolbeinsHot!! I'm wearing it today too! :D1 week ago

Michael Demarco Torres SampsonLove #love1 week ago

Dezydery KowalkowskiFits ya!1 week ago

Getulio ZagreuIn Brazil we could call it as "xuxu".1 week ago

Kyle Graybillwear can I find such shirt? I WANT ONE!1 week ago

Deluks J Sparxyes this shirt!.1 week ago

Nicola Andrea Di Giorgio:) :P :P1 week ago

Matt Ryanzdont get me excited now CAZWELL ;)1 week ago

Daniel NguyenBara would be a more appropriate term ;)1 week ago

Renan Sethhot1 week ago

Albert Ray D'OrazioWell what's up then papi?1 week ago

Kelly Aleksandra CevallosIm inlove with you cazwell1 week ago

Corey R AngelThought you were buying us ice-cream #rude! :)1 week ago

Dennis HenchenDang, that's hot no doubt!1 week ago

Jazz Maza MontecarloI wish can see you live :-(1 week ago

Ivan Visual KeyGengoroh Tagame?1 week ago

Tyler WilliamsDon't even get us started well drown u in mhm hentai lol 1 week ago

Dimas JimenezJiraiya draws the hottest guys. Dat shurt!1 week ago

Nich PatrickHot1 week ago

Garreth Kentwill there be Asians in your next videos?1 week ago

Shyanne O'Sheaare you in nyc ? i need to arrange a photoshoot1 week ago

Augusto KortrightLove the Tshirt1 week ago

Denny MannGreat pic1 week ago

Saka McDowellMikey we must obtain this shirt1 week ago

Selfie Game Advanced. #noselfiecontrol

September 8th, 8:04 pm

Lucas Pizzottigostoso1 week ago

Jay Ming SineDOGGGG1 week ago

Alexx CardOnaCAZWELL te amoooooooo <3 <3 <3 saludos desde venezuela1 week ago

Irlanda Anabel Vega Riveraway u so sexxxxxxxxxxxxy1 week ago

Hillary MansfieldSexy white boy1 week ago

Kyle Graybill<31 week ago

Jude SanchezProof you can be sexy!!1 week ago

Chris Minx KellyYour beautiful x1 week ago

Benjamin OwnbyOooooof too.handsome,!1 week ago

Ruben Bermudez💋😍😜😘1 week ago

Lucas RileyYUM!!!!!1 week ago

Nich PatrickHot1 week ago

Kevin Sean😱1 week ago

Schmoopee LakadokadishWtf is up with ur hand?1 week ago

Ray HeadLove u, Cazwell!1 week ago

Ebony StevensonSo, it a picture of someone taking a picture of you while you're taking a Selfie1 week ago

Anton CrossI love that!1 week ago

Matt Ryanzlooking good CAZWELL!! :)1 week ago

James Butchernice cazwell1 week ago

Doug CowboyBearSexy1 week ago

Michael Shawn Headleyhot as f*ck1 week ago

Timothy TrusterOh, it is all over your face. Good to know. ; )1 week ago

Nate WiswellThose EYES!1 week ago

Tayda Lebongrate selfie!!1 week ago

Cj HegartyGosh I wish my mate and I came to your Sunday sesh in Sydney for Mardi Gra. But still was good to get a pic with ya.1 week ago

Sometimes love just jumps right at you and licks you in the face.

September 8th, 4:13 pm

Camilo Garcialove u :D1 week ago

James RichSo cute lol1 week ago

Anthony MorganSo cute!!!!1 week ago

Franny Bonita*muah*1 week ago

Gabe GardnerAwwwww so cute!!!1 week ago

Steven Shayle RhodesMuah!!!1 week ago

Sebastian Charles Gabriel MazurekOh CAZWELL X1 week ago

Scott CulpFricken adorable!!1 week ago

Terrence Jemel TJ GreenAdorable and you are too ")1 week ago

Tommy Indy Terrorcute <31 week ago

Trevor RedwolfLOL! Aw ! That was cute! Little baby pup ! :D1 week ago

Erik-Charles BuchannonPresh.1 week ago

Michael BainXo1 week ago

Jason Paige Dumont<3 this <31 week ago

Nich PatrickHot1 week ago

Marc AnthonyAwww1 week ago

Jorge RivasConsentida....1 week ago

Red Pazuzuso handsome1 week ago

Tyler TrowbridgeLol! Yes 😘1 week ago

Alexandre MendesLHM!!!1 week ago

Samantha CarneiroSo Pretty 💟1 week ago

Nic PierceTroy N Welch IIIPrince Sean Butler hehehe1 week ago

Matthew Max OliverYes! ;)1 week ago

Jem Thanksemthat's your dog ?1 week ago

Bart CoatesMmmm maybe.1 week ago

Me And @bigandmilky_ at Gentlemens ClubHaus NYC

September 8th, 4:38 am

Grant ForemanYou both look sick. Hot as always Cazwell1 week ago

Kandy Warhol💋😘💋😘💋😘 1 week ago

Garreth Kentpretty1 week ago

Teteu AlcantaraMicha Luxuosa1 week ago

Sa ManThaomg chocolate milk1 week ago

MarcAnthony OuckamaOMG!! Hook-up, film it, and post a link!! PLEEEAAASEE!! :-D #MilkQueen + #Cazwell = #hotnessoverload :-O1 week ago

Alan VilaOmg!1 week ago

Haley Van HornJoe can you even handle this picture? I assume you're dead from the perfection.1 week ago

Dynasty Hernandez<3 Cazwell1 week ago

Bambo Lino♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡1 week ago

Range BaltazarHot boys1 week ago

Jeff ReysI have never felt greater envy. Of both of ya.1 week ago

Ondra Fukalook like a milk drag1 week ago

David DewerI love him!!1 week ago

Max Juniori <3 Miilk1 week ago

Isabella CristinaAi como e linduuu. <31 week ago

Michael MarottoMilk looks like Raven beat his face.. #dudelookslikearaven1 week ago

Welcome to New York!!! #nyc #REALNESS

September 8th, 3:27 am

Red Pazuzuoh cool i bet i dont live far from there1 week ago

Verga LianoSaludos desde colombia1 week ago

Michael Philip ChristianHilarious! Beats the crown heights "No shootings for ___ days" posters,1 week ago

Joshua Edward SFantastic!1 week ago

Baha YezgiI'm at Hell's Kitchen at Mama's Empanadas1 week ago

Piscina Huevonew york new york is a beautiful town1 week ago

Jessica FogelCourtney FlyingHigh lol1 week ago

William EdwardLmfao seriously?!1 week ago

William EdwardI feel so sheltered being from LA/MIA1 week ago

Sonya JohnstonSad... People can be so cruel. I would never steal from another.1 week ago

Scott MalaneyLmao1 week ago

Kristin KosiewiczSeattle is safe and comfortable ... No chain snatchers1 week ago

Shavon WhiteReal Shit Everything Is Lit 🔥 #NewYorkMinute1 week ago

Eric SiavichaySam Van Slooten1 week ago

Young StokesWow NYC transit is ratchet1 week ago

Allen JohnsonIt doesn't get more real than THAT!1 week ago

Jon BlakelyHa!1 week ago

Onike BrowneI laughed too hard 😂. "It's always chain snatching season." Too real.1 week ago

Risha AllureLol1 week ago

Ray Makau Gunzlol dam niggaz still snatching chains. Smh.1 week ago

Kingg Savageeregular shxt ^1 week ago

Roxanne Mullingsdwl1 week ago

Amada Rivero-AgüeroBraulio Rivero Agüero don't you miss New York sometimes1 week ago

Jonny NitroChanae Stlouis1 week ago

Amedee SanchezReynaldo Jose Delcid1 week ago

It's been a minute. #noselfiecontrol #nofilter

September 6th, 7:30 pm

Joe WhiteGreat pic!!2 weeks ago

Luiz TavaresLindo!2 weeks ago

Adam RhoadsI said, "GOT DAMN!"2 weeks ago

Jeff Freeberndon't wait so long for the next selfie2 weeks ago

Bryan ChestnuttI would lick you from head to toe-I have no selfie control2 weeks ago

René Noesgaard Myntmannice and relaxt2 weeks ago

Rodney Carl BoyersYUM!2 weeks ago

Robert GouletHAWT!2 weeks ago

Patryk Sebastian KNice :D2 weeks ago

Kyle GraybillSuch beautiful eyes!2 weeks ago

Joseph AufenthieIs there any part of cazwell that isn't hot??2 weeks ago

Emanuel SimiãoMarry Me <32 weeks ago

Jose Luis Balcazar CaamalMuah !!!2 weeks ago

Jose Luis Balcazar CaamalMy hamster !!!!2 weeks ago

Jason McDanielIf you have AppleCare they will replace those headphones CAZWELL2 weeks ago

Robi Guillen!!!MUUUUUAAAHHHHH!!!2 weeks ago

Andre Homs IIIOmg2 weeks ago

Tiago AlmeidaOooowwwwwww...2 weeks ago

Samm Velasco BarretoHermoso2 weeks ago

Samm Velasco Barreto<32 weeks ago

Osbert MaldonadoSexy, loves it!!2 weeks ago

Julius Anthony RubioWepa!!!2 weeks ago

Zach HigginbothamI know you dont respond to all this but I really love all your work ... your truly talented2 weeks ago

Tyler WilliamsAwe Elmer fudd cute haha2 weeks ago

Roberto Rosales Cortez<32 weeks ago

Countdown to September 30!!! Here's an exclusive preview for fans of "The Biscuit" with Naaldekoker As featured on CAZWELL's "Hard 2 B Fresh" !!! http://youtu.be/mLc9dCwLewI

Cazwell and Naaldeekoker - The Biscuit Pre-order the album September 9 - September 30 and get an automatic download of "Dance Like You Got Good Credit!" Plea...

September 5th, 4:06 pm

Foster JonesUGH the 30th is SO FAR AWAY.2 weeks ago

Renee Dizzy MoralesWoot! Can't wait!2 weeks ago

Zac TaquiniI need CAZWELL new music pleasee2 weeks ago

Cesar Cooper:O I already Lovit ! .2 weeks ago

Sidney Burgess Saliblove your music cazwell2 weeks ago

Drew O'BryanI want it all! Gimme gimme!2 weeks ago

Randy WatersMeet me at the ice cream truck!!!!!2 weeks ago

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