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BUY SINGLE/VIDEO: https://itun.es/i6Fj6nJ DIRECTED by ATHENA MAROULIS PRODUCED by DIZZY BELL & CAZWELL Written by Cazwell & Dizzy Bell Published by No She Di...

July 25th, 2:12 am

Clarence StandishLOL!5 days ago

Marvin B Edmistonflash a frontal LOL5 days ago

Fabio Bettencourtjust more pics of yourself really lol...5 days ago

Kaique MouraSend me nudes5 days ago

Ken ForsytheSend me a pic of your booty haha5 days ago

Kirk Montrealerbuy single and video? nah, can get it free online :-)5 days ago

Andrés Alberto Vásquez MorenoNO SELFIE CONTROL CAZWELL http://www.gayhills.com/magazinedetalle-2265 days ago

Garreth Kentget me a night alone with one or twelve of your back up dancers5 days ago

David BrewerI already do5 days ago

Martin St MartinJust say that follows will happen and shouldn't have to be asked for...if you're as awesome as I am...it'll happen. ..5 days ago

Shawn SouthgateI will follow I will follow...just. alow me to.4 days ago

Joey Carmona4 days ago

Natassia DelgadoLove the video4 days ago

Rafael FernandezLove it and you sexy man!!4 days ago

Daniel LiraIsaias de Souza Luciano Valentim André Flose4 days ago

Michael Gibbsvery creative4 days ago

Asrael MiauI love song and video, you look so sexi!! &P... like always!!4 days ago

James LeyvaLove it, Caz!! Ha! I hope of the rest of the album has this sound, it'll be like your own equivalent to Confessions on a Dancefloor as far as the Electro-Disco sound.. I like NSC sounds a lot like "Get Lucky' it's sooo awesome sauce!!!3 days ago

Bill CateI love the video and i am a huge Cazwell fan but …mmm i am sorry the song..not so much kinda reminds me of that LL song when he was trying to be soft and romantic, i am sorry there really is no place for romance in Hip Hop.3 days ago

Laura RitondaleStill love this song, still love this video3 days ago


Me and @punkspank on our way to Do The Right Thing soundcheck. Toniiiight!! @ritzbarlounge @peppermint247 @kingralphyofficial #nyc

July 24th, 10:58 pm

Andrez ContrerasGr8 pic!5 days ago

Andre Soldatithat little punk spank is showing me up5 days ago

Edwin SchwabSo good looking5 days ago

Jhonny BIHey te vez super bien saludos de peru.... ;)5 days ago

Dante JonesYum!!!!!!5 days ago

Dante JonesYour lips..... My God!!!!5 days ago

Osvaldo PatricioRicoooo♥5 days ago

Tyler Warner<35 days ago

Skuttie EndlessWHY DON5 days ago

Herbie JohnsonAwesome....5 days ago

Greg BeginOMG! Punkspank can spank me silly! 😜5 days ago

Gil DominguezO my gooooddd mmmmmm jaja5 days ago

Jeronimo Nueva YorkLove cazwell4 days ago

Anthony BossomoU so hot. I would love to have you on a t-shirt size large.4 days ago

Michael MarottoGreat pic but the photo bomber in the background is stealing the shot! LMAO! 😄4 days ago

Matthew James NeilsonSO damn hot Brought all your songs and jam out to them at the beach and in the gym wish you were in perth4 days ago

Blue MurphySexy.3 days ago

Dro Orecutie.3 days ago

Serving you Two-Face! #noselfiecontrol

July 24th, 2:06 am

Teteu AlcantaraLindooo6 days ago

Jerome PerezYou give good face6 days ago

Dylan MajesticHA6 days ago

Steph D. Stackhouse#demlips6 days ago

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Jed BonePlease grow it back out. It's sexy on you!!6 days ago

David O'Brien-DavisWhen's the new album coming out?6 days ago

Michael BurnCute!!!6 days ago

Angel RosasWhats a handsome Men <36 days ago

Yoel Zef:* 6 days ago

Luke Geeleft6 days ago

Welker FilipeMarry me? hehehehe6 days ago

NK EarleHalf-beards are all the rage!6 days ago

Don RobinsonI love those eyes!!6 days ago

Lucas Lee-Martin SchartzerYou shaved your eyebrows?6 days ago

Murilo AudeniMarry me6 days ago

Pitter Krueger#perfeito6 days ago

Alexander Mejia-MonsalveI WUV U WABBIT!!!!6 days ago

Luis AlbertoBeautiful :36 days ago

Tomas AguilarLove this dude6 days ago

Bruch ReedRed face! Blue face!6 days ago

Renan Sethgorgeous ;)6 days ago

Elise AnderssonCute!6 days ago

Roger AlvesLindo..kisses from Brazil6 days ago

William Joseph Harris II1/2 face challenge6 days ago

Do The Right Thing is happening right now #NYC

July 18th, 2:52 am

Nathalia ScalconMARIDO <32 weeks ago

Máximo Andrés Hilton Hollandpapito2 weeks ago

Cleo de Nileamazing <32 weeks ago

William Joseph Harris IIhttp://youtu.be/OOcBZHNkbY02 weeks ago

Timothy M JonesLove it2 weeks ago

Jay Ming Sineblue2 weeks ago

Osbert MaldonadoLookin great my friend2 weeks ago

Patrick BurgosDelicioso2 weeks ago

Iris CarringtonNice lips ,yummy2 weeks ago

Marho ValenciaI love :*2 weeks ago

Durrell Karma DallasSooo handsome2 weeks ago

Caleb McraeI wish i was2 weeks ago

Chale PonAnd do it well, my love.2 weeks ago

Eric HodgesCaz, do the right thing and come to Germany! ;-) Luv ya !2 weeks ago

Edgar AradamLindo gostoso!2 weeks ago

Frederick W Martin JrIt's like heaven looking into your blue eyes very handsome 2 weeks ago

Jonah Santosdelicious, i wanna fuck you!2 weeks ago

Jonah Santosu have so hot eyes!2 weeks ago

Gay Erotic Art<32 weeks ago

Donna Messinetti MosqueraLove those blue eyes2 weeks ago

Zachary MrVip JeffersonI wanna be in one of your videos 2 weeks ago

Skuttie Endlessstop it d ude give somebody a shot at taikng yo picture ps does Amanda lepore take selfies thank yo2 weeks ago

Rolonda FlorHot pic! Just saying ! ; ) 2 weeks ago

Ronald IJzermanNew Album #comingsoon ?1 week ago

Natalie SinghIt's the pride parade in San Diego, ca and I don't see you on the list of performers caz! I seen you in Kansas City mo but y u no com to sdca?1 week ago

Tonight at Do The Right Thing REY holds it's down with the other Fly Boy Dancerz droppin 7lbs of junk in yo face!!! @peppermint247 weRks the mic and @kingralphyofficial weRks my nerves @punkspank twerKs for drink tickets and @adamjosephmusic stretches dem vocal chords for the show at 1am. I drop the 's come thru!! At @ritzbarlounge NYC !! ↪️

July 17th, 6:03 pm

Percy BakkerGreat☆*:-)2 weeks ago

William Joseph Harris IIWear clean underwear2 weeks ago

Tomorrow Night at Do The Right Thing Drake is droppin by to tip the fly boy dancers lip synch his fave Nicki tracks. Don't miss it!! All goes down at RitZ NYC

July 17th, 3:01 am

Gustavo AristeguietaGus Alv2 weeks ago

Gustavo Aristeguietadile al dealer que son cinco..2 weeks ago

Anton CrossNicky minas2 weeks ago

Russell ToynesIs that Drake?2 weeks ago

Gus Alv#OhNoSheBetterDont2 weeks ago

Nanae WadaNicki!!( ☆∀☆)2 weeks ago

This pic does not do justice for this shirt by @massivegay !! Check them out! Thanks @misterjackytang at @openingceremony

July 16th, 5:42 pm

Ric Hard<3 it2 weeks ago

Chucho Sánchez BCuando vienes a México?2 weeks ago

Christopher Smithwant2 weeks ago

Lorenzo CotaLooks like Nicholas Jonass2 weeks ago

Devin HartnettWhere can I purchase this amazing thing?!2 weeks ago

Driew BirdThis picture would do Caz better justice if he wasn't wearing a shirt at all2 weeks ago

Sergio Nicolas Martínez TorresI want that shirt <32 weeks ago

Adam Lee Tibbettsloveeee it2 weeks ago

Ruben Gabriel NavarroOMG. You bought it.2 weeks ago

Luke Geelol2 weeks ago

Nick David WeberThat's clever2 weeks ago

Zenith McDiscoeeek a genro tagame shirt2 weeks ago

Kuri GaruIs there an actual link to get these shirts that aren't via instagram or twitter?2 weeks ago

Gay Erotic Art<32 weeks ago

Sometimes ya just can't hide the halo.

July 15th, 4:01 pm

Eric Skarsgårdlove u :32 weeks ago

Marcos LimaI love u!! <32 weeks ago

Gerald Panuthosor ur horns and tail for that matter! ;D2 weeks ago

Jason Ovalle❤️2 weeks ago

Jon ClantonNice 😊2 weeks ago

Janek RuzickaWhy should you? :)2 weeks ago

Andrez ContrerasYeah! (y)2 weeks ago

Natassia DelgadoLove the picture2 weeks ago

Theodor LubowskiYour wings...2 weeks ago

Teteu AlcantaraLindooo2 weeks ago

Edgar AradamGostoso lindo!2 weeks ago

Marcelo MoraesAdorable pic2 weeks ago

Sael Ortiz JCute.2 weeks ago

Dante JonesOr those nice lips!!!!2 weeks ago

Patricio Pos IbarraHermoso .2 weeks ago

Micheal LeJeuneYour halo is beautiful but your lips are soo sexy!2 weeks ago

Leo Hernandezso cute2 weeks ago

Steve SmithThose lips!!!!2 weeks ago

Eric HodgesOh, those lips...*sigh*2 weeks ago

Damion Hernandez"Didn't even put up a fight"....well. maybe a challengjng one I make it spicy. ! <32 weeks ago

Gary J PlataDo I see horns popping through the "halo"?? ;-)2 weeks ago

Peter VanDunkSOMTHING is wrong with my I pad2 weeks ago

Billy LoweCopycat2 weeks ago

Guillermo Portillo SilvaI like this guy, he is real. Keep up the great job man!2 weeks ago


July 14th, 9:37 pm

Joshua Colford#holyhotnessbatman2 weeks ago

Skip PryceGreat show in Santa Barbara!2 weeks ago

Diereze Lee Robinsoni saw u n stl pride id so be yours #Cazwell!!!2 weeks ago

Gavin HillWERRRRRRRRKKKKK!2 weeks ago

Cesar CooperCazwelllicious ;)2 weeks ago

Jeremy BoatmanWoof2 weeks ago

Skip PryceThanks Jeremy!2 weeks ago

Rodrigo Pietro Santos SagatLindo2 weeks ago

Mathew TaylorSuper cute. #supercute2 weeks ago

Derek CannonSo fucking fine!2 weeks ago

Steph D. Stackhouse#sexyasfuck2 weeks ago

Tim Robertsonstiil hot though2 weeks ago

Adam BathonWOWZA!2 weeks ago

Samir NewSmile<32 weeks ago

Anil PatelHi boo?2 weeks ago

Eric FitzgeraldGotta get back in tip-twerk shape!2 weeks ago

Sam Gonzales💋2 weeks ago

Justin Hixonlookin good hottie!!!2 weeks ago

Micheal HoniousThose eyes though..............2 weeks ago

Brian Sunshine DavisI love you!2 weeks ago

Robb CampbellDo you read these or is this just for ego? 😉2 weeks ago

Lopez AnthonyU look so good in this pic ,)2 weeks ago

Will Assis<32 weeks ago

Nicholas BowersI will be in the gym this afternoon. Gotta get it in!2 weeks ago

Adrian HernandezCarjo... mi amor cazwell...!!!!2 weeks ago


July 13th, 4:02 am

Sean McLaughlinHandsome!!!2 weeks ago

Brian Tomesme either Chaquetta! <3 you caz2 weeks ago

Luc Tempestnipplez2 weeks ago

Cesar CooperHolly Mother of Hot gUYSt. Come to Mexico Please. <32 weeks ago

Júnior Moreiramaravilhoso.. team brazil2 weeks ago

Jayson RobogigglesGREAT ! ....now i gotta change my pants !!!!2 weeks ago

Theodor LubowskiLove that man2 weeks ago

Billy-Jack Grover Deckerwoof2 weeks ago

Rachel Bobbie Sue Smith#meeither2 weeks ago

BrodieDean James CarrOH CAZ!!! I <3 you!!! Please contact me @ bjctampa@yahoo.com!!!2 weeks ago

Eric SmithSelfie king2 weeks ago

Lance Lenziin the immortal words of the classy and dignified lady Miley Cyrus. I Adore You2 weeks ago

Jorge Lizardi TorresHot papi...2 weeks ago

Robert ClawsonHot and sexy I love him2 weeks ago

Joshua ColfordYes please!!!2 weeks ago

Sael Ortiz JVc é Muito lindo.. Curte2 weeks ago

Edgar AradamGostoso!!!! Pqp!2 weeks ago

Blair StewartDamn hot!2 weeks ago

James Badgley-SmartI for one am happy you have #noselfiecontrol! You are gorgeous!2 weeks ago

Tita LeEster CarrAre u ever going to come back to Dallas ?2 weeks ago

Chris GonzalezGoodnight sexy 😘2 weeks ago

MJ TaylorSit on ur face2 weeks ago

Eric HodgesOh, Caz, to be there with u....2 weeks ago

Travis Ryan McMurrayToo damn sexy!2 weeks ago

Lule ALYES.2 weeks ago

In my way to the stage Santa Barbara!! Shirt by @gaymanga!! Thanks @misterjackytang @openingceremony

July 12th, 11:20 pm

Jon MercurioNice 👌👌👌2 weeks ago

Christopher SanchezYOU SEXY BITCH2 weeks ago

Anthony DanielsLove that shirt caz2 weeks ago

Miguel GomezI want that shirt!2 weeks ago

Marius Solezso do i!!..2 weeks ago

Danny Figueroathat shirt tho caz ;-)2 weeks ago

Matthew Max OliverBara!!! I want one. :)2 weeks ago

Reign AdamLove that shirt went into a store in Weho with similar one's but all with women HELLO where's all the men at not in these tanks!? :-\2 weeks ago

Brian LovestwoelevenOhhhhh daddy I need that shirt!2 weeks ago

Sebastián FfgRoom for five.2 weeks ago

Sam CremeanTravis2 weeks ago

Chris LeeCazwell bears it all.2 weeks ago

Shaun EdwardsYour beard is looking Killa! Keep growing it2 weeks ago

Jason GovierWhere in SB?2 weeks ago

Elipio Jose VialpandoLuvn tha shirt caz I want 1!!2 weeks ago

Skylar DamianoGraham Kolbeins2 weeks ago

Graham KolbeinsHot!! :)2 weeks ago

Doug LopesI love ya tshirt!2 weeks ago

Lucas Evan:o2 weeks ago

Shu KugeI knew you would wear that!2 weeks ago

Adelita LopezLoved the show! !2 weeks ago

JohnnyMike RussoHandsome2 weeks ago

Michael PorrasQ, am I too old? ;)2 weeks ago

Ichabod StitchThe shirt is great and all, but you don't ever have to wear a shirt. Ever.2 weeks ago

Adrian Y. Suzuki#WhatItFeelsLikeForAGay2 weeks ago

@lavernecox congrats gurl!!!

July 11th, 6:27 am

Christian Chubs HullYasssssssssss gurl get it!3 weeks ago

Rique PinonWas there one In the closet that won?? Lol3 weeks ago

Flávia Tward👌 she is fucking awesome!!!!!3 weeks ago

Anil JagdewsingLoved The episode with her twinbrother3 weeks ago

Kal Lynn DraegerI love her, she is so beautiful3 weeks ago

Alex VegaGreat actor.3 weeks ago

Jorge RivasFelicitaciones.3 weeks ago

Ayse AkLove her!3 weeks ago

Ajoshua PhabuWell deserved!😘3 weeks ago

Skuttie EndlessI love her I mean him no her no him no her I just love what ever it became3 weeks ago

Scott Miller^ ? ...her, she's a woman3 weeks ago

Nosha AmbeauShe is awesome3 weeks ago

Derek Bryson HeddenShe's amazing2 weeks ago

Sean MilanI love the wording... "the first out " were there closeted transgender nominees in the past??? #ijs2 weeks ago

Sean MilanRique Pinon I said the same thing...2 weeks ago

I did some editing of the new viddy today with @zerziez dropping SOON!! These 2 knuckleheads look familiar??? #dancelikeyougotgoodcredit

July 11th, 3:31 am

William Joseph Harris II🔥💋💩3 weeks ago

Marcelo Jesús AndrésLuv ya cazwell <33 weeks ago

Viva BodyrollYe$3 weeks ago

Jon BlakelyDefinitely look like some crooks, some crooks up to no good <33 weeks ago

Dyan TankaLOVEIT!!#3 weeks ago

Asrael Miaumy good!!! are you working in a Tarantino movie? ;)))))))3 weeks ago

Chris CasazzaI often see you (or someone who looks shockingly like you) in Hell's Kitchen. I've wanted to say hi and grab a selfie but I'm way too shy. I love your work though!!3 weeks ago

ZaccyOMG Cazwell+Pizza... my two first loves :X2 weeks ago

YOO!!! seriously check out the @VitoFun soundcloud with @NickyDaB #droppingfeathers track. IM ON THE MOOMBAHTON RMX https://soundcloud.com/vitofun/sets/…


July 10th, 4:37 pm


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Don't be mad cuz I hit up your man after I hit you up. Your man was just the after thot.

July 8th, 9:45 pm

Oliver MackeySloppy seconds boyfriend.3 weeks ago

Stephen Raynolds ColonLol3 weeks ago

Davie M. Kaim*****3 weeks ago

Devin HartnettOk. I seriously wouldn't have a problem with this. Like, ever. Why have one when you can have both?3 weeks ago

Nicholas JohnThot?3 weeks ago

Frank BillHahaha u are wicked3 weeks ago

Rob SargentHaha so evil but I love it3 weeks ago

Kevin KeagyThat ho over there3 weeks ago

Aron LikesuLol3 weeks ago

Mikey TheCocktapus Berner#bloop!3 weeks ago

Adam W AldrichIn the tiny avatar for a sec i thought you were Grace Jones.3 weeks ago

Anthony K Johnsonlol3 weeks ago

Kate Deluxe"Get My Money Back, Get My Money Back"...3 weeks ago

DejaVu KarmaComaGrace Jones !3 weeks ago

Beserk Kirk*thought3 weeks ago

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Jose Luis Balcazar CaamalBeen there Done that !3 weeks ago

Lule ALSEXY.3 weeks ago

Alan ClarkWelcome, so you.3 weeks ago

Tayda LebonHahaha!3 weeks ago

Anthony DanielsTake me to your mamas for dinna3 weeks ago

Cavelle BenjaminBam! Haha3 weeks ago

Drake KunzHoes get whores3 weeks ago

Jesse McConlogueI thought you were married Cazwell :((((3 weeks ago

Chest day with Bowie. #PrettyThings #noselfiecontrol

July 8th, 7:29 pm

Clarence Alex PryorHey, Cazwell! How you doing, buddy?3 weeks ago

Durrell Karma DallasBeat me daddy3 weeks ago

Michel DorionSo sexy3 weeks ago

Micheal LeJeuneSuch am awesome and Handsome man!3 weeks ago

Jaun Lopezi love cazwell3 weeks ago

Heather Walsh NorrisOhhhh....you could catch a fish without a hook honey!!!3 weeks ago

David WhittTotal stud!3 weeks ago

Damion HernandezJust Torture! Thanks. Me likey.3 weeks ago

Travis CooperSO HOT!!!3 weeks ago

Brendan Fitzgeralddlicious3 weeks ago

Kirk D. CrabeWhy have you not been on Ellen???????3 weeks ago

Lucid Dreamssexy3 weeks ago

Clayton Westfallgoddamn! getting swole and looking nice3 weeks ago

Kenneth R CrainI cant believe I missed you in St Louis City. You should have come to Lure BadDog where I was working!!!!!3 weeks ago

Alexander Mejia-MonsalveI FRIGGEN love you.3 weeks ago

Jerry GoodmanWoof!3 weeks ago

Chris Minx KellyI'm in lust <33 weeks ago

Ronnie VannaYa sexy beast!3 weeks ago

Jennifer JointUr just beautiful3 weeks ago

Joseph WatsonSexy Cazwell!!!!3 weeks ago

Matthew Max OliverYowza!3 weeks ago

Nathan Johnson-Kearneyoh the things i would do for just one night with you! Yes i would! yes i would slap my own mumma out!! lol3 weeks ago

Andrew LarcheMan you are looking so sexy can't wait to see you in Ottawa3 weeks ago

Jason MarquezWhen do you start? Jk3 weeks ago

Kandy CayneGorgeous!!!!3 weeks ago

WHO could it be behind door #1 showin up for date night???

July 8th, 12:54 am

Erich Kincaid#Riri3 weeks ago

Luciana HatsuHiiiiiiiiiiiii CAZWELL!!!! GIVE HI TO BRAZIL FUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I´M YOUR FÃN FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK BRASILIAN LGBT LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!3 weeks ago

Ross BurtonXD3 weeks ago

Ross BurtonWhichever one you hire? ... Go on a date with a SPIRIT; get inside of us.3 weeks ago

Jayson Robogigglesmememememememe !!!3 weeks ago

Damion HernandezJealous. Your hella fine.3 weeks ago

Gerald Panuthoswish it was me! ;) Lol!3 weeks ago

Anthony BossomoI love your look.3 weeks ago

Hillary MansfieldLookin good boi!3 weeks ago

David O'Brien-DavisWhen is the new album coming out?3 weeks ago

Gary Garveyi hope its a glass of water cause you boys sure sound thirsty as fuck3 weeks ago

Tiago Almeida#Newvideo3 weeks ago

Mark Medrano🙋3 weeks ago

Xavier LopezMe3 weeks ago

Travis CarterAmanda lepore?3 weeks ago

Maine NativeALP3 weeks ago

T Neverdinner JacketDelivery3 weeks ago

Gareth ErnstMe, of course :)3 weeks ago

Aldo WerneckMy dream is hug you!!!3 weeks ago

Andrew LarcheI love the beard looking hot bud3 weeks ago

Wm NoffsingerHopefully someone with a new shirt!3 weeks ago

Ichabod StitchI wish it were me3 weeks ago

Edgar Ivan SuarezThe intern 😒3 weeks ago

Brian Burks-FrascelloUnfortunately not I3 weeks ago

Clifford CullucciAmanda Lepore.3 weeks ago

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