CAZWELL "Hard 2 B Fresh" Cover Story with Next Magazine !!! http://www.nextmagazine.com/content/so-fresh Photo: Michael Wakefield with Project Publicity + Peace Bisquit

October 23rd, 9:20 pm

Chris GonzalezPerfect 😍1 day ago

Raymond Anthony RiveraVery nice!1 day ago

Willie Happy HesterCazwell is just so damn fine....lol1 day ago

James Don Divo PierceCazwell!!22 hours ago

Pablo Bata-LattyYUM!!! 😈22 hours ago

Sean McLaughlinSo handsome!22 hours ago

Fabey OnceSexy18 hours ago

Paul Cupocuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutieeeee9 hours ago

Rob Ordonez IIYaaaas!7 hours ago

Lorenzo CotaSexie yum6 hours ago


October 23rd, 8:46 pm

Ricky RuízButch? Like lesbians?1 day ago

James EdwardsSounds hot! Can't wait to see it!1 day ago

Kevyn Harrellcheck out Richie Cohen & Duane Tragis, they're sexy, give good face and are husbands.1 day ago

Frans HattinghButch? Oh, honey, please. Puh-leez! :\1 day ago

Jay RhodePick me!😍1 day ago

Trey PryorNo fatz no femz...1 day ago

Lou Lu Perez VDan Beaverhausen sbs!!!1 day ago

Jay Alexander TaylorWANTED: Unicorns1 day ago

Simon BarsinisterIf only I were in the area.1 day ago

Robert Smith=)1 day ago

Sunny Paradiselol i'm in!1 day ago

Efren SottoGood luck with that..lol1 day ago

Paul Cona23 hours ago

Luke VossenI believe the expression is "give good head".23 hours ago

Peter BalistreriPick me20 hours ago

Luizz Vasquel CruzettoWhen ?where I ready I born ready20 hours ago

Luizz Vasquel CruzettoBut I got big problem I so butch20 hours ago

Dain BowersNot even on east coast but hmu when your in Midwest!¡...15 hours ago

Aaron PhillipsSteven Anthony Giovanniello this screams you!7 hours ago

Rob Ordonez IIEric Alán,Jon Campbell7 hours ago

Donald MiglioreMy face when I read this6 hours ago

Brandon BruiserTaylor Poore4 hours ago

Taylor PooreI'm so butch Brandon Bruiser ... It's like not even fair4 hours ago

CAZWELL added a new photo.

October 21st, 6:38 pm

Daniel Jacob DeloveSounds fun! i wish i could be there!3 days ago

William CruzSad i am not in NYC x(3 days ago

Matt Ryanzwhy did i move away from NYC....WHY CAZWELL?!? :)3 days ago

Andrez ContrerasI wanted this! :(3 days ago

John WrightAww....DAMN! I'm down in Gastonia, NC :-(3 days ago

Raul LlanesPablo Madriz 3 days ago

Nikki ScrogginsJeff 😬👍3 days ago

Randy Waterssmall town in Ga. but would love to spend the day with ya.3 days ago

Harrison MeltonJeremy Andrés Kenzie3 days ago

Frank OrlikJust emailed you.3 days ago

Marcquese Theboss BanksEmail sent :) 3 days ago

Alex GarceauWhere is the shoot3 days ago

Pablo MadrizJorge L. Sanchez, Michael Leone Lynch3 days ago

Michael Leone LynchMason O'Sullivan3 days ago

Luke BielWhy do I have to live in Chicago???😤3 days ago

Mardon RamirezU need to make another ice cream truck Video :)3 days ago

Alonso GarcíaWhat?! I'm in!!!3 days ago

James Don Divo PierceWish I was in NYC...3 days ago

Matthew J'stona HartIf only i lived in america 'would love the opportunity' 3 days ago

REllis JamesWhat if we just wanted to be a part of you3 days ago

Paul ConaDo you need a nerdy white guy over 40? LOL3 days ago

Jordan WestallBe able? I would quit my job to spend an afternoon with you3 days ago

Eryn FoessettYou need a girl to oil up those hot boys for ya??3 days ago

Kelly BullingtonI wish3 days ago

Andrea AndrewsJustin Martinez3 days ago

CAZWELL changed their profile picture.

October 21st, 2:12 am

Sidney OliveiraIn love <34 days ago

Amine Ighillove ur tatooo ♥4 days ago

Sean McLaughlinHandsome ;-) Love this photo!!!!4 days ago

Joseph RushSuch beautiful eyes....cute boy 2!!4 days ago

Felipe Martinsjuliana ta desmaiada4 days ago

Thiago Ferreira Sant'Anato me, hi's like an angel4 days ago

Teteu Alcântara#kat4 days ago

Miguel AularPapi, te gustan las chapas que vibran?4 days ago

Facundo Martin Ferronwoof4 days ago

Mario Pinardi(Fainting)4 days ago

Desirée Chienne DandelionO homem que minha pede a Deus que entre na minha vida!4 days ago

David ZizicHe cute4 days ago

Uggo Yevtuzhenko<34 days ago

Honey Berry#TeamCazwell <34 days ago

Kim BerlyLove !!!! 😍4 days ago

Gerald Panuthos<34 days ago

Chris GonzalezSexy papi 😘4 days ago

Anthony FeathersInstagram for Instant Love. 4 days ago

Iam BennuSeeeeeexy. 4 days ago

Joshua ColfordSo explain to me why u aren't married? And if u want a pocket Canadian......4 days ago

Kevin A Berniermy dream man4 days ago

Ken LeppelmanNice picture sir!!4 days ago

Fitz Simon Sanchez#DreamBoat4 days ago

Panda Steve Hernandez4 days ago

Melissa Jung-Howardlike a beast big daddy!! :D4 days ago

Today's workout. Inspired by yesterday's cupcake. #nomercymondays #noselfiecontrol

October 20th, 3:51 pm

Nathan Camargo:34 days ago

Roberto Rosales Cortez<34 days ago

Alexander Foxworth4 days ago

Jeferson Oliveira<3 . <34 days ago

Joee PinedaDamn papi4 days ago

Raphael FariaSo hot4 days ago

Joee Pineda4 days ago

Pa No Chudoonly white boy I'd do!4 days ago

Charles Chucky GGet it!4 days ago

Alvaro O'haraLOVE PHOTO!4 days ago

Stan Marxcute ;)4 days ago

Matthew JamesSo handsome. A face good enough to take home to meet mom.4 days ago

Gary MangiBAZOOKABUBBA needs a big brother are you available!!!!!!4 days ago

Matt Ryanzso handsome CAZWELL! Don't forget you are allowed to cheat a little bit O:)4 days ago

Poeticjustice SimmonsSexy papi.4 days ago

Jon Scott LittleSo fucking hot4 days ago

Rob Aueryum4 days ago

Ty JonesI wanna cuddle with you .... HARD: )4 days ago

Victor MontoyaYum !4 days ago

Gary Jordy CóllettWoof!4 days ago

Eme V. Kingcat *_*4 days ago

Greg JohnsonVery fu----g hot4 days ago

Kyle McKenna🙌 so hot!!! Gimme gimmie ice cream!4 days ago

Roger Campos AdrianoVERY HOT BABY4 days ago

Duke Alexander PettiI love Cazwell4 days ago

Williamsburg trade mode.

October 20th, 3:27 am

Stephen AndrewsSmooch5 days ago

Adam ChuludaI Saw Beyonce At Burger King ;-+)5 days ago

Adam Rowe5 days ago

Rita LoveCute as fuck!!!5 days ago

Gary MangiGod ur gorgeous!!!!!5 days ago

Caetano FabroNatália Garcez ⭐️👍5 days ago

Brian R. Douglassexy5 days ago

GC Robertbeast4 days ago

Kevin A Bernierwhat does trade mean4 days ago

When Cheetah meets Snow Leopard. W/ @cherie_lily pre show KUNST Bklyn last night. #dancelikeyougotgoodcredit

October 19th, 4:01 pm

Marcelo Jesús AndrésOh fuck me Cazwell !5 days ago

Melissa Melissa💜💙💛❤💚5 days ago

Heathers Handswww.etsy.com/shop/heathershandss5 days ago

Gerardo ReyesCazwell u are fine as fuck!!!5 days ago

Julian CamuezBe here can I get that track suit.5 days ago

Fonsi ToledoVen a México5 days ago

Blayse BarrymoreOh Mr Cazwell I like xxx 💜💜💜5 days ago

Jaime MurrayDamn caz, you're so fine!5 days ago

Cloches & VerresJungle ?1 day ago

Last night at KUNST Brooklyn, with @cherie_lily thanks @marcsifuentes #grilledcheeseandtomatosoup #hard2bfresh #KUNST

October 19th, 3:49 pm

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Love when me and @amandalepore end up matching. Tonight at KUNST before the show!! #KUNST #brooklyn

October 19th, 7:11 am

Andrez ContrerasGr8 pic!6 days ago

Roberto Hijuelos PinzónLove Amanda Lapore ..... Love Cazwell lips!!!6 days ago

Jesus ReyesI wish I were Amanda Lepore...6 days ago

Andrew BraunekerYou are Glamorous and Amoreus!!!6 days ago

BrodieDean James CarrHott!!!6 days ago

Barbara Malla<36 days ago

Paul Anthony EnciniasA fucking mazing6 days ago

John CloughLooking amazing! I want the #twopiece6 days ago

Keith DavisBoth fierce as fuck! 6 days ago

Mike Dantico:)6 days ago

Travis Kyle@cazwell ur fucking bomb!4 days ago

Narha Stephany Anteloidolos.......hahahapppppyyyy3 days ago

Cloches & VerresLove you !1 day ago


October 17th, 8:35 pm

Vrandon MichaelM.soundcloud.com/KingRockstarr you aint kno now hoe im the da baddest bottom.prince from head to the toe nail 7 days ago

Vrandon MichaelIm out7 days ago

Stefan SiSchifteh kunstparty at verboten sounds like fun!6 days ago

He's so ¡Spicy! with Cherie Lily, Big Dipper and @Craig C. http://youtu.be/kL4lcWD2IkE/… #Ithinklelikesme

Cazwell featuring Cherie Lily - ¡Spicy! Written by: Cazwell, Big Dipper, Cherie Lily, and Craig C. BUY ON ITUNES! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hard-2-b-...

October 16th, 6:15 am

Ricky Domenesqite amo cazwell<31 week ago

Alex VeeYou're so spicy daddy!1 week ago

Shaun Edwards#spicy1 week ago

Pedro CarchariasI'm spicier than any chilli pepper.1 week ago

Olivier Couzon JiménezHe's so spicy I think he likes me. One of my favorites1 week ago

Saturday Night!!! I'm having another Hard 2 B Fresh performance at @bartschland 's KUNST party!!! 54 N 11 st Williamsburg!! I'll be performing this new track w/ @cherie_lily a couple others!! #¡SPICY! #hard2bfresh #KUNST

October 16th, 2:14 am

Shaun Edwards#Spicy1 week ago

Luis MercadoYour so hot1 week ago

Paul ConaSounds SPICY. Would love to see you guys shake it live!!! 😜👯1 week ago

Travis MooreHow the hell does your skin look like that??!? #flawless1 week ago

Today's the last day to get the HELEN KELLER "I Don't See HUH" t-shirts for only $8.99! Get um while I still got ya size! Ships out tomorrow cazwell.com/shop link in bio

October 15th, 5:08 pm

Robson MarcelloLindo <31 week ago

Rocky GrazianoI love your smurf tattoo1 week ago

Adam BathonSo Hot1 week ago

Kai RajalaAlex Turnbull1 week ago

Leonardo Noneshandsome!1 week ago

Nathaniel Mochalite VisneaskusOMG I NEED ONE!!!1 week ago

Zach BaughmanSexy beast!1 week ago

Ron Romijn de SnooHope it arrives soon! :)1 week ago

Alexander Kokhie Colonhot and handsome 1 week ago

Sean McLaughlinYou always take great photos. Looking handsome as ever!1 week ago

Justin WeaverCan't wait till mine arrives in the mail! LOVE THIS DESIGN!!!1 week ago

Sean FoerstDone1 week ago

J Bevard Hargravepsyched about my order aaaaaah1 week ago

Joseph AufenthieAgain, a gay icon doesn't have my size. #PhatProblems1 week ago

Chris WilliamsJust ordered mine!!!1 week ago

Jody Castillogo to braille, bitch.1 week ago

David Arthur BatchelorLove the shirt. wish I could ave one :)1 week ago

Kirk Montrealerthe tshirt should say..I'M A NASTY HO'mo1 week ago

Jeffrey RodriguezC'mon Cazwell, big boys need ♥️ too. No 2x?1 week ago

Diego Alejandro ArmentaJust bought mine!!!1 week ago

Blue MurphySo handsome.1 week ago

Justyna BobinskaI love that Smurf1 week ago

Faizal OmarCute1 week ago

Tomer MassageHot1 week ago

Brian Burks-FrascelloAwesome smurf tatt. Well, they all are1 week ago

PerezHilton.com: CAZWELL Listen to This: Cash This Check! SOURCE: http://perezhilton.com/2014-10-10-cazwell-cherie-l…

October 14th, 9:33 pm

Vis Nando ÁlvarezNext LA darling!! but do not forget Madrid and Barcelona and London perhaps!! 1 week ago

James Tannerno thanks perez is a piece of shit1 week ago

Cameron HicksWon't ever go to that pigs site.1 week ago

Dante JonesWhen are you SD bound? Still waiting!!1 week ago

Dante Jones:)1 week ago

Matt Ryanzlove it CAZWELL!!! :) :) :)1 week ago

Gary GregoryWhen are you coming to London??1 week ago

Jean-Sébastien RhéaumeOh Cazwell, please don't mention ''him'' again...1 week ago

Caleb AltoCleft CokerDid I see Big Dipper?1 week ago

Idolator: CAZWELL & Cherie Lily Send Up Video Vixen Chic In The Bianca Del Rio-Featuring “Dance Like You Got Good Credit”: Watch SOURCE: http://idolator.com/7566216/…

October 14th, 8:12 pm

Matt RyanzGreat feature CAZWELL!!! Keep it up buddy!!! :)1 week ago

Chris WilliamsLoves it!1 week ago

Wendy's over. The day has begun. Let's go! ⤴️

October 13th, 2:56 pm

Camilo GarciaLove u bitch2 weeks ago

Jerry UnseldHave a great day2 weeks ago

John WrightU so SEXY!2 weeks ago

Alexander Kokhie Colonso sexy and cute 2 weeks ago

Joee PinedaFine ass daddy2 weeks ago

Amanda Simon-BissigI love that face 😍2 weeks ago

Zach BaughmanI wanna go... Where to?2 weeks ago

REllis JamesI love that jacket! Well and you also2 weeks ago

Dante JonesLol lol. I have 30 min West Coast Time!2 weeks ago

William Joseph Harris IIBrutal2 weeks ago

Charly Patito ValleI what take a pic with u always i see u walking for my job i m from honduras2 weeks ago

William Joseph Harris IIhttp://soc.att.com/1v64Agf2 weeks ago

Fonsi ToledoI love u1 week ago

Alexander KaneCute...1 week ago

Put in on Ya calendar!! Next Saturday the 18th im performing new tracks off my new album with @cherie_lily At @bartschland 's KUNST in Williamsburg. #KUNST #hard2bfresh

October 12th, 11:50 pm

Nick BryantI know you're in love with him.2 weeks ago

The DLhttps://www.facebook.com/TheDLOfficial1 week ago

W/ @punkspank DJn for his gallery opening 80 Washington Square track playin' ¡SPICY! #H2BF

October 11th, 10:39 pm

Gustavo Santos<32 weeks ago

Damian BednarekCome to uk cant get visa to usa lol2 weeks ago

Steve BurrLove the album...2 weeks ago

Sara Selliesso hot2 weeks ago

Milton McLellan JrSo hot! 🌹2 weeks ago

Erik FickhesenHe's so spicey!2 weeks ago

Evian José DelgadoI Wanna suck you off!!!2 weeks ago

Noémie Bélanger-MorinMélissa Moorin2 weeks ago

Tony BudzSpicy like a El Ray Burrito! ;)2 weeks ago

Fonsi ToledoEy Cazwell, I Love You, Cásate Conmigo, I Wanna Kiss You2 weeks ago

Today is the birthday of Islan Nettles. She would've been 23 today. She was a transgender female who died after being savagely beaten to Death by her attacker Paris Wilson across the street from a police precinct in Harlem. According to witnesses, Wilson was shouting Homophobic and Transphobic Slurs before being pulled off the victim by police. The assainlant received only misdemeanor assault charges that were dropped after spending only 10 hours in jail …. Today, he is walking free in nyc. he has not been charged with murder. Islan was an aspiring Fashion Designer whos dreams were cut short by the same type of hate crime that took Matthew Shepard and countless other lgbt youth. PLEASE RETWEET AND REGRAM @humanrightscampaign @HRC @manhattanda @HRC #justice4islan

October 10th, 5:14 pm

Victor MontoyaThat's a Shame !2 weeks ago

Diane JoãoUgh, this world sometimes.2 weeks ago

Clay Hoodwtf?2 weeks ago

Gerald PanuthosMay she rest in paradise. Amen.2 weeks ago

Kevin SaadSo sad...2 weeks ago

Brendan ShawThank u cazwell for sharing. I've posted to further show support.2 weeks ago

Qid HassanJustice for all excludes transgenders?? What does all means??2 weeks ago

Dante JonesMy heart hurts!!!2 weeks ago

Ashlen CooperOh my gosh2 weeks ago

Ilian Vargas PovedaThat's horrible!2 weeks ago

JoshLynn FeelMmore<32 weeks ago

GheLo RañesesWhat the fuck is happening with the society? So much cruelty.2 weeks ago

Luis LaloEquality !!!2 weeks ago

Dyeguxho KhastroJustice!2 weeks ago

Rikki PaciniHow can these people sleep at night after leting a murderer get off easy?2 weeks ago

Erik PassaraWhatta hell2 weeks ago

HEY YALL!!! i had to start a new soundcloud ! please follow me on it! i will be droppin' exclusive tracks and remixes there a few times a month! xoxoxoxo caz https://soundcloud.com/cazwellnyc

Listen to CAZWELLNYC | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.

October 9th, 10:53 pm

Listen to CAZWELLNYC | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.

T.j. Krinock Jr.Love it! Please make your new "Do The Right Thing Mixtape" downloadable! It's so fierce! ❤️2 weeks ago

CHARLSGOLDobviously //2 weeks ago

LISTEN!!! ME + Nicky da B + Dai Burger "DONT GET IT TWISTED!" on Peace Bisquit https://youtube.com/watch/…

Cazwell featuring Nicky Da B and Dai Burger - Don’t Get It Twisted Written by: Cazwell, Dai Burger, Nicky Da B, Bill Coleman, and RedTop Recorded by/at: Seve...

October 9th, 6:23 pm

Edgar Ivan SuarezGreat song, Great album!2 weeks ago

Asrael Miaui love this song ;P2 weeks ago

John CloughLove this track! #favouritelips2 weeks ago

Mark ChambersFavorite!!2 weeks ago

Frank HarrisonYour a retard! I'm removing u - u wanna be - dick pick????2 weeks ago

Joshua MartinMmhmmm2 weeks ago

Mark MedranoCAN U MAKE A VIDEO FOR THIS SONG!!!!! Please!!!!!!!! 🙏😘1 week ago

This week only! HELEN KELLER "I Don't See HUH" T-shirts in black and gold only $8.99!! All sizes available including TwinkOtterBearand Grizzly LINK IN BIOcazwell.com/shop

October 8th, 8:00 pm

Justin WeaverCan't wait to get mine in the mail!2 weeks ago

Jesus Kahd CastilloLink doesn't werk =(2 weeks ago

Garth MillerThat's just wrong. With this and your 'I'm gay fat' comment I'm really starting to wonder what type of person you are? A Gay Bullie?2 weeks ago

DanniBoi HookCan i buy the guy...?! Ill pay for him instead...2 weeks ago

Roger SkeeteIt comes with the boy right? I'll pay the postage!!! ;)2 weeks ago

Brendan ShawAmusing shirt. Cute guy.2 weeks ago

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