"...fresh, pressed and I don't give a f*ck…" with Richie Beretta http://youtu.be/qvZztEb59SI/…

Cazwell - Downtown Written by: Cazwell and Richie Beretta Recorded at: Seven Sound BUY ON ITUNES! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/…...

November 22nd, 7:01 am

Maxwell BehnkeFave!3 days ago

R Keith Beck17 Elvis's3 days ago

Daniel DalenaLove it. Nice meeting you last night :)2 days ago

CAZWELL updated their cover photo.

November 22nd, 5:58 am

Jose Luis Balcazar CaamalU were so cute!!!4 days ago

Roberto Rosales Cortez<3 amore4 days ago

Lino A. López Sarmiento❤️❤️❤️4 days ago

Eryn FoessettMy new pal!4 days ago

Jason JohnsonSmokin-H O T !4 days ago

Ángēl Gùðmündsdóttïr LûįsWOW SUPER LIKE3 days ago

Xavier LopezMeow!3 days ago

Travis Ryan McMurrayOriginal as always!3 days ago

Benjamin DowningI had a dream last night that Luke and I were still working at the Lobster Pot3 days ago

Chances OnyxGet Em CazDawg3 days ago

Paul Lekakis Fan Page#werk3 days ago

Lopez AnthonyLindo Papi3 days ago

Dusan-Jarco PetrovicYou need a good boyfriend...3 days ago

Shanyn Vieira<33 days ago

William LockwoodDon't we all?3 days ago

Jonathan BatailleSpin in a circle, throw your hands up, don't spill your drink2 days ago

CAZWELL changed their profile picture.

#hard2bfresh photo: Anthony Humphreys

November 22nd, 5:47 am

Thomas ChurchyardLove the cap bro ❤️👍4 days ago

Luisito Sosa😍4 days ago

Luis GrajedaCazwell #⃣1⃣4 days ago

Malik A BettonBeyoncé's hat lol4 days ago

Ruben MunguiaBEYONCÉ4 days ago

Anthony Mikeused to be hot but not so much anymore in my book4 days ago

Skylar LoraquetteGangsta. #hothomo4 days ago

Oda Mae BrownOmg... hyeeee4 days ago

Tim MardisYou4 days ago

Tony Fernández-ViñasIs that a Bucky Fuller cap?4 days ago

Baron Glamgod JRomance Blackwellomg I want that hat!4 days ago

James HobbsCazwell I have sexual crash on you4 days ago

Danny AngelFuk the Hat, u want to hang out when your in Austin after thanksgiving? PM me Please ;->4 days ago

Eliud BalderasDaniel Luna4 days ago

Marcus CarswellName playing4 days ago

Lee MillerForshizzle!4 days ago

Arizona HeatThat is the best picture I have seen so far you look great4 days ago

Chris GonzalezYou are sexy 😍😍😍4 days ago

Charles ThomasCazwell can I have ur baby4 days ago

Gary WebsterDigging it C.4 days ago

Jason Updegraffadorable!!!!!!4 days ago

Alexander Mejia-Monsalve SepulvedaI wanna lick your lips.. Shorty!4 days ago

Thomas TrafeletDis ol' man be all hot for CAZWELL!4 days ago

Trés PryorHubba, Hubba!4 days ago

Nigel C R Bloomso hot ,melt my box4 days ago

fresher than who?

November 22nd, 5:46 am

Chris Alexanderu fine4 days ago

Dave FischerSexy.4 days ago

Mikey BernerThat hat is syckening! ❤️4 days ago

Pablo Bata-LattyYum!!! ❤️❤️4 days ago

Gonzaga Júniori seen beyoncé4 days ago

Mayke BaldUffff nice, boy sexy 😍4 days ago

Art Najulthan the fresh prince? 😜4 days ago

Luis GrajedaThe best4 days ago

Mike OsborneLol4 days ago

Francesco Baronedang...4 days ago

Coby AtrocitySo good! :D #swoon4 days ago

Fernando S. TrejoFresher than a bttm with the emema six pack !!!!4 days ago

David ZizicHe cute4 days ago

Jake Wheat...thanna Epcot hat?4 days ago

Stephen AllisonI seen Beyoncé in that hat!4 days ago

Jazz Octavian OcfemiaReowrrrr4 days ago

William WorkmanThat hat is fucking EVERYTHING!!! Love it! <34 days ago

Chris GonzalezYou're looking really handsome and sexy at the same time. 😍😍😍4 days ago

Joey HealGimme that hat!4 days ago

Alexander Mejia-Monsalve SepulvedaYou! My soul mate.4 days ago

Tiago Almeida💓💓💓💓💓💓💓....3 days ago

CJ Haze....a mutha fucka.3 days ago

Brian EvansSo sexy3 days ago

Idelfonso Placido GuzmanBeyonce who?3 days ago

Anselme Kaloukaeraah ah lol !3 days ago

CAZWELL updated their cover photo.

November 20th, 10:04 am


An'son WhiteI know it's asking a lot but can I have that shirt signed by you you never know till you ask right5 days ago

Daniel PerazaMmmm cute5 days ago

Brittany GillaspieYou friends with Luigi? LOTSA SPAGHETTI!5 days ago

David NylenYour so handsome5 days ago

David NylenI'd die if I could meet you :)5 days ago

Joshua Colfordwe ever gonna get a selfie with a smile?5 days ago

Anthony FeathersYou be eatin' grilled cheese and tomato soup.5 days ago

Eryn FoessettCan't wait to see you tomorrow!!5 days ago

William Joseph Harriswith meatballs4 days ago

Chase Von Furstenburg DivineWish I could have made it.4 days ago

Trey Hilgemani wish i could say i have been to one of this guys shows4 days ago


November 20th, 10:03 am

Frank SchossigI sooooo need that sweater!!!5 days ago

John MedeirosLuv it!!!5 days ago

The Gay UK: Top 10 Gayest Things About The CAZWELL Hot Homo Video SOURCE: http://thegayuk.com/magazine/4574334751/…

November 18th, 8:11 pm

The Gay UKWe LOVE IT6 days ago

Jordan WestallYou realize no one can read any of these right?6 days ago

Tommy ShepherdNeeds more jpeg6 days ago

Hugo AoyagiNo mamar!!! La monja!!!! xDDDDDD6 days ago

Nicholas RoachLove ❤️6 days ago

Harold Jaron CampbellLove it I already listen on YouTube and love it6 days ago

swish-in' my hips.

November 14th, 3:04 am

David Brewer#DUMPSLIKEATRUCK2 weeks ago

Christopher RonevichIm loving the Big Dipper2 weeks ago

Quinton AkaCory CrittendenBig Dipper can GET IT any time he wants!2 weeks ago

Luis Alberto Drizzlethis song is crazy good2 weeks ago

Ramon Pedro Vieira😉😉😉😉😉😉😉2 weeks ago

Brandon Shnaps#ImAHotHomo2 weeks ago

Joel KingstonPlease do more songs together. #HotHomo is ILL!2 weeks ago

Wade WiniataI'm straight and I dig this track....I appreciate dope rhyming. Do a collab album perhaps. Heh.2 weeks ago

The Standard Magazine: Falls Hottest Club Tracks Pt. 2 CAZWELL "Dance Like You Got Good Credit" -Page 15 SOURCE: http://issuu.com/thestandardmagazine/docs/…

November 13th, 1:43 am

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six pack.

November 12th, 5:56 am

MarcAnthony OuckamaDarkest boy in the vid... Although FIERCE, it was REALLY "lily" :-/ #flavadeficit2 weeks ago

Carter McCallisterFresher than a bottom with the enema six-pack! #HotHomo2 weeks ago

Ben AshmoreGio Andres Brad Pritchett Jeff Kempf John Joshua Edward Cruz Mendoza2 weeks ago

Joshua EdwardHa ha ha2 weeks ago

Dominicus DemetrasI love you! Wow you are totally amazing!2 weeks ago

Jimmy AllenYessss bitch2 weeks ago

Chris GoffredoThat Hot Homo video made me cry laughing. You are awesome!!!2 weeks ago

GayCalgary Magazine: NSFW - CAZWELL Is the “Hot Homo” The Notorious G.A.Y. Rapper Aims to Top @Bobby Shmurda with Free Digital Download of New Rap Jam SOURCE: http://gaycalgary.com/Magazine.aspx/…

November 11th, 6:42 pm

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Beyonce Trendolizer: CAZWELL feat. Big Dipper - Hot Homo [A Freestyle Parody of Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N*gga"] SOURCE: http://beyonce.trendolizer.com/2014/11/…

November 11th, 6:42 pm

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HOT HOMO VIDEO WITH Big Dipper !!! I shaved my nuts for this video so you should watch it 23 times at the very least. ;) xxx caz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdQitTaabHM

Cazwell feat. Big Dipper - "Hot Homo" [A Freestyle Parody of Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N*gga"] FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: https://soundcloud.com/cazwellnyc/cazwell-hot-ho...

November 11th, 6:35 pm

Joseph CarrilloWay to get a bunch of Brittany and Taylor fans to "dance" in your video #fail2 weeks ago

Mauro Andres CamaraFor sure!2 weeks ago

Ernie OmegaI lick2 weeks ago

Jason McDanielI wanna see you shaving your nuts lol2 weeks ago

Dezydery Kowalkowskibetta u telling the true! LOL will find some tic tac!2 weeks ago

Tommy Indy Terror<3 love it2 weeks ago

Aaron AlexanderThis just made my effing day!2 weeks ago

Quinton AkaCory CrittendenIf there's no pics of your shaved nuts, it didn't happen. Love this video though.2 weeks ago

Brendan FitzgeraldTerry Talentino2 weeks ago

Tayda Lebonhahahah!!!!!2 weeks ago

Jay Henry SmithNot unless those shaved nuts are going somewhere near my mouth. 2 weeks ago

Michael PaulLove your new clip. Hope James Franco shows up 4 real in ur next one !2 weeks ago

Ken LeppelmanOmg I love it I so thinking it's awesome and straight up real!!!!!2 weeks ago

Ruben BermudezLMFAO I LIVE!!!!2 weeks ago

Xex Mag!!!!!!2 weeks ago

Jeffrey BloomIts brilliant!!2 weeks ago

Gerard Sikoralove it...2 weeks ago

Kevin BernardNot another blk in sight.2 weeks ago

Houston RandallLuv it2 weeks ago

Olivier Roumaneslol lol lol2 weeks ago

Jose Manuel Salazar❤️❤️❤️2 weeks ago

Richard AndisLove it love it could get enough of the guy in the red shorts2 weeks ago

Gabe Gardner♡♡♡ LOVE IT!!!! ♡♡♡2 weeks ago

Michael MontanezDamn I missed the MP3 download :/2 weeks ago

Randy HarperLove it!2 weeks ago

NakedSword.com: CAZWELL's ‘Hot Homo’ Video Features Porn Stars Levi Michaels, Tayte Hanson, and James Franco Heads SOURCE: http://thesword.com/cazwells-hot-homo-video-featur…

November 11th, 6:09 pm

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Next Magazine: Download CAZWELL's "Hot Homo" for Free, Watch Video Here SOURCE:

November 11th, 6:09 pm

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Shoutlook: CAZWELL Releases 'Hot Homo' Featuring Big Dipper SOURCE: http://shoutlook.com/blog/2014/…

November 11th, 5:56 pm

Carter McCallisterI'm obsessed with Hot Homo!!2 weeks ago

Wicked Gay Blog: CAZWELL Releases NSFW Sexually Charged New Rap Video SOURCE: http://wickedgayblog.com/2014/11/…

November 11th, 5:53 pm

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The Gay Republic: TALENTED CAZWELL & Big Dipper RELEASE 'HOT HOMO' MUSIC VIDEO- A SONG WITH A MESSAGE SOURCE: http://thegayrepublic.typepad.com/thegayrepublic/…

November 11th, 5:53 pm

Jerrylee Vasquez2 weeks ago

Raynbow Affair: CAZWELL Hittin you with that CazSmurda……. #YouReady SOURCE: http://raynbowaffairmagazine.com/cazwell-hittin-yo…

November 11th, 5:53 pm

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CAZWELL added 4 new photos to the album HOT HOMO [PRESS].

November 7th, 9:16 pm

Danrlei SouzaBrazil loves u, guy3 weeks ago

Roger SkeeteLove it :)3 weeks ago

T Neverdinner Jacketthe Hot Homo better have a Big Dipper3 weeks ago

Dustin WinnonLove it!3 weeks ago

Wes BrownYes Sir-Ree! Imma feelin that!!3 weeks ago

Bryan Gonzalesthats my shit!2 weeks ago

Lisa BonelliCongrats Cazwell. One of the #originals #realnycnitelife !! ⭐️2 weeks ago

Jaime MurrayYou did it well!!! Even I enjoyed the boys in this video :-)2 weeks ago

Justin DePietroIs the song still available for download?2 weeks ago

Shampoo MacI love rap now lol, wicked work Cazwell2 weeks ago

Victor MontoyaFinally ,, rap lyrics I can cling to !2 weeks ago

Ramon Pedro VieiraGreat ! Brazilian guy in the Video ! 🔰tks2 weeks ago

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