CAZWELL added a new photo.

January 24th, 2:33 am

Robert C Settle JrMake sure i get a copy when its all done.1 week ago

Tommy J ArceneauxUrm, u could wear my ass like a hat1 week ago

Jonathan B KnoxDarrell Cortez1 week ago

Richard Leo RuffingEdward Michael Sylvia??1 week ago

Joseph MarkChristopher Vergara1 week ago

Jorge ForestierLeslia Angulo Rodriguez ...check if can provide info1 week ago

Deborah NelsonJaremi Carey! Nick Stryker!1 week ago

Tonight We Back!! DO THE RIGHT THING @ritznewyork @peppermint247 MCs @kingralphyofficial gets hospitable and I bring the beats fly Boi dancers and cheap ass drinks no cover! Old skool new Skool hip hoptraptWerkR&B reggaemoombahton #DOTHERIGHTTHING

January 23rd, 12:27 am

Jorge Forestierwhen are u coming to PH, ORLANDO ?1 week ago

Robert C Settle JrHey...havent heard from in awhile...Happy New Year....1 week ago

Michael Demarco Torres SampsonPerfect1 week ago

CAZWELL is a GLAM AWARD WINNER. BEST MALE PERFORMER. Performing "The Biscuit" and "Hot Homo" LIVE! @ The 16th Annual Glam Awards held at BPM New York with GLAMMY AWARDS Big Dipper Peace Bisquit

January 16th, 12:04 am

Ruhtra OakMarina Calligopoulos Barutti2 weeks ago

Gareth ErnstSo cool :)2 weeks ago

Edgar Ivan SuarezCongrats Cazwell, you deserve world recognition, especially for that last album, may they keep on coming!2 weeks ago

Jay Ming SineHOT2 weeks ago

Paul Baileysooooo pleased! Superstar CAZWELL, great news xxx2 weeks ago

CAZWELL performing live @ The 16Th Annual Glam Awards last night! #HotHomo Big Dipper #TheBisquit Photo by: DJ Chauncey D

January 14th, 6:42 pm

David MercadoMarry me?3 weeks ago

Michael Demarco Torres SampsonEffin love3 weeks ago

Craig MonaghanWhen are you coming to London?!?3 weeks ago

Tommy J ArceneauxYes. Yes u r3 weeks ago

Gareth ErnstSo cool :)2 weeks ago

Michael MartinezU so dam right honey beee #thebiscuit2 weeks ago


January 13th, 7:17 pm

Dante JonesSan Diego Please Caz!!!3 weeks ago

Roberto Rosales CortezTe amo <33 weeks ago

Andrew TsyganYess3 weeks ago

T.j. Krinock Jr.OMG so excited to see you again!!❤️💥🎉 #Hard2BFresh3 weeks ago

Benjamin SmithAtl?3 weeks ago

T.j. Krinock Jr.Orlando FL! Can't wait!!3 weeks ago

Kevin Calicdan=.= I'm leaving Orlando on the 17th ...3 weeks ago

Gary MangiMy new club smash get it while its piping hot hey cazwell you single? https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/…3 weeks ago

Carolyn FigueroaK Ken Yuret3 weeks ago

Jacob BadingerHot homo3 weeks ago

Jorge ForestierI wanna see u there!3 weeks ago

Джозеф СиуфиHEY GUYS !!!! I INVITE YOU ALL TO "LIKE" THIS PAGE www.facebook.com/sioufijoe3 weeks ago

CAZWELL featured in Big Shot Magazine Rewind: 219 DJs and Artists Look Back on 2014!!! SOURCE: http://newsflash.bigshotmag.com/features/32868

January 2nd, 8:15 pm

Gio Copper Von TeeseMerry me jajajaja4 weeks ago

Nicola JonesThomas Anderson4 weeks ago

Nicola JonesNext person?4 weeks ago

Russell SchultzAshlee Ann4 weeks ago

Spectrum Spectrum4 weeks ago

Lucky Keith AllenSexy man!4 weeks ago

slim is so shady. http://youtu.be/rbWF3wMFaUQ

Eminem Says He Is Gay In The New Movie "The Interview"

December 28th, 5:12 am

Camilla-Rae Dee DeeshibeauLol... He should make a video with you. Then we see his rainbow shine bright like a diamond... This interview was just a plug to gain popularity. Plus it is a scene in a movie. So not real, but it is what it is... Still like some of his music not all. Just some....1 month ago

Jesse KahnHector's rectum is real!1 month ago

Jeff SeiberLove it1 month ago

Thomas MulcahyId do him1 month ago

Josh DiazDo people realize this was only a cameo?1 month ago

Jesse Kahnduh, of course, but it's stupid fun.1 month ago

Mark Kolkinlol ok this was funny...maybe i should see this movie after all1 month ago

Ben BrooksBuwahahaha!!1 month ago

Jay M GonzalezI know... This is ridiculous. Now that he is a has been, he intends to crack a joke with my community. He made so much damage...1 month ago

Bryan RichmondLmmfao , seeing the reaction of some not realizing this was a skit was more of amusing than the skit ...1 month ago

Kamil WysockiFrom movie. Bullshit1 month ago

Raechel FeresBOOM1 month ago

Be EternityAll the haters are gay, they just aren't brave enough to handle it.1 month ago

Litkjhem AbstrusaIt's true???1 month ago

Roberto Jesús Molina Régulesreally???? please GOD REALLY???1 month ago

Poetry DancerO well1 month ago

Sam GeltnerThat's great!1 month ago

Frank AngelCaldwell is a saint I love him1 month ago

Benjamin BoistilleulThis joke may be the best way for him to hide it now1 month ago

Lou CrossSlim is a fvckin homophob douche at heart - that what he is...1 month ago

Chris WilliamsCan't wait for the movie ,looks funny1 month ago

Xavier HottingerAdel Najah1 month ago

Matthew RaiaI just watched this tonight lol1 month ago

Radek Piskorskithat's less realistic than assassinating kim jong un1 month ago

Steven JacquesSwann Amdéo Yasmin Taha Sabrina Cnc1 month ago

Galore Mag: CAZWELL’s 7 Fave Christmas Tracks SOURCE: https://galoremag.com/cazwells-7-fave-christmas-tr…

December 24th, 1:55 am

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Happy holidays! Let's not get chlamydia in 2015 xxx Cazwell

December 24th, 12:03 am

Brian Little"Chlamydia Champagne, that's my baby"1 month ago

Dennis FerlesSexy1 month ago

Alex VeeCopy that!1 month ago

Matt ChamblessROFL. Let's not, indeed!1 month ago

Veronica FerrisAlyssa Delano lol1 month ago

J Dane Furnisscheers to no chlamydia!1 month ago

Travis Ryan McMurrayYou were so nice to all your fans at Pride in Knoxville and willing to take pictures, sign autographs, talk, etc...I think that's why you have so many fans; because you're genuine.1 month ago

Andrew TsyganMerry Christmas Caz1 month ago

Danny TidwellMerry Christmas 💋1 month ago

Clint StanleyDid we have it in 2014? Ack! Need to get tested. 😝1 month ago

Oct D Njuhigu1 month ago

Terry FultineerI got these flowers for you!1 month ago

Dwight Stambaugh Jr.#Herpes20151 month ago

Tim KyboyntnHa ....1 month ago

Deborah NelsonCan we try tho? 😉1 month ago

Abel Alvarado#DamnUFine1 month ago

Anthony LoLol1 month ago

Patricio Soto ToroTe amo. ..1 month ago

Is #Hard2BFresh on your Stocking Stuffer and Best of 2014 Lists? https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/…

December 22nd, 9:50 pm

Michael Tribuesexy sexy sexy1 month ago

Sophie-Anne RobitailleT'as vu comment tu vas finir !!!1 month ago

Aoife O LearyLuv the shoes1 month ago

César Manuel Palomera FloresI have it and it's perfect!!!1 month ago

Donald Bloomquistsexy ass mf!1 month ago

Rama Eseverrigenio1 month ago

Brian MarquezAll I want for Christmas is YOU!!!!1 month ago

Jose Manuel Salazar😍❤️❤️1 month ago

Bruno PintoBealtiful pic1 month ago

Yuuko IchiharaAy Chihuahua!!1 month ago

Brian K BivensLooking smexy1 month ago

Shampoo MacOK now someone knock on the door or ring the doorbell!1 month ago

Kimberly RossLuv the little one cleaning the plate.1 month ago

Jason ReynoldsAwesome album1 month ago

Joseph AufenthieSprung is the only song to ever give me a boner. It's like music porn.1 month ago

William Joseph HarrisI think I saw Patrice Royale trying to give Oprah in SELMA1 month ago

Ian HarrisWill there be a cd version at some point?1 month ago

Dwayne Hollis-CowleyIsn't he just David Silva!!1 month ago

Davey DuzitLove the sound of this album. Really surpassed your first.1 month ago

Eddie MyersHe looks sexy as F here. Those sock feet mercy Haha1 month ago

Wiley MooreKing of the pack.1 month ago

Dennis FerlesSex!1 month ago

Cloches & Verreshttps://facebook.com/pages/Cloches-Verres/…1 month ago

Xavier LeeHe's too cute1 month ago

SILV#HotHomo http://examiner.com/list/…1 month ago

CAZWELL updated their cover photo.

December 18th, 2:54 pm

Ernest Somersheyyy1 month ago

Jay Reedy-MazzaSexy hot!!!!!1 month ago

Jay MillerWho's going to say it? You?1 month ago

John Squiressexy stud muffin1 month ago

Vince Quiroz JrMmmmmmmmm...1 month ago

John Taylor LaValleyI love you Caz! Merry Christmas beautiful! <31 month ago

Carlo LicheriHandsome.1 month ago

Gareth ErnstVery1 month ago

Pietro GervasiSexy as F#@k!!!1 month ago

Eryn FoessettI've had the pleasure of seeing Cazwell four times!!!❤️💋❤️💋1 month ago

Andy Campbelltrue dat #hothomo1 month ago

Geoffrey Doig-MarxLoving you!!!!!1 month ago

Paul OdendahlSo Sweet! WOW:-)1 month ago

Anna DurkaYeah!1 month ago

Джозеф СиуфиHEY GUYS !!!! I INVITE YOU ALL TO "LIKE" THIS PAGE www.facebook.com/sioufijoe3 weeks ago


December 18th, 2:48 pm

Janek RuzickaU have class, kids... ;)1 month ago

Charo Bocchioh my ca$h! 🔥1 month ago

Chase BakerSweeeeeet1 month ago

Gary MangiI want you two to adopt me!1 month ago

Saul VillegasPapi <31 month ago

Elipio Jose VialpandoBlaze out Caz!!1 month ago

Duban ArangoAMANDA! <31 month ago

Murilo Amaral<3 <31 month ago

Ferdinando VelascoVioooo1 month ago

Mateus Henrique SchneiderMaicon1 month ago

Osvaldo Patriciotremendo tajo ese otro jwkajsksajsak la pungueria xdd1 month ago

Ernest CollymoreLove it1 month ago

Terry OlsonLooks like the jay is starting to run.. ;)1 month ago

Chip Chop JohnnyCaz.....you a sexy bitch! Jesus!1 month ago

Shandalia Patricia ShlongHe just looks the same now... vampire...1 month ago

Brandon HenryDONT SAY JESUS1 month ago

Dima Dimka DmitryIf NY nightlife had a face - it would be one of those two...or both :)1 month ago

Redi SpThis couple very popular...make single again...)))1 month ago


December 18th, 2:44 pm

Juan David Echeverria DiazHello cazwell :-)1 month ago

Johnny ManfratesCazwell u are by far the best.keep up the great music that I love....1 month ago

Miguel Angel Villalobos Basabecute1 month ago

Dante JonesSo hot!1 month ago

Robert Bobby RiveraCazwell, you are finer than the bottle of wine i have in my fridge.1 month ago

Roberto CarlosLove u! A lot1 month ago

Rob S. Harvey FrancisYou are a gorgeous talented super star! I am so glad to finally be introduced to your music a few years back Indianapolis Gay Pride...I haven't stopped watching your videos since...keep on keeping on...would love to meet you sometime.#loveyourmusic1 month ago

Michael Demarco Torres SampsonYou are simply perfect1 month ago

Dominicus DemetrasDate me please!1 month ago

Lorenzo CotaSuch a hottIE1 month ago

Luca CamilliniBaldi Samuele1 month ago

Jp RobersonSpectacular. ...1 month ago

Johan RamirezI love you Guy1 month ago

César Manuel Palomera FloresI love your album. I can't wait for "The biscuit" video. Jejeje.1 month ago

#tbt Me and Amanda Lepore were going through old pictures yesterday. Here's one probably 2009 ?? Blazing before Boys Room probably lol.

December 18th, 2:36 pm

Blake MonroeSo sexy1 month ago

Jourdy SizzleI feel like this was her 2006/2007 era look.1 month ago

Adam OwenLip porn1 month ago

Viviana LoyaIhww1 month ago

Mario Carlo Stara<31 month ago

Zachary KingJohn Ayala1 month ago

John AyalaMy two favorite cousins1 month ago

At Town, last night in DC! looks by John Renaud

December 14th, 5:34 pm

Diego Lopez Stagnoli😍😊2 months ago

Deborah NelsonYass! It was so great to meet u! Sorry I wouldn't let go ;-)2 months ago

Deborah Nelson2 months ago

Peter GriggsHee hee - nice2 months ago

Jason Talley2 months ago

Alex PetrovLove, You, man! Thanks for following me in Twitter! XO XO2 months ago

Robbie Montana MendenhallBAM2 months ago

Kevin RansdellI love the guy in the front clasping his hands together. In my neck of the woods, that's the look older women give before they say "Well bless his heart" lol2 months ago

Jose Luis VegaShow more skin Baby2 months ago

CAZWELL updated their cover photo.

December 3rd, 1:24 pm

Porfirio RodriguezSexy ass mutha!2 months ago

Eric HodgesDamn, Caz, you are smokin' hot! 🌈👏2 months ago

Robert Foster#YO ♥️2 months ago

Wayne LaquerreYou sexy beast!2 months ago

Max HaifischVos!2 months ago

Fabricio Cuadratú! y tan guapo como siempre <32 months ago

César Manuel Palomera FloresYo! You! Me! Yo!2 months ago

Mario MarshallYou so fine!2 months ago

Roo CoronadoHey!!!!2 months ago

Francesco Baroneyasssss!2 months ago

John Squiressexy as hell2 months ago

Paisley Dalton😜2 months ago

Anthony FeathersInstagram for INSTANT LOVE!2 months ago

Gary MangiThas just my baby daddy lol!!!!!2 months ago

Lucky Keith AllenSo damn sexy!2 months ago

Karol DudekHi bebe!!2 months ago

Roberto Rosales CortezTe amo! <32 months ago

Osvaldo DiazTU..!!!2 months ago

Solo Dime Manetl<32 months ago

Cody Russell Kincaid😍😍😛😛😛😛2 months ago

Felix Alois MayrHahaha so funny2 months ago

Ricardo AdrianYO YOU GAY !!!!!!! <32 months ago

Demo Fargoneyo wheres roxy??2 months ago

William Joseph HarrisMTV raps2 months ago

Emmanuel Ro RuTu!4 weeks ago

"Hot Homo" [THE LYRIC VIDEO] VIDEO by Scott J. Heller FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD [For Limited Time Only]: https://soundcloud.com/cazwellnyc/… FEATURING: Marlon Brando Marc Jacobs Boy George & Culture Clubeorge RuPaul Anderson Cooper Freddie Mercury Darryl Stephens Orlando Cruz Ricky Martin Liberace Mitt Romney Tom Daley @Darren Young Rock Hudson Elton John Alec Mapa Big Freediaa George Michaelael Eddie Murphyy "Divine" Harris Glenn Milstead Michael Kors Nathan Lane Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally EJ Johnson Ian McKellen James Franco Zachary Quinto Alan Cumming Lance Bass John Waters John Travolta Barney Franknk Gianni Versace Tom Cruise Matt Bomer George Takeii Graham Norton Neil Patrick Harris Richard Simmons Harvey Milk Foundation Jim Parsons Tim Gunn Vladimir Putin Jonathan Knight Truman Capote Jesse Tyler Ferguson Adam Lambert Andy Warhol Wilson Cruz Guillermo Díaz Tyler Perry Michael Sam Johnny Weir TOM FORD Jake Shears Ryan Seacrest Tim Cook Margaret Cho with CAZWELL and Big Dipper http://youtu.be/paDN9z3OYT0

December 2nd, 7:36 pm

Mili RakićGoochie Ybarra this shit has me turned some kind of way! LOVE me some cazwell!2 months ago

Eric Lallemand-senilleyessssssssssssssssssssssssss2 months ago

Christopher Smithwow.... uhm...... speachless2 months ago

Steve Melèndezhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unCKbEpcXnE !!SIN CENSURA!! !!SUSCRIBETE AL CANALL!!2 months ago

D'Lordt-Reverent Nae Nae Murdockhttp://youtu.be/7d6ewCHS1jo2 months ago

Brandon R. RobertsDevon Hart2 months ago

Jeremy JonesLOVE this song. http://takingovertheuniverse.net/2014/11/…2 months ago

Jaime MurrayMitt Romney..yuck!2 months ago

William Joseph HarrisI better not2 months ago

Paulo RamirezListening again LOL2 months ago

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