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April 18th, 10:35 pm

Kaique MouraFODE!14 hours ago

Jillian Close SwopeSo pretty14 hours ago

Justin PalmerPerfection.14 hours ago

Darren Richardsphoarrr !14 hours ago

VenΓ’ncio AntunesFUUCK ME14 hours ago

David Maverick Cardona14 hours ago

Paul Anthony EnciniasFag14 hours ago

Kyle William StephensonYes. <314 hours ago

Kraig Martin Vereen10014 hours ago

Michele Spezzacatena😍 my love πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›14 hours ago

William Mokytojas AldersonSexy man, makes me wipe mouth.14 hours ago

Alvaro Luna<314 hours ago

Tayda Lebonvery good photo!14 hours ago

Wayne Smith JrI had to do a double take with this picture. I realized that he was in a gym and not doubling as a ninja with kitanas on his back.14 hours ago

Carlos Eduardo Dos SantosWow ... This mouth 😘😍14 hours ago

Emil NortanLoveLy....14 hours ago

Enriq Mndz😘😘😘😘14 hours ago

Fede Sch(L)14 hours ago

Davi AlexandreLindo... :)14 hours ago

Jase RoeSo hawt.... nummy14 hours ago

Jase Roe14 hours ago

Tyler HaugenSerious gym face. Hot14 hours ago

Shawn RaycraftWoof14 hours ago

Manuel BarberiniFierce! :D13 hours ago

Matt KrugerWoof!!! Yes!!! Now!!! Pls!!!13 hours ago


April 18th, 12:43 pm

Gareth Ernst:)24 hours ago

Gareth ErnstNew York in Spring.24 hours ago

Scott GarverBeautiful man.24 hours ago

Kostis KonstantinidisSo handsome.24 hours ago

Miguel Martinez<324 hours ago

Aguinaldo FloresOh My CREATOR!!!WHAT A BOY!!!24 hours ago

Glenn Maximilian Ted HugHandsome as always ;)24 hours ago

Ruben NavarroSo pretty.24 hours ago

Jeffrey FiskHandsome24 hours ago

Marcus Karn<3 ❀️24 hours ago

Michael MartinezSo haute!!!24 hours ago

Misho NeevMorning.....,happy and smiling day 😜23 hours ago

Ben EmersonYou up so earrrly.23 hours ago

Chase JamesDamn23 hours ago

Mark FrazerBoo Yaa!23 hours ago

Fran Chagas Chagas RodriguesBelo23 hours ago

Ricardo Rivera#Jevo22 hours ago

Ben Raaphorstare you not getting sick of all that ass kissing, nobody asks you if you are a happy person gr benjamin.22 hours ago

Jhonny BIomg cute...!! :D21 hours ago

Elizabeth Gonzalez<3 :-*20 hours ago

Gonzalo Javier CerdaBello😘20 hours ago

Terry Rogersdam cazwell bro u always dress so good19 hours ago

Vinicius Moreiralindo!17 hours ago

Cody G GallowayDope shirt17 hours ago

David WhittGorgeous!!!12 hours ago

CAZWELL added a new photo.

April 17th, 11:39 pm

Roberto Rosales Cortezte amo! <32 days ago

Gabriel Costaenfia que cabe2 days ago

Ron Romijn de SnooGet my $$$ back πŸ’–2 days ago

Zach BaughmanBeing that hot is a sin. :)2 days ago

Antonio Valdez OrtizNice2 days ago

Pandavas PaybackpedroYour so " ". <32 days ago

Dennis HenchenThem lips!!! ARGH!!!2 days ago

Travis Ryan McMurray#noselfiecontrol πŸ˜‰2 days ago

William CruzRobert Frashure for a moment I thought it was you2 days ago

Gui LeiteFiu fiu!2 days ago

Lorenzo CotaSexie2 days ago

Petro DanceHusbandt! πŸ’™2 days ago

Jamey CorbinWoof sexiness2 days ago

Dolce PerrelieLove you shade, funky 😎2 days ago

Gabriel DixonNice Bronze2 days ago

Tim TalbotCan, ur too damn sexy! :)2 days ago

Anthony DanielsTake me to your mamas for dinner2 days ago

Jhonny BICAZWEELLLLL ..!!! :D1 day ago

Nate ScottSO SEXY!!!!! YUM!!!!1 day ago

Jsin JonsinStunneing Stunner1 day ago

Sugar MenroeI'm Ready and Waiting....come scoop me up1 day ago

Dorian CanoMuah1 day ago

Gingey St. ClairHello hotness1 day ago

Lance AlanMarry me ha1 day ago

George Williams MartΓ­nezYummy1 day ago

CAZWELL created an event.

DJ: @[42514734931:274:CAZWELL] (Ice Cream Truck, All Over Your Face, Get My Money Back) Opening set from DJ King Atlas Performances by: CAZWELL Michael Robinson Biqtch Puddin' J. Tyler $20 pre-sale (available through April 1) $25 at the door before midnight $30 at the door after midnight Presale: HausofBarryBrandon.com This event is 18+ Please note that there is a $5 extra fee for anyone under 21 coming to the event to be paid upon entry

April 17th, 9:12 pm

CAZWELL: DJ Set @ Jungle Atlanta in Atlanta, GA

May 16, 2015, 10:30pm

DJ: CAZWELL (Ice Cream Truck, All Over Your Face, Get My Money Back) Opening set from DJ King Atlas Performances by: CAZWELL Michael Robinson Biqtch Puddin' J. Tyler $20 pre-sale (available through April 1) $25 at the door before midnight $30 at the door after midnight Presale: HausofBarryBrandon.com This event is 18+ Please note that there is a $5 extra fee for anyone under 21 coming to the event to be paid upon entry

Ben Raaphorstto bad your never in europe!!!1 day ago

Jerry HeadShawn M Rivere You need to check this out!19 hours ago

Steven Glen Diehl#CantWait - πŸ’•BΓ¬qtch PuddiΕ„' 🐢18 hours ago


April 17th, 3:23 am

Camilo HernΓ‘ndezMarry me!2 days ago

Joe StellaHot2 days ago

Jhonny BIHOLA :D2 days ago

Jay LiebowitzCome to Daddy sexy boy2 days ago

Dave FischerYou want me. You just don't know it yet. lol2 days ago

Gabriel DixonBeautiful EyezπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯2 days ago

Tiago AlmeidaMASSIVE πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ I luv that t-shirt2 days ago

Scott GarverYou're the most gorgeous man. And business savvy for YEARS. The Real Deal.2 days ago

Misho NeevBeautiful2 days ago

Chris GonzalezThose blue eyes and headphones are sexy. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™2 days ago

Mennii Santiago😊2 days ago

Benjamin GazyThis reminds me of when we made out. πŸ’‹2 days ago

CoCoryan TolandChris, I was going to say the same thing.2 days ago

Martin GarzaSo cute2 days ago

Yanko GuerreroMuch love from the az ghetto23 hours ago

Adam Chester Lepieszkiewiczomg that t-shirt <322 hours ago

Last Sunday night. #downtown

April 17th, 2:59 am

Tony BudzIt's like a buffet....2 days ago

Carlos Armando RamìrezI can't imagine what happened after you took that pic...2 days ago

Jim Laughlinlooks like it wasan ogry and cazweels2 days ago

Misho Neev,,,,,πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜™2 days ago

Bobbee MooreMore pictures like this please ;-)2 days ago

Tyler HaugenDamn! Hot hot hot!2 days ago

CoCoryan TolandLooks like a party I would be at2 days ago

Marco Antonio GarciaWowzers!2 days ago

Joe CooperHmmmm Jealous2 days ago

TrΓ© R SancNext time invite me, I adore a good old fashion bukaki2 days ago

Robert L FlemingCan I come next time?2 days ago

Ryan William CrawfordJealous2 days ago

Trevor RedmondNice !2 days ago

Jhonny BIOEEEE ..!! <32 days ago

Carlos Armando RamìrezIt reminds me to the Milk Bar from The Clockwork Orange.2 days ago

Mike L Hodges6 man orgy. yum2 days ago

Bryan BurnetteMy kinda night2 days ago

Katsumi Darkrai TsangO_O.....c-can I join?2 days ago

Carlos Escabedoice cream time2 days ago

Jose Juan MuΓ±ozP2 days ago

Chris GonzalezSuper hot πŸ”₯πŸ˜πŸ‘…πŸ’¦2 days ago

Leka ImLekit Higuera Emma Rhoids April Zavala A Cock-work Orange.2 days ago

Harrison MeltonWhen do I get an invite to one of Caz's underwear parties? 😝2 days ago

Brighton Rock2 days ago

Cy HallKatia Stocco2 days ago

Get it. #regram @abfranchise

April 17th, 2:50 am

Michael Ceniceros2 days ago

Ross BurtonIs that my Mom?2 days ago

Isaiah GarciaI love it!2 days ago

Garrick RustellÉdouard Bourgault Parisé2 days ago

Todd PaulShe be like, hold my weave I got a few republican A$$e$ to kick.2 days ago

Victor ValdezDavid Zachary Owen2 days ago

Kestner Paz1 day ago

New look for a new video. #TheBiscuit #comingsoon

April 15th, 6:23 pm

Matias BurgardtArgentina Loves You! <3 :34 days ago

Anthony TorresSwag4 days ago

Joey Watkins*boing*4 days ago

Lorenzo CotaGo sexie Alladin4 days ago

Jason OvalleYes Papi!4 days ago

Alek Cruz G😍😍 Love you!!4 days ago

John WilliamsThe biscuit? Slap some gravy on it and eat it up!4 days ago

Roger CanamarGorgeous!!!4 days ago

Mikhail TorichYes yes yes!4 days ago

Loren Andrew SerritellaOh daddy4 days ago

Rozbisurmaniony ŁapserdakVery... Uhm... MIDDLE EAST?4 days ago

Martin GarzaDon't like it at all. I prefer something more like this.4 days ago

Bob BorgognoSexy F-er4 days ago

Anibal PuccioSheik yer booty!4 days ago

Chris KwalikCool as ever!4 days ago

N Deshawn MatosI love u cazwell!!!4 days ago

GC Robertboom! can't wait for video4 days ago

OΕ‹am ValeΕ‹zoNEW VIDEO !!? OK!4 days ago

Antonio Valdez OrtizNice lok4 days ago

Justin KimeEvery time I see one of your posts with you in another sexy outfit....I lick the screen of my iPhone!!4 days ago

Jay LiebowitzSo edible3 days ago

Ronnie VannaIts all about dem taunt lower abs!!!!!3 days ago

Gabriel DixonSex U Up3 days ago

Tiago AlmeidaFINALLYπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“3 days ago

David ZizicHe cute3 days ago

@DJDAWSON IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE DJ'S IN NYC. HE DROPPED SOME SERIOUSLY RATCHET BEATS AT MY HOUSE PARTY SUNDAY. PLEASE HELP HIM WIN MATINEE ALL STAR DJ. Visit the link below and #VoteDawson to help make me the next Matinee USA All-Star DJ! #MLV15 #MatineeVegas Vote here=> bit.ly/VoteDawson

April 15th, 5:14 pm

Dominic Yacobozziand he's HOT too πŸ˜‰4 days ago

Terry Rogersooh sleek and sexy bro4 days ago

CAZWELL feat. Cherie Lily "Dance Like You Got Good Credit" (The Peace Bisquit Brooklyn Bounce Video Remix) *Video Directed by Athena Maroulis *Video Remix and Re-Edit by Andy Ajar. GET IT HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/… https://youtu.be/-38em0eEjg8

CAZWELL feat. CHERIE LILY "Dance Like You Got Good Credit" (The Peace Bisquit Brooklyn Bounce Mix) Video Directed by Athena Maroulis Video Remix and Re-Edit ...

April 15th, 3:04 am

CAZWELLIt's GULLY! https://youtu.be/rZzaIm6hzJ44 days ago

Leonardo FernandesEduardo Israel escuta esse arr%mbo4 days ago

Dante JonesLove it!4 days ago

Mark FrazerFucking Love it!!!!4 days ago

QueerCentsNow that's a jam!!3 days ago

On my way!! #fashytraggots #brooklyngay #gaycomedy

April 14th, 10:18 pm

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#boom #regram @daisy_deadpetals

April 14th, 8:17 pm

Darcy John<3 Madonna5 days ago

Wesley FoxIKR5 days ago

David Kyle DulhantyShe's far from desperate! #TeamMadonna5 days ago

Apolo Miller GarayzarBitch she's Madonna πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š5 days ago

Irvin CastroM A D O N N A5 days ago

Daniel StaffeyMadonna your the Queen5 days ago

Vulmar Diward5 days ago

Michael MontanezIn all fairness...the first example is gross and desperate LOL (listenin' to Madonna as I post this)5 days ago

Roy OliveroGot that right5 days ago

Michael Franco5 days ago

Vulmar DiwardSo it's ok for young women to be with this old man for money but not ok for older woman to kiss a younger guy.. Whatever5 days ago

Michael MartinezNo matter what haters had to say πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘Š but she is so way far from desperate honey πŸ˜‘πŸ‘Ž #teammadonna πŸ’–πŸ’˜πŸ’–5 days ago

Johnny LawsonMadona is FUCKING HOT! I dont care how old she is!5 days ago

George DoranNo he just looked disgusted by it.5 days ago

Roland BaldwinMadonna is the fucking queen! Hefner is just an old snake! Ain't that right Derrick Knowles!5 days ago

Stephano Learmonth-CacilhasPreach! #TeamMadonna5 days ago

Brock StackhouseDrake should be lucky ! it's MADONNA !!!!!!5 days ago

Daniel NguyenThe difference here is that those women with Heff choose to be with him and Drake did not seem to appreciate Madonna making out with him.5 days ago

Pablo MedranAm I the only gay who is not obsessed with Madonna?5 days ago

Tom Napoli Jr.At least Hugh dresses his age and doesn't come out dressed in skimpy outfits with all his hanging aging skin all over the place. He no Richard Simmons in shorty short shorts5 days ago

Jude SanchezBitch I'm Madonna!!!!5 days ago

Rikki PaciniMadonna is the queen of pop . He should be grateful she even took the time to give him her presence πŸ˜‚ that depends on weather or not he was disgusted . I doubt he was5 days ago

Fabrizio Canepa5 days ago

Frank Enriquelove u cazwell!!!!5 days ago

Billy FryerDrake wanted the tongue elsewhere!5 days ago

I'm starting it!!! Trans Crush Tuesday's!! My first TCT goes out to my girl @tracelysette from Emmy Winning series Transparent and Law & Order. Follow her! Who's your #TCT ??

April 14th, 5:15 pm

Seth WilliamsonLove that u did that and totally needs to catch on :-). I dunno who mine would be tho :-(5 days ago

Roy HamiltonLove it, OMG mine would have to be Amanda Lepore !!!5 days ago

Colin KlebanoffThe "classics" never die, baby.5 days ago

Emily RoseYou should totally do this Nathan Sopher5 days ago

Mark FrazerI'm gonna pop all the way back to the 80s and name TULA! The first Trans Bond girl as my Trans Crush Tuesday, breaking ground for all those who came after her!!! Babe if she was good enough for James Bond she would be more than enough woman for me!!!! Yay5 days ago

Alexia LimaMyself4 days ago

Gerald GeeLocke PanuthosHe's Mine! 😍3 days ago

Miriam HernandezThis is amazing and I will be posting TCT to my wall. β€β€β€πŸ’‹2 days ago

QueerMeUp: CAZWELL Releases "Dance Like You Got Good Credit" Remixes ft. Cherie Lily. Go check out the remix videos! http://queermeup.com/music/…

April 14th, 4:06 pm

Tayda Lebonyes!!5 days ago

CAZWELL added a new photo.

April 14th, 5:34 am

Joshua BlackmonHandsome smile!! :D5 days ago

Benjamin Delos AngelesAre you going for the "dork" look now? Please don't! I can't beat off to that! πŸ˜‰5 days ago

Pablo IvΓ‘n ViverosTe amo5 days ago

Frankie BlackAnd there's that smile5 days ago

Scott GarverNavajo Hotness Aesthetic. Gorgeous man wearing it.5 days ago

Misho NeevYes5 days ago

Allen BrandtCute.5 days ago

Ross BurtonBob is funny.5 days ago

Brendan FitzgeraldThis dude looking sexy ass5 days ago

Amilcar Luis RamirezI love you....... Im Amilcar from Corrientes Argentina.......5 days ago

Trent DavisQuite an upstanding citizen. It's funnier with an English accent.5 days ago

Eric J SeaveyCazwell is one sexy boy!5 days ago

Joey ValtierraSmiley Cazwell πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ5 days ago

Melissa MurrySexy daddy!5 days ago

John Melligavery handsome5 days ago

Luis Lalo😘5 days ago

Miguel Angel CastaI love you cazwell5 days ago

Renan Sethabsolut adorable =P #sweet5 days ago

Ben Raaphorstanother smile wow your getting good at it xxxbenjamin.5 days ago

Bri-low Trustsuch a tall drink of water......gurrr5 days ago

Tiago AlmeidaBeautiful boy5 days ago

Bernard GaneTrop canon5 days ago

Michele SpezzacatenaCute😘5 days ago

Scott Aaron Grishkaso handsome. :)5 days ago

EJ McBrideLooking mighty sexy5 days ago

My two favorite Mexicans @rustyrooftop and Elvis.

April 14th, 5:21 am

Misho NeevMama miaπŸ‘‚5 days ago

Hector David Perez CruzCan I be one of your favorites Mexican ? πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š5 days ago

Matt KrugerHe Is hot! More pix of him pls5 days ago

Kyrah JordanIs he really a top though lol5 days ago

Sedrick WillisHe bomb as fucc5 days ago

Samuel O'FarrellYUM tattoos 😍😍😍5 days ago

Andrew TsyganDid Rusty get more tats?5 days ago

Francisco MoisΓ©s BecerraAw, I miss my friend Rusty. =(5 days ago

Davy BeamMaybe you should spell his name Elvez.5 days ago

Shawn MichaelHe's sexy as hell.5 days ago

Gareth Ernstsexy as fuck5 days ago

ScotLand HernandezHe looks wicked good with all the tats most people look bad like that πŸ˜„5 days ago

Michael MartinezCute pic πŸ˜πŸ‘5 days ago

Joey Crafty Dough HealRusty!4 days ago

Fernando S. TrejoI thought he was a Peruvian4 days ago

On deck #nofilter

April 13th, 1:07 am

Carlos Escabedotats for daze6 days ago

Swann JelanaRusty!!! 😍😍6 days ago

Bryan Ciccone Allen Frey-Keim#cutebutsmokes6 days ago

Trae EdwardsToo many tats. Not attractive at all.6 days ago

BuckWheat Azumi McNeal<3 I wanna join6 days ago

Mark RoblesHot.6 days ago

Shabi GarciaKapo6 days ago

Dennis RodriguezSexxii6 days ago

Brighton RockTrae Edwards no one cares for your opinon.6 days ago

Nahuel Nahuelβ™‘β™‘6 days ago

Pandavas PaybackpedroLove it!!!!6 days ago

Parminder ChimaI wanna hit6 days ago

Pandavas PaybackpedroBryan Ciccone Allen Keim that's green! Haha.6 days ago

Eric CoburnDamn that's Rusty!6 days ago

Eugénie Varème ImpératiceCOOL !!6 days ago

Ron CastoHey hey!! πŸ˜™6 days ago

Joseph TrankinaI haven't seen Rusty and Cazwell in the same pic in a long time. LOVES IT!!6 days ago

Scott GarverSO posting this on my Tumblr.6 days ago

Christopher YoungAll that fineness going on there. I need to be at that party. My types right there!6 days ago

Jose Juan MuñozRelax🚬🍻6 days ago

Maury RiosQue Honda chale hijo Otro toque. ....Hashanah by handsome6 days ago

David Arthur BatchelorMm sexy sexy6 days ago

David WeastYes!6 days ago

Damine DavisCholo THO !!!!6 days ago

PontΓ²n Jaison<3 <36 days ago

CAZWELL added a new photo.

April 12th, 5:24 am

Dennis McNealHAWT.1 week ago

Bri-low Trustso hottt1 week ago

Joey TronPretty1 week ago

Eric GleasonSexy as fuck made me look twice1 week ago

E.z. BoogieYeah...such a hottie1 week ago

David M. ChavezYou are the stuff wet dreams are made of...just sayin'.1 week ago

Marty GuestNice. "Meet me at the ice cream truck." I'll yell ya all about it.. :-P1 week ago

N Deshawn MatosYes...please1 week ago

Lycan la FontainePretty Nipples1 week ago

Paco Ugalde Preciado😍1 week ago

Joseph AufenthieI always stare at your chest and then your eyes and then your chest again.1 week ago

David Kyle DulhantyI love the scruff1 week ago

Magnus MoeHot ❀️1 week ago

Stuart LloydYou look so masculine, sexy! ;-) <31 week ago

Blue YoungDamn daddy...let me nurse on those nipples1 week ago

T.j. Krinock Jr.So dreamy.❀️1 week ago

Holy Sht PaulROSITA1 week ago

Miguel Angel CastaI love you Cazwell1 week ago

Lesha GagarebbeCazz? Roses? OMG!1 week ago

Dorian Cano1 week ago

Misho NeevYou look awesome πŸ˜„1 week ago

Jorge RcPapi!1 week ago

Sam IngramGod man you are sexy.1 week ago

Peter EsparzaYour background 😍1 week ago

Benjamin GazyπŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…1 week ago

Video shoot. W/ @briannieh87 #downtown

April 11th, 2:09 am

Mario NavarroLOVE U BITCH.....1 week ago

Terry Rogersboy u r looking sexy hot bro1 week ago

Video shoot. #DownTown

April 11th, 2:06 am

Davie M. KaimQt1 week ago

Misho Neev.......πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜‰1 week ago

Wecliton CostaLindo!1 week ago

CAZWELL changed their profile picture.

April 9th, 11:20 am

Misho NeevYou look awesome β™‹1 week ago

Strunz Scott AlanHi1 week ago

Matthias MatthewsPhoto bombed 🐢1 week ago

Pandavas PaybackpedroLil dawg :)1 week ago

Karol DudekMniam1 week ago

Daniel Woodruff-licks-1 week ago

Scott Aaron GrishkaGawgeous!1 week ago

Ichabod StitchLittle elvis, Awwwwwwwe!1 week ago

Lorenzo CotaI thought u had hair for an second there1 week ago

Alex MartinElvis is peakin at chu1 week ago

Jen JenI love the little dog!:-)1 week ago

Charles BuchannonPeek-a-Boo. :-) You're so damn adorable.1 week ago

Monique StephensThe dude or the dog!!1 week ago

Jaguar Mayahola cazwell1 week ago

Danielle Guzman1 week ago

Tommy ChrisAww I want one lol1 week ago

Eric DavidSuper cute1 week ago

Joe's Art & PhotographyMore hot pics @ facebook.com/joe.art.photography1 day ago


April 8th, 6:42 pm

Augustus BerryAWESOME pic2 weeks ago

Allan ZuΓ±igaHahaha the chihuahua πŸ˜πŸ’2 weeks ago

Edgar AradamChupar!!! Bem gostoso!!!!2 weeks ago

Jamey CorbinSexy as hell2 weeks ago

Daniel Alexander FriisLOL - Check out that sneaking Hound.. haha2 weeks ago

Misho Neev......πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜‰2 weeks ago

David Kyle DulhantyStellar love the beard!2 weeks ago

Anthony-Charles GaddisHey Caz, when.are you back at Boxers.2 weeks ago

Lopez Anthonyomg he's so cute! shooo straight up creepin! Lol2 weeks ago

Carlos Escabedotee hee b o w w o w2 weeks ago

Cary Kimberly<3!!!2 weeks ago

Jai GonzalezSoooooooo sexy2 weeks ago

Adam MillerGreen for the money and gold for da honey!2 weeks ago

Roger HenryBrilliant!2 weeks ago

Ray BieniaszWhat a cute chi!2 weeks ago

Arick NaederWehave 3 of them, they never fail to make me laugh :)2 weeks ago

Scott GarverJust like me, he wants to be, close to you . . . . .2 weeks ago

Forst William BrianUHH- St. Patrick's Day was last month................. Whatchyou smokin' yo? ^_______________________^!!!!2 weeks ago

Forst William Brian# LIL HAPPY CAZWELL Leprechaun REALNESS!!!!!2 weeks ago

David W Simswoof2 weeks ago

Ben Raaphorstyou are crushing your doggy luke!!!2 weeks ago

Gerard Sikoraphoto bombed2 weeks ago

Martin GarzaBig penis man :-)2 weeks ago

Jay LiebowitzA-Dog-Able2 weeks ago

William Joseph HarrisThey like to hide under blankets2 weeks ago

CAZWELL ft. Cherie Lily "Dance Like You Got Good Credit" REMIXES Remixed by @CJSwayne [aka BΓ…UT], Peace Bisquit [aka Count DeMoney, DJ Bill Coleman + @LEX] and XAXA. *Preview on SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/peace-bisquit/sets/… *Purchase: iTunes: http://apple.co/1D0SCsA Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1DvA1H8 Google Play: http://bit.ly/1NMT8Ox Amazon: http://amzn.to/1DvAnh3 Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1F9sNDD WITH Project Publicity + Big Dipper + Richie Beretta

CAZWELL Ft. CHERIE LILY: "Dance Like You Got Good Credit" REMIXES CJAY SWAYNE PEACE BISQUIT (COUNT DeMONEY, BILL COLEMAN and LEX) XAXA OUT NOW: iTunes: http://apple.co/1D0SCsA Beatport: http://btpr

April 8th, 10:02 am


Misho NeevAwesome2 weeks ago

Edd OrtizMexico Pleaseeeeee!1 week ago

"Dance Like You Got Good Credit" Remixes are featured on Spotify's New Releases! Go take a listen! http://spoti.fi/1F9sNDD Cherie Lily CJay Swayne Peace Bisquit #hard2bfresh #dancedance

April 7th, 7:25 pm

Gabriel CostaSpotify bixa a senhora Γ© destruidora mesmo viu2 weeks ago

It's been a long day..

April 7th, 3:17 am

Coco Alejandro Guerrero Domeneschilindos ojos2 weeks ago

PJ EscobarWho's the hottie?2 weeks ago

Bobbee MooreWho's the twink?2 weeks ago

William Barr YerxaHow long?2 weeks ago

Devin Hartnettlet me know if you want something bigger than that gun ;)2 weeks ago

James Wardsexy as a mofo..woot woot2 weeks ago

Marvin Marc TreanorLooks like you're in good company2 weeks ago

James Wardand ....Happy Easter ! :p2 weeks ago

Stephen C. BanksIn the world2 weeks ago

Gabriel Costadepois eles fizeram sexo2 weeks ago

TrΓ© R Sancawww a cute night with the boo....come visit me in SA2 weeks ago

Jsin JonsinCuties2 weeks ago

James WardLOL whos the Hottie? It's CAZWELL silly ass!2 weeks ago

Luis Lalo:P seΓ±or cazwell :P2 weeks ago

Dylan MerkleyDamn. You two are smokin!2 weeks ago

John P Farinhasput something else in your mouth!2 weeks ago

Tommy ChrisI wanna pink gun lol2 weeks ago

Manuel GrainsNo good2 weeks ago

Diego Tony SandovalSexy as fuck!2 weeks ago

Alexx UmaΓ±aWho's that cute boy beside you cazwell?????πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘¬2 weeks ago

Gary HartleyDon't do it! 😳2 weeks ago

Prissy ArthurShares are free!!!!!!Please share my link!! Anything helps!!! http://www.gofundme.com/PrissyArthur #gofundme2 weeks ago

Albertto ZilerioAy yaa, te amo !2 weeks ago

Faryel FaahDelicious that guy→→→2 weeks ago

Tyler HaugenDamn that is sexy. Both are hot!2 weeks ago

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