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March 27th, 2:53 pm

Michael BorhiBill Coleman Angelo Pepe Skordos Michele L. Ruiz10 hours ago

Lloyd T. Rice II<3 <3 <3 !10 hours ago

And you said I never smile..

March 27th, 12:34 am

Olo DiazNice smile!!24 hours ago

Matty Nason😍24 hours ago

Aaron Doyle GreenYou're just real fucking pretty24 hours ago

Maurice BethelVery nice. Thank you.24 hours ago

Charles Buchannonβ™‘24 hours ago

Jeff FreebernBeautiful smile24 hours ago

Misho NeevWow dog is awesome24 hours ago

Travis Ryan McMurrayLook at those eyes, too!24 hours ago

Gerald Panuthossomebody must be down there giving u head! ;)))24 hours ago

Marco AurΓ©lioWell! Well! =)24 hours ago

Darrell AllenI want sum24 hours ago

Aaron GoodenStunning24 hours ago

Nate ThompsonOh fer cute ;) jk, looking hot stud :)24 hours ago

Gary MangiYou Foyne lol!!!24 hours ago

Alexia LimaWow24 hours ago

Carlos Escabedocute dog24 hours ago

Dima Dimka DmitryFuck! I said that in October when I asked for picture with you :D24 hours ago

Sedrick WillisI love it.24 hours ago

Brett KlingDid it hurt?24 hours ago

Tim MartinezSo sexy and that smile maximizes your sexiness24 hours ago

Gary Waynelookin good bro24 hours ago

Sedrick WillisπŸ‘½24 hours ago

Adam OwenGood24 hours ago

Gary Waynelook at that delicious pit hair24 hours ago

Xibalba ValkyrieReminds me of a song by warrant. Cherry pie.24 hours ago

Tonight! At Do The Right Thing @ritznewyork we celebratin the birth of @punkspank

March 27th, 12:24 am

Antonio AvalosWhen will you come to SF? mmmmmmmmmm20 hours ago

CAZWELL added a new photo.

March 26th, 5:39 pm

Robby AnglinBah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !20 hours ago

Marcquese Theboss BanksLmfao Hahahaha12 hours ago

Kyrah JordanUR A DICK!!! but u right! Lol2 hours ago

Fenuxe Magazine | Gay Atlanta | LGBT "Hot Homo" by CAZWELL featuring Big Dipper as one of 5 essential songs and remixes that should be on your playlist right now! SOURCE: http://issuu.com/fenuxe/docs/…

March 25th, 10:09 pm

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March 25th, 3:42 am

Luis L Casco😍 MY bo3 days ago

Steven SDYomii!!!!3 days ago

Tiago OzzStunning G.U.Y o/3 days ago

Tiago OzzLook his mouth, cmo3 days ago

Tiago OzzOkay, Ill stop lol3 days ago

Mark MackeyHello3 days ago

Misho NeevYou look great😝3 days ago

Pablo Fernandesyes cool3 days ago

Luis Belmonte SedanCool3 days ago

Christian FrancoRawr3 days ago

Roger CanamarYou are sooooo handsome!3 days ago

Chris GonzalezLove those eyes. And your noise is cute. ☺️😘3 days ago

Krazie TinoπŸ”₯SexieπŸ”₯3 days ago

Antonio AvalosBaby3 days ago

Ryan Shervington<33 days ago

Dorian CanoMuah3 days ago

Tim MartinezSo hot3 days ago

EJ McBridesexy2 days ago

Happy National Puppy Day!!! #nationalpuppyday #riceandbeans

March 25th, 2:30 am

Miguel PerezEdna Martinez Pero no!3 days ago

Frankie BlackWanna go to yo mammas house for rice an beans?3 days ago

Maurice BethelCute pooch but, I'd rather see you.2 days ago

EJ McBridevery cute2 days ago

LA❀️ La Cita for @mustachemondays with @ev007_ look @rikvilla

March 24th, 10:51 pm

Maurice BethelXOXOX!3 days ago

Bob BorgognoCazwell, if your ever in the mood for a Utah guy, I'm him! Come to salt lake city.3 days ago

Anthony Stephen Pasinello Neveu<33 days ago

Emil NortanLovely3 days ago

Brian WillisI can't even process this3 days ago

Antonio AvalosMmmmm3 days ago

Claudio Santiago😍2 days ago

Kevin ArmstrongHi CAZWELL I have mustache. Mia Johnson please confirm.2 days ago

EJ McBridei love those poseses2 days ago

CAZWELL added a new photo.

March 24th, 6:14 am

Peter Griggs"Don't!" He cried "You're killing me!"4 days ago

William Joseph HarrisMed spa millinery4 days ago

Bytchard HoundstoothBath house?4 days ago

Johns TompkinsWhy do you do this to me..4 days ago

Chris GonzalezMay I join you 😍 πŸ‘…πŸ’¦4 days ago

Roger Micheletty Jr.I Adore your Amanda Lepore tattoo!!!πŸ’œπŸ‘„πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ4 days ago

Amilcar Luis RamirezBeatifull.....I LOVE YOU4 days ago

William Cruz❀️4 days ago

Mark EldridgeLooking good bud4 days ago

Bryan Torres<3 Handsome <34 days ago

Prissy ArthurPlease share my link!! Anything helps!!! http://www.gofundme.com/PrissyArthur #gofundme4 days ago

Charles Elliott MonsonMmm, so fresh 'n' clean.4 days ago

Heitor MonteWHY????4 days ago

David Felixbeautiful <34 days ago

Matthew GerwinMulti-tasking and doing your weave! Go you boy! Cheers!4 days ago

Misho NeevLol4 days ago

Stephane JimmyπŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜œ4 days ago

Peter PriestMmmmm4 days ago

Jules S-Club Decaudainβ€οΈπŸ‘4 days ago

Chris FrenchThis loser. Wow you're still alive? Your music sucks. Your videos are just pushing gay rights back. You're a skank. Vomit.4 days ago

Chris FrenchCazwells noise can't even be called music and his videos are nothing short of cheap unused porn4 days ago

Johns Tompkins^^ obviously you care enough to comment. Lol. Jealous much?4 days ago

Matthew EagerWhy's he wearing a shower cap? He has no hair. But he's still oh so pretty.4 days ago

Don Diego MartijnBonjourrrrr! Bon Diaaa Paps!4 days ago

T.j. Krinock Jr.Smexy.β€οΈπŸ’¦4 days ago

LA. you got me for 36 hours. Whattayawannado???

March 24th, 1:34 am

Carlos AugustoSo handsome 😍4 days ago

Mauro Andres CamaraCAZWELL in LA!!!!!4 days ago

Will JohnsonTake your pants off4 days ago

Jason McDanielI know what I wanna do4 days ago

Peter GriggsIt's hard to comment knowing you are married - anyway very handsome ( very hard - restraining)4 days ago

Lee RobinsonSend you to the UK! Specifically Sheffield πŸ˜‰4 days ago

Jon KightYour my rapping hero CAZWELL LOVE YOU I hope I see you one day4 days ago

Julia JeffriesThere are many thing I would like to do with u4 days ago

Hunter D EngleWhat ever u want me to !!!!!4 days ago

Carlos RodriguezCan't wait to tonight !!! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ™Œ4 days ago

Richard Rascon IIIDoggy style, missionary, on my knees, upside down, to the left, 69, flip fk, ;) :D4 days ago

Michael Horton😁4 days ago

Marcus R CotaSexy mother F****R4 days ago

PJ EscobarCome to Glendale I'll show you a good time like I did in Texas!4 days ago

Heitor MonteEnjoy4 days ago

Mons FloenCream pie4 days ago

Avismariesa SandarOh, l will think of something. You won't be bored!4 days ago

Anthony GarzaYesssss!4 days ago

Michael HenryCarry your child4 days ago

Chris GonzalezI wish I can see those blue eyes in person.4 days ago

Bryan PradoUm where do we find you?!?!?4 days ago

Yggor OliveiraSex.. Do you want?/4 days ago

Steven K AllenTake you for a walk to get pizza and find out more about you3 days ago

Joey Crafty Dough HealDrive to SF!3 days ago

Shawn Thompsonhttps://facebook.com/media/set/…3 days ago

IN LA TONIGHT! DJ set and live show at @mustachemondays at La Cita!

March 23rd, 10:23 pm

Antonio AvalosQuien quiere ir?4 days ago

Emil NortanHot.....4 days ago

Kelly BullingtonYeah4 days ago

Isaac JosephDude you must be exhausted4 days ago

Frank AngelDamon Devine4 days ago

Ben Raaphorstnaughty boy.!!!3 days ago

Shawn ThompsonAnd it looked like this!! off the hook https://facebook.com/video.php/…3 days ago

Shawn Thompsonhttps://facebook.com/media/set/…3 days ago

Terry Rogersbro this pic is sexy im so hard up for cazwell2 days ago

CAZWELL added a new photo.

March 23rd, 4:33 pm

Tommy ZeiYou wanna try cow tipping? Go ahead, I dare you.4 days ago

Ancìzar Guzmàn😁4 days ago

Fredo TroyBrian4 days ago

Joshua ColfordJimmy da Barber3 days ago

Ready for the meet and greet!! Thanks for the Big ❀️ Sacramento!! tomorrow LA

March 23rd, 7:33 am

Luisito SosaπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™5 days ago

Emil Nortan😍😍😍😍5 days ago

Michael AscencioMmmm i wana be right there with him5 days ago

Coco BernalYou are extremely good looking MR. CAZWELL5 days ago

Range BaltazarWish you stop by SF5 days ago

Edgar Francisco SandovalWhere in la5 days ago

Johns TompkinsIf you are asking where he is, you obviously aren't a fan. He's been posting his spring break tour all week5 days ago

Misho Neev......πŸ˜œπŸ˜„πŸ˜‰5 days ago

Peter MoralesThank you for coming to Club Mango's and rocking the crowd, fabulously !5 days ago

Maurice BethelCan't wait 'til you bring all that to South Florida.5 days ago

Rigo GarciaHe in la today. Scott5 days ago

Alan Joseph SaldanaDo you do the Meet and greet shirtless? LOL5 days ago

Thomas R. PolleriSo hot4 days ago

Welker FilipeI am in love with this guy #yeah hahaha4 days ago

Ben Raaphorstyo caz when are you comming to europe gr from benjamin from holland.!!!4 days ago

Frankie BlackI'm kinda ready for a meet an greet myself... jus sayin4 days ago

Michel Biggersfuckin sweet! do a metal song.3 days ago

SounDcheCk ManGS!! Sacramento tonight! 11PM SHaRP

March 23rd, 2:08 am

Misho Neev.......πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ5 days ago

Jared BlackmireYehssss god yehssssssss.5 days ago

Arthur Avalos Jr.Amanda Joy5 days ago

Dayne DammeYAY!!! See you later CAZWELL!!!5 days ago

Jenny PriceSean Walsh5 days ago

Travis MooreFuck yeah!!!5 days ago

Shaun PreeceYou are so sexy!5 days ago

Justin Micheal Walker DanielsCazwell is sexy5 days ago

Luis M Roldan Aponte😘😘5 days ago

Frederico GouveiaWow so sexy5 days ago

Arslan Demir😜😚😍😍5 days ago

Oscar Perez Guglieri<34 days ago

Colin BartonBig up Cazwell 😎4 days ago

James Lowell CarterWish I was there! I'm from Sacramento. When you comin to Dallas?4 days ago

SACRAMENTO!! #springbreaktour #mangos

March 22nd, 6:15 pm

Kenji MurphyThat's awesome. If only I still lived there5 days ago

Ramon JacksonThose eyes and those lips.....my gawd!!! So fly5 days ago

Jay WintonCan we collaborate please!???????5 days ago

Maurice BethelWould that I could be there. This video made my day on facebook.5 days ago

Kelly BullingtonYour adorable5 days ago

Venomous Lee5 days ago

Michel Dorion-persoI'M so in love :)5 days ago

Frederico Gouveia<35 days ago

Brian WillisGorgeous5 days ago

Carlos Carrillo TorresπŸ˜πŸ˜›5 days ago

Gregorious MaximusOh jeez. 😻5 days ago

Shan Miao❀️5 days ago

Christian MendezToowa5 days ago

David XavierMichelle Xavier5 days ago

Florent MessusÇa donne juste envie de faire l'amour avec toi !5 days ago

Karli BrownWho's that?5 days ago

Ron WashingtonThose Lips5 days ago

Jordan ElliottRussell Acton Tanner Kirley5 days ago

PaulyPaul Kaydence JayneYum5 days ago

Range BaltazarYou're so Fucking sexy come to SF5 days ago

Misho Neev......πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ5 days ago

Michael BurnYou are absolutely beautiful!!! I'm in love with you!!!5 days ago

Andos Pandos EleyOoft!5 days ago

IvΓ‘n Mendoza LoyaChanesse Kaleo Ho'omaha Brown5 days ago

Coco HoltonCAZWELL5 days ago

Right now. #sanjose #springbreaktour

March 22nd, 6:02 am

Marvin Marc TreanorTake me along, we'd have so much fun !6 days ago

Maurice BethelCome to South Florida.5 days ago


March 21st, 9:06 am

Marvyn Valcorpse❀❀7 days ago

Itzme SonuU did your thing β™‘β™‘β™‘7 days ago

Victor CruzWoof7 days ago

Oda Mae BrownWhy won't you love me already???? GD7 days ago

Itzme SonuSee you at splash 2night7 days ago

Cody G Gallowaycodygallowaypersonal@ yahoo.com hit me up I wanna feature throw me a price bro please7 days ago

Jesse McConlogueYou were here today? Damnit! πŸ˜” I missed it.7 days ago

Dave CurtisYou, seΓ±or, are not modesto. ; )7 days ago

Gareth Ernstbest pic :)7 days ago

James TuckerModesto California? I only just heard about the place because of an episode of Looking! :-)7 days ago

Jimm WiedemanLooking sexy7 days ago

Adriano Ramos GarelhanoSpeak portuguΓͺs?7 days ago

Jessee-Michael RamirezYou're in the bay? Come to Oakland!6 days ago

Dante JonesSan Diego is only an hour and 15 minutes away!!! Come on down!6 days ago

Richard Rascon IIIModesto?6 days ago

Cherik CastlesCazwell πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹6 days ago

Vinicius Ribeironhac6 days ago

Carlos Sanchez6 days ago

Tiago AlmeidaIndeed6 days ago

Maurice BethelMy new addiction. Thank you sir, may I have another?5 days ago

Leaving for Climax Modesto!!! #springbreaktour

March 21st, 6:33 am

Troy Linkousmmmm7 days ago

Carlos CastaΓ±edahey boy! ;)7 days ago

Allan Starpro@cazwell HELLOOOOOOO!7 days ago

Jon TurbettWhen are you coming back to MN? Saw you at Lush a few years ago, it was amazing!7 days ago

Pablo MedranπŸ™ˆ7 days ago

Jamie BrakecapitalG7 days ago

Jerrod Jordanwish the Tour was closer!!7 days ago

Ivan ContrerasMy sister have the same panda jaja7 days ago

Nick CattaneoJoe Fraijo7 days ago

Michael JamesYaH YummmmmmmmmZ7 days ago

Jefferson AlvezI want some ice cream7 days ago

Matthew IsernhagenWhen are you going to be there stud? Would love to meet ya7 days ago

Nando Fiusa😘7 days ago

Quinton AkaCory CrittendenHave mercy7 days ago

Ben Raaphorstgood luck on your tour.gr Benjamin.7 days ago

Erich Van HindnπŸ‘7 days ago

Range BaltazarCome to me7 days ago

Omar DiamandisWrong dates cazwell!!7 days ago

Lee WaltripI live there, wish I could see you. But gotta crash for work.7 days ago

Rudy ValdezYummy7 days ago

Alvaro O'haraHUM...7 days ago

Chris GonzalezDamn πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘…πŸ’¦7 days ago

Liam Eliott Timothei GuihotWooooww 😱😱😍😍7 days ago

Joshua LazaroLooking good like us at Louisville gay pride7 days ago

William CruzPapi! Love it 😁7 days ago

West Coast Weekend with CAZWELL 3/22 - Modesto 3/23 - San Jose 3/24 - Sacramento 3/25 - Los Angeles #SpringBreak

GETCHA TICKETS!!SPRING BREAK TOUR March 22 Climax, Modesto March 23 Splash, San Jose March 24 Mangos, Sacramento. March 25 Mustache La Cita, LA.

March 20th, 7:06 am

Patrick JmπŸ™Œ1 week ago

Luis Omar RamosNo San Diego...? πŸ˜“1 week ago

Cort SwensonAck so close to Portland yet still so far away1 week ago

Serna Cruzno San Francisco?1 week ago

Alex WilkesOmg!!!!!! Im going to this!!! I <3 Cazwell!!!!!1 week ago

Jairzhino CanoNo sf?hello!1 week ago

Gary GregoryAre you ever gonna make it to the UK?1 week ago

Jonathan ThorntonNo San Francisco or Oakland? Come on man!1 week ago

CAZWELL changed their profile picture.

March 20th, 6:59 am

David Isaac Cantu1 week ago

Demontrich ScruggsSexy.1 week ago

Ingo AusderHeidegreat looking man!! :-)1 week ago

Lawrence R AllenI bet you have the cutest smile. Your eyes are beautiful. Deep.1 week ago

Emil NortanπŸ’‹1 week ago

Ben Raaphorstsmile!!!1 week ago

Johns TompkinsYyyyoooowza. Hey Cazwell do you read your comments? Must feel good to be ooogled over by everyone. Handsome man.1 week ago

Eric CoburnLove the beard, beautiful.1 week ago

Shyam Adhikarisup wow1 week ago

Andrea Giorgos Vasilikoscool1 week ago

Keith HixonYour coming to Sacramento and so want to see you this weekend#calilife1 week ago

Casper Famouzβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’1 week ago

Donald BloomquistYou are beautiful!1 week ago

Andry C Valdivialove you usa1 week ago

Harold Jaron Campbell😍😍😍😍😍😍😍1 week ago

Gregory Peck1 week ago

Scott DarbyWith a spoon!1 week ago

Edgar AradamChupar!!!!! Bem gostoso!!!7 days ago

Bryan TorresMy perfect man <3 I love U honey7 days ago

Tall TonyThose candy shop lips tho πŸ˜›6 days ago

GETCHA TICKETS!!SPRING BREAK TOUR March 22 Climax, Modesto March 23 Splash, San Jose March 24 Mangos, Sacramento. March 25 Mustache La Cita, LA.

March 20th, 1:19 am

Itzme SonuWhere is mine; ))1 week ago

Jessika Wright25th or 22nd in sac?1 week ago

Michael PisockiKANSAS CITY!! or TOPEKA!! (AS IF...)1 week ago

Frankie BlackWhy not come to kentucky?1 week ago

Derek Stone MoradoWait I'm from Sac... And WTF is Mangos!?1 week ago

Isauro Paul Lopez SanchezAre u coming to mpls ?1 week ago

Dan Lee Raywhere do i get tickets for LA?7 days ago

Tonight! At @ritznewyork with @peppermint247 and @kingralphyofficial fly boi dancers 10 till ... #dotherightthing

March 20th, 12:15 am

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March 19th, 10:02 pm

Daniel Jaime SanchezCall me! Lol1 week ago

Oscar Natalio FunesTi amo I love you te amo eu te queru je t'aime U R da ONE!!!!1 week ago

Jose CartagenaSEXY Beast !!!1 week ago

Fernando MartinsIncredible hadsome, even far from here.1 week ago

Jude SanchezI got no selfie control.....1 week ago

Gregory PeckWOOF!!1 week ago

Mark RoblesHello1 week ago

Matt FosterYou just can't get any more perfect1 week ago

Yggor OliveiraOmg. F*$% hard!!1 week ago

Brian WillisLips1 week ago

Anthony-Charles GaddisLooks good Caz1 week ago

David Ernesto LΓ³pez ValdezGosh!1 week ago

Douglas M. SettiOmg "lindo"1 week ago

Harold Jaron CampbellGorgeous1 week ago

CΓ©sar Manuel Palomera FloresWhy in almost your last picture you look a little bit sad?1 week ago

Emil NortanπŸ˜™1 week ago

David GalvanChulo1 week ago

CAZWELL created an event.

Monday, March 23rd - @[42514734931:274:CAZWELL] - Live @ @[105631829468158:274:MUSTACHE MONDAYS] La Cita Bar 336 S Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90013

March 19th, 7:06 pm

CAZWELL: @ Live @ La Cita Bar for Mustache Mondays in LA!


March 23, 2015, 12:00am

Monday, March 23rd - CAZWELL - Live @ MUSTACHE MONDAYS La Cita Bar 336 S Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90013

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March 19th, 10:38 am

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