WORLD PREMIER !!! DANCE LIKE YOU GOT GOOD CREDIT!!!! https://soundcloud.com/cazwellnyc/…

Produced by: Richie Beretta and Cazwell Written by: Cazwell, Cherie Lily, Big Dipper, Bill Coleman, Raphael Aletti, Julien Aletti, and Richie Beretta Recorded at: Seven Sound

August 21st, 10:47 pm

Produced by: Richie Beretta and Cazwell Written by: Cazwell, Cherie Lily, Big Dipper, Bill Coleman, Raphael Aletti, Julien Aletti, and Richie Beretta Recorded at: Seven Sound

Michael Kyle ChicagomofoLove that song.. <346 minutes ago

Wm NoffsingerAnother gem from Cazwell!29 minutes ago

Gerald LongSo Good!! <3 hope ah new album is coming! (tho knocked out should have been a single/video;)24 minutes ago

Javi J CisneLike you got it yet this broke ass fine bitch living life full throttle 19 minutes ago

Matthew Williams🎶💛🎶💛🎶💛🎶19 minutes ago

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August 20th, 8:32 pm

Jimm WiedemanHot1 day ago

Edwin SchwabOh shit1 day ago

Paul AdkinsonJust ordered mine!1 day ago

Candy Andypretty coool!1 day ago

Jon ClantonHot model 😋1 day ago

Maria JuicyBstorm BrownI think it needs to be a little lower... ;) T Neverdinner Jacket1 day ago

T Neverdinner Jacketa Lot lower lol ☆1 day ago

Maria JuicyBstorm BrownRight lol1 day ago

Esteban Quesada UmañaI want one 😍1 day ago

Tayda Lebonyeessssss!!!!!1 day ago

Tayda Lebonmy fav part of the video!! lol1 day ago

Michael MartinezI solo need this in my life!1 day ago

Wild Barra Co.Bought! cant wait x23 hours ago

Jesse RamirezWant it! Need it!22 hours ago

Joseph DidonatoAwesome.20 hours ago

Billy FenimoreIt is very gay18 hours ago

Andy D GermanottaI'd rock it! But I am not paying for it!! Lol.14 hours ago

Leonard TyusHow much is it11 hours ago

Kemmle RhodesFUCKIN LOVE!11 hours ago

Mikhail Torich... James9 hours ago

صبي جديد الملاI LOVE U!7 hours ago

#icebucketchallenge #regram @andygeezus

August 20th, 8:08 pm

Bill Michel#OhSnap! (literally)1 day ago

Josh MuellerJust when I started getting tired of seeing all the ice bucket challenges, this is pretty funny.1 day ago

Manu FerreyraDark stuff .. But couldn't help but laugh .. :v1 day ago

Anne SoffeeToo soon.1 day ago

Christel Sundbergjahahaha1 day ago

Marwan Abu AwadRaya Frhat1 day ago

Felix Equality Rivera-PerezDayum! I love this! Preach it, Hottie Cazy!1 day ago

Aldo Gamboa1 day ago

Jordan Westall1 day ago

Natasha Louise DavidsonHorrible!1 day ago

Justin GrayOooooooh my god!1 day ago

June Lally-BarkerOn day release from the asylum then Cazwell? Sick.1 day ago

Abo SuhailMaha Momna1 day ago

David Michael MaineWrong on so many levels.1 day ago

Scott AndrewJonathan Saiz lol1 day ago

Andrea ChiplinAh no 😞1 day ago

Giovani AtêncioBest E-Va!1 day ago

Olga Cabrera GonzalezQue feo te quedo1 day ago

Jennifer Manningto soon???1 day ago

Derek JohnsonNot right1 day ago

Jay PitPeople think this is funny1 day ago

Oana Alexandra GalatanKarina Kurek1 day ago

Mathew TaylorOMG ! Lol1 day ago

Wadig HamzaSubmit your own videos and/or vote on other #icebucketchallenge videos @ www.icebucketchallenge.org - Part of all proceeds will go directly towards the ALS foundation.1 day ago

William MulkeyWay to soon1 day ago

Backstage at San Jose Pride @pridesv @kellymantle and Raven !! #aintnofilter

August 17th, 11:07 pm

Eduardo ScaffoBACONS <34 days ago

Lloyd A TracyMmm my bday is in 3 weeks and all i want for my bday is Cazwell and an ice cream truck4 days ago

Hugo AguirreYou are so handsome4 days ago

Jake JJawesome pic4 days ago

James Perfecto GarciaYassss @cazwell and @raven4 days ago

Justin LeeI live in Oakland 30 mins away ive always wanted to meet all 3 of you guys4 days ago

Nickolas LerouxBring to OTTAWA THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!4 days ago

Noemi Caro<34 days ago

Jérémy SzgRaven💖4 days ago

Cort SwensonYou are so fine.4 days ago

Ruben Angeleno CervantesI'm from SJ I wish I was there I'm sure you're going to turn it up4 days ago

Jesus TellezI like raven4 days ago

Chris GonzalezCazwell looks sexy 😉4 days ago

Jordan WestallWhen are we getting married? 4 days ago

Jr LinaresWow!!! Very sexy4 days ago

Maria JuicyBstorm BrownLets make it a foursome....including me!!4 days ago

Damian A. KanerI LOVE those glasses on you Kelly! Werk!!4 days ago

Stefan HarrisThe best Threesome ever4 days ago

John NathanAll that4 days ago

Edgar C Sanchi love cazwell4 days ago

Korben Dallas Lilu PatabumPero que es lo que tiene este hombre que con su ice cream truck me enamoro Yo Soy Loretta Martin4 days ago

Yo Soy Loretta MartinNo se quien es pero esta muy bueno!!!4 days ago

Anthony MilosSo hot!4 days ago

Mike DanticoDAMN Boy! It's Soooo easy to get lost in them eyes! :)4 days ago

Korben Dallas Lilu PatabumEs cazwell buscalo con esta cancion "ice cream truck" es muy notado con el mundo gay al igual que colton ford un veterano muy inclusive.....3 days ago

Happy Birthday Madonna!!! Da baddest bitch in the game.

August 16th, 12:36 pm

Diego OliveiraVraaaaaaaaaa que linda!5 days ago

Tony Delanopoor dog5 days ago

Valentina RecuperoDanila Finocchiaro5 days ago

Jon ClantonOMG, that is great, poor Elvis, how is your intern, and love the new song, have a great day 5 days ago

Angee England GentryHilarious!5 days ago

Chris BenitezEven Elvis is a fan!5 days ago

Karl LathamOh Damn@!5 days ago

Stephen RoysterMiguel Topete5 days ago

Stephen RoysterAntonio Samar Thomas5 days ago

Fer NanOMG...poor gogy... Lololo5 days ago

Alex TraynorLMAO!5 days ago

Troy TooleOh nice...is that an old pic of Madonna or a recent one?5 days ago

Eduardo BrunoLol5 days ago

Thijs van GelderPriceless :)5 days ago

Meeshu BonoTold you Madonna is a dog5 days ago

Brad Scott SmithLol5 days ago

D Rew HughesRich Mitch5 days ago

Bano RodriguezSissy that walk!5 days ago

Natasha Raye Langston ArtisLAWD! LMFBAO! 😂😂😂😂5 days ago

Mark D HurtePaul Paul W. Holland5 days ago

Cassiano Geraldo SlagboomThe Litle Lady Gaga!!😂5 days ago

Luis ParraMDA super happy birthday5 days ago

Ron Romijn de SnooFuck the haters! Happy birthday Madonna ☆ L☆ U ☆ V ☆ MADONNA5 days ago

Barbara MallaHahhaha love you xx5 days ago

NK EarleFookin amazin.5 days ago

Studio ready. Let's go. #iwokeuplikedis #noselfiecontrol

August 15th, 2:02 pm

Shane LearSexy6 days ago

Karl DonCarlo UfertLikedis :-)6 days ago

Jase RoeYour so damn hot...... damn....6 days ago

Yashien JohnsonKill it cazwell I want to go to the studio!!6 days ago

REllis JamesI don't know if I could handle a dude like you6 days ago

Joshua Colford#woof6 days ago

Stefan HarrisI am gagging6 days ago

Lucid Dreamsemotionally loving face.6 days ago

Franselmo JuniorAdorei a camisa.6 days ago

Steven WhiteGorgeous as fuck. But less duck face, it's not as flattering.6 days ago

Andrew RobinsonLove your shirt! Makes your eyes even sexier!6 days ago

Milton HolguinPapacito.!!!6 days ago

Joshua ColfordThis one made me grin6 days ago

Richard DuranGorgeous✨👌6 days ago

Sevyn HevenStill looking super hot ;)6 days ago

Queenie GaborThose lips !!6 days ago

David SantosGOOD DAY CAZ!6 days ago

Sajid SanchezWoof! Sexy6 days ago

Junior Snowse eu te pego de jeito vc vai ficar ate com as pernas bambas , eu sou louco por vc!6 days ago

Jon ClantonSo handsome 6 days ago

Bobby D'Angelo💦💦😎 "is it all over my face!"6 days ago

Jose Luis Balcazar CaamalJust I am in love with those eyes6 days ago

William Joseph Harris IIhttp://youtu.be/fyNuUbAnJJs6 days ago

Jhonny BIWaooo super coooolll ... muaaak !! ;)6 days ago

Simone Biondi❤️6 days ago

Mean morning workout. #nofilter #noselfiecontrol

August 14th, 1:14 pm

Danrlei SouzaWow!1 week ago

Joe BergessYou are there so early they haven't even turned the lights on yet.1 week ago

Louis N CullenBeautiful!!1 week ago

Maxwell Colme#BlueEyes #WhiteSkin love him1 week ago

Jeffrey VazquezA mean morning workout but killer blue eyes1 week ago

Edgar C Sanchsexy1 week ago

Chris ClayIce!1 week ago

Séamus Kiltinkel O'Ryanplease kiss me!1 week ago

Sinue Israel Gonzalez Sanchezthose eyes men!!! grrrrrrrr1 week ago

Travis Ryan McMurraySexy!1 week ago

Josué MedeirosWOW ! <31 week ago

Iris CarringtonMorning girlfriend ....lol1 week ago

Paulo Fugaoh, god!1 week ago

Andrew DaBombPerfect! <31 week ago

Marzio Siccardisexy1 week ago

Vincent John Kruiswykmmm.... Total bear.1 week ago

Chris Wilmoremean muggin'!1 week ago

Lewis Elliott IIDammmit baby blues!!!1 week ago

Matthew Thomasthe sexiest man I've ever seen. 1 week ago

Gerard SikoraSMUSH FACE....1 week ago

Bruno FillieuxWhaouuuu1 week ago

Peter GriggsWhat ?! How you doin1 week ago

Oscar R. VelázquezAmazing eyes 👀1 week ago

John John Dayz😍😍👍 Sexy!!1 week ago

Tiago AlmeidaBeautiful photo and light1 week ago

CAZWELL's "Do The Right Thing" Mid-Summer mix tape is HERE!!! Featured on The Future FM !!! https://facebook.com/thefuturefm/… http://thefuture.fm/mixes/46084/…

August 13th, 12:06 am

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Jonathan Saiz^^^true fan of CaZ1 day ago

Not exactly the 51rst st. Deli but she cute. #yellowknife

August 10th, 11:54 am

Dan RogersWhere are you?2 weeks ago

J David HarrisWhy are you soooo far north? I'm a Canadian and even I have never been up there! :P2 weeks ago

Jason PerrinoHe's here for Pride! Yay!2 weeks ago

Carlos Escabedofood is food and cheaper2 weeks ago

Fah MieWhy did u block mah twitter? Rude :'(2 weeks ago

Dave CurtisAlaska?!2 weeks ago

Danny CochraneHow did you get passed the forest fires lol2 weeks ago

Roberto Rosales Cortez<32 weeks ago

Chip Chop JohnnyServin duck realness!!!2 weeks ago

Christ Heaven*--* cazzzz :* so beautiful <32 weeks ago

Troe WilliamsWhat is life like being that damn hot and sexy2 weeks ago

Tasha AntoineCome to FSJ!!!2 weeks ago

Mike PowersYellowknife, Canada?2 weeks ago

Nathan Alexander"I'm from Brooklyn! I come up here and it's all trees n' shit"2 weeks ago

Paul WrightThose baby blues!2 weeks ago

Joshua ColfordThank u cazwell for making yellowknife pride epic!2 weeks ago

Stephen MayseI think you're the cute one :)2 weeks ago

Oscar Bernardo Villarthose lips!!!2 weeks ago

Getulio Zagreue esse biquinho? <31 week ago

Eddie ChaneloGod he's so Fuckn fine1 week ago

Ok. So Yellowknife has a polar bear in the baggage pick up. Fun!!

August 8th, 10:30 pm

Scott MalaneyShes giving me #felicia all over babe2 weeks ago

Henry CoelhoSo fuckin sexy!2 weeks ago

Gerald Longfkn Lips n Jaw! <32 weeks ago

Terry Olsonwhat are you doing so far north?2 weeks ago

Kief KadnikovWhat on earth brings you that far north?2 weeks ago

Ruben BermudezSexy2 weeks ago

Jeffrey J BrownYou have a bear ass on your head . . . something tells me it's not your first. :-)2 weeks ago

Jason PiascikThose lips !! 😍2 weeks ago

Chris CasazzaSo jealous!2 weeks ago

Tayda Lebonhahaha2 weeks ago

Robert Foster2 weeks ago

Victoria Sanchez MarroQuini love it cazwell2 weeks ago

N Deshawn MatosI just can't get over your lips...absolutely beautiful2 weeks ago

Edwin SchwabYo caz what is like up north it seem cold2 weeks ago

Terry Martin Jr.Don't look now but I think that polar bear is budding a rose! 🌹2 weeks ago

Carlos BragatiL2 weeks ago

Carlos BragatiLindo :-)2 weeks ago

Brad PottleWelcome to The Great White North.2 weeks ago

Chris BoodramCaz! Whatchoo doing in Yellowknife?? :)2 weeks ago

Rodrigo DazaYoure so handsom!! Love !from a chilean fan.2 weeks ago

Hector MerlyI would be all up on that bear ans on Chaz as well2 weeks ago

Heath WalkerCool.2 weeks ago

Scott CulpVery cool!! Where you performing in YZF? Hope the smoke is not too bad.2 weeks ago

Dave CurtisAre you coming to Alaska??? :o2 weeks ago

Franki MLuceroCheck out that ass! Lol2 weeks ago

Roberta Jungmann: Rapper CAZWELL libera o vídeo de "Sprung" SOURCE: http://robertajungmann.com.br/posts/ver/…

August 8th, 5:53 pm

Eduardo ScaffoWeb site from here in Brazil? OMG, this is amazing. Te amamos CAZWELL (We love you here CAZWELL) <32 weeks ago

Pierre Etcheberigarayhttps://facebook.com/pages/Cloches-Verres/…2 weeks ago

Durrell Karma DallasTrade2 weeks ago

Lukas MarroquimYeaaah! Brazil loves you <32 weeks ago

Do The Right Thing tonight. At @ritzbarlounge @peppermint247 @kingralphyofficial #NYC

August 7th, 6:30 pm

Josh ShawAlmost outta toilet paper ;)2 weeks ago

Mikey LikesItShoe fetish?2 weeks ago

John BakkenOh my god. SHOES.2 weeks ago

Luis M Roldan AponteBello te amo2 weeks ago

Eddie AlarconHi-top sneaker fetish ike me!2 weeks ago

Mark BurgettAre you huffing shoes again?2 weeks ago

Leandro BianoBrazil2 weeks ago

Dolph Pungoing Imelda Marcos on us?2 weeks ago

Mr-Houston Cypressalbo man!2 weeks ago

Jerry AutenSo sexy cazwell2 weeks ago

Torbjörn LandströmI'll be there. N.Y.C.!2 weeks ago

JohnnyMike RussoHot..... yet it must smell like feet in there2 weeks ago

Gia Rylie Imanif its his feet bring it on baby2 weeks ago

Rodrigo DamazioPerfeito!2 weeks ago

Alex HuntHey now..2 weeks ago

Pierre Etcheberigarayhttps://facebook.com/pages/Cloches-Verres/…2 weeks ago

Victoria Sanchez MarroQuin:o neon2 weeks ago

Victoria Sanchez MarroQuini love you cazwell2 weeks ago

William CruzFucking awesome pic effect!! Love it ❤️2 weeks ago

Evaine Li MeiStill looking gorge cazz5 days ago

Gay Times Magazine: CAZWELL SOURCE: http://gaytimes.co.uk/Interact/…

August 6th, 8:29 pm

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#SPRUNG art Installation I did with @jbghumanjr is out. Link in my bio.

August 6th, 1:09 am

Terance HealyCaz N Play?2 weeks ago

Kirk MontrealerI keep seeing Gumby ...(Google if you don't know what Gumby is..Gumby & Pokey) ;-) ...luv ya Caz2 weeks ago

Terance HealyA little green slab of clay...2 weeks ago

Fabrizio CruzBrilliant2 weeks ago

Brian JamesThis is fucking awesome! When are you coming back to Dall Ass? I did get to meet you once, off of OakLawn, came into my bar, CycloneAnaya's...will you marry me?! ;)2 weeks ago

Valentin Martinezlookalike2 weeks ago

William Joseph Harris II# Mephistopheles2 weeks ago

Nikolai Embrion PosuwalskaThis is some serious shizzle2 weeks ago

QueerMeUp: CAZWELLReleases video for his latest track “Sprung” featured on the much-anticipated album “Hard 2 B Fresh” SOURCE: http://queermeup.com/music-videos/…

August 5th, 5:19 pm

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Towleroad: CAZWELL's 'Sprung' Is An Acid Trip of Experimental Awesomeness - VIDEO SOURCE: http://towleroad.com/2014/08/…

August 5th, 5:08 pm

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World of Wonder Productions: BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW Watch: CAZWELL "Sprung" SOURCE: http://worldofwonder.net/brand-spankin-new-watch-c…

August 5th, 5:02 pm

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Next Magazine: Get "Sprung" For CAZWELL's Latest Single SOURCE: http://nextmagazine.com/content/…

August 5th, 4:45 pm

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